Spring Awakenings

We have had a pretty busy Spring…well I’m not sure Iowa ever really saw Spring until just now, but during when Spring should have been here we have been busy! PS. I apologize about the picture placements. I’m having SO much trouble with WordPress, I’m going to be changing blogs soon. Sorry in advance!!

We celebrated Easter with my side, and my niece and nephew had a grand time finding eggs and their baskets.  Apparently, we are too old for the Easter Bunny to visit….:) I don’t think you can ever be to old!! Just saying, Mom!! 🙂

Heading to Church

Soon after Easter we went to Milwaukee with Curt’s parents to visit his younger brother Craig.  It was so much fun. I’ve never been to Milwaukee, and I LOVED it. What a great city! So clean and beautiful and right on Lake Michigan.  Curt and I even got up one morning and ran right by the Lake. It was awesome! Craig showed us his school and his dorm and all the cool spots in the city.  We will definitely have to go back. Speaking of Milwaukee, Curt and I just saw Bridesmaids (HILARIOUS, GO SEE IT!) and that was based in Milwaukee! So every time they showed somewhere we had just been we were like BEEN THERE! Sadly, I forgot to take my camera. But Marilyn has some pictures, so I’ll share some soon!

We also finally started and finished the downstairs half bath! I don’t know if you know this but the whole house needed to be painted.  It was this dull, flat construction paint with marks everywhere! It’s a slow process, but we are going room by room and doing these small renovations.  First, was painting the whole down stairs, we finally got a window treatment and now we just finished the downstairs half bath.  I’ve always LOVED light houses. I’m not sure why, I’ve never even been in one. But I knew when I had my own house I wanted a bath that was lighthouse themed.  So we painted the bath a dark blue and put up wainscoting.  It looks so much better! Here are some before and after’s to show you. We still have a few items I want to get to complete the bath but all in all I love it.  And it should be noted that Curt did it all by himself! Now, in my defense I did offer to help….BUT apparently it’s to small for two people to work in there. Which is true, but I know Curt loves doing that type of stuff by himself…right babe? 😉





I know it might be hard to see in the picture, but it really is a HUGE difference.  We LOVE it.

Anyways, so that’s what we’ve been up to so far this Spring.  We also have big plans for the summer and big plans for the fall too! We are just loving our first year of marriage!

This weekend is (drum roll please) my birthday!!!!!!!!!!! I know some people don’t like to celebrate birthday’s, but I LOVE THEM!!!!!!! I mean think about it, you have been on this earth for X amount of years! That’s something to celebrate! And on May 29th, I’ll be a QUARTER OF A CENTURY OLD! SO EXCITED!

I’ll share my birthday celebrations next time!

3 thoughts on “Spring Awakenings

  1. So good to see your having a fabulous spring! You look fabulous in your Easter photo! Lookin’ good girlfriend. I remember you telling me you like lighthouses when we were in Swansea together– I hope to be able to see your reno in real life! I need Curt to tell me how to do wainscotting…. it’s on my to do list for some day! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY (early!!!). I have it on my calendar 🙂 And I agree– celebrating birthdays is the shit!! Wow… sorry for the book on your blog!

  2. Love the bathroom renovation! And you and Curt both look amazing, not that you didn’t before… 🙂 but you get what I’m saying. We need to have a get together soon!

  3. Thanks Sarah! Yea, the bathroom isn’t near as blue as it looks in the pics, but I love it! I can’t wait to get a few more decor items for it. Haha, I’m sure Curt would love to tell you how to do wainscotting…he would recommend a nail gun though! We really need to come visit once you are all settled in MN…maybe in late July or August? You can always right a book!

    Thanks Krystal! Yea, we’ve been working out pretty hard and watching our calories so it’s been going good! Yea. def. get together soon!

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