Renovation Realities

Curt and I started and finished our first BIG “renovation” in the Aucutt household.  We painted over 1300 sq feet of our home! EEK! We have been wanting to paint for some time, since moving in it’s been the same flat paint since when they built the place. There were marks everywhere, it was blah…it needed to be changed.  So last weekend we went and got some samples and put them all over our walls.  We finally found the ONE, Granite Boulder.  It’s a mix of gray, green, blue…but it’s perfect trust me. 🙂 So anyways, we needed to paint our living/dining room, kitchen, stair/hallway.  Now…you may think it’s not that bad but we have HUGE walls with a vaulted ceiling. Poor Curt had to stand on a ladder and use a 12 ft pole to reach the 18 ft ceiling for most of the day. It took us 12 hours but in 1  Saturday we managed it! We worked great as a team and today we are so sore we can barely move….but it was worth it!  Here are some pictures of our first of many renovations.  Enjoy!

Our samples....see how the top R one looks lavender...we didn't choose that one.

Poor Curt had to do all the taping! I just couldn't get it!

Good thing he isn't scared of heights!

Ok, I did paint too! There just isn't proof...

Getting there!

The hallway and stair area might have been the hardest....just an awkward area.


Yay!! It's hard to tell but it's a BIG difference!

My wonderful, handy man made this. 🙂

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