Lodges, Cakes, and Flowers OH MY!

Phew, what a wedding planning week Curt and I have had!  Wedding planning has been so exciting thus far. Yes it’s hard for us to make decisions, and I tend to go back and forth on a few things, but I think we are narrowing things down.  One thing that helped a lot was actually seeing our reception site. That’s right, we finally were able to meet our caterer and look inside Jester Park!

This past Wednesday Curt and I met with Stephanie.  Stephanie will be with us every step of the way for Jester Park

A quick shot of inside the lodge.

Lodge.  We had a meeting with her at 3 pm at Jester Park.  It was so nice to set up a tentative time schedule and discuss prices on drinks, food, and decor.  We picked out the color of our napkins and the Fall theme is really coming together.  I was a little worried to actually go inside.  We had already put our deposit down and even though many people have told me it’s a great place other people have told me about dead animals on the walls, and pheasant feathers all over.  So I was a little apprehensive to actually see inside, but much to my delight it was just as beautiful inside as out! Now, I’m not a hunter at all, but I really didn’t notice that many animal heads on the wall, and they don’t take away from the rest of the ambiance.  When we walked in, we saw the beautiful stone fireplace was lit and Stephanie was sitting at a table right in front of the large windows. Even in the dead of winter the place looked gorgeous.  I’m so happy that we trusted our instincts and took a chance on this site.  As soon as we finished going over our contract and talking about how everything will work out, we walked out hand in hand and smiling ear to ear.

Another wedding item we accomplished this week was our dessert option! I was given the name of a bakery in Baxter that supposedly makes the best cupcakes, cakes, cheesecake, cinnamon rolls etc. You name it she makes it and it’s like Heaven in your mouth.   Luckily, we were able to get a taste testing on Saturday! My mom and little sister happily came along to taste with us.  It was nice to have more people to try things. I eat Gluten free so I really should not be  eating massive amounts of cupcakes.  But I will say I HAD to try a few bites! It’s my wedding, I had to make sure the sweets were great!  Sure enough, they were fantastic!!! We tried an assortment of flavors, and all of them were awesome.  We even had cake balls, which were so rich they melted in your mouth! Robin, our wonderful cake lady, is the nicest lady ever! She seems to never sleep, she has 2 kids, 1 on the way, she just started this bakery and she coaches basketball.  She is such a busy woman. I was in awe at everything she mentioned she works on.  For instance, she was up at 4am making 24 DOZEN rolls for a basketball tournament today!  Thankfully, she had time to meet with us  and we booked her right away. She said she is already booking up for the rest of the year for weddings.  Another nice thing about her is she travels to DSM and sets up everything.   That is one less thing for us to worry about on our day.

See, we can’t get in the reception location until 3pm that day.  Thankfully, I know we will have great family and friends who will help out and run to the reception place to set up our centerpieces, other decor etc.  Our goal is to have a great day and hopefully not have to worry about anything.  I’m sure that’s easier said than done.  🙂

Also this week, I set up an appointment to meet a florist.  That meeting won’t happen for a few more weeks and I’m going to look at a few more florists just for some estimates.

I LOVE flowers, I think they can add so much, and they smell so good! I’m very excited to meet with the florist and talk about bouquets and centerpieces.  With fall colors the flowers will be gorgeous, I can’t wait.

PS. The picture of Jester Park Lodge…does not do justice to just how beautiful it is inside.  Also, we are NOT doing pink cupcakes, I just thought that picture was cute.  And finally, no that is not going to be my wedding bouquet.  I may talk and discuss wedding ideas, but I need to have a few surprises for all our loved ones!!

287 days to go! according to all the checklists we are a little bit ahead of schedule but that is completely fine with me. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Lodges, Cakes, and Flowers OH MY!

  1. LOVE Jester Park! It will be beautiful. We went to a wedding there this fall. It was wonderful! So glad wedding plans are coming together. Such a fun time. Enjoy it and don’t get too stressed!

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