Fall Love

You do know I love Fall right? I love Fall so much I got married in Fall last year! But that post is coming soon….

Today, I wanted to share what Curt and I did a few weeks ago. A few weeks ago we traveled North to McGregor with Curt’s parents. We picked the PERFECT day to do this.  It was so beautiful out, and Curt’s parents new about all the coolest spots to stop and look at the beautiful fall colors.








We decided to stop and walk around McGregor, we ate at this very cute Brewery and even ran into his Uncle and Cousin!!







It was Western Day at McGregor….or some type of themed day. So everyone was dressed up!

After that we thought it would be nice for a scenic drive to Galena.  If you’ve never been to Galena I highly suggest you made at trip there. It is the cutest town! Lots of cool, unique shops and great little places to eat. It’s just a fun day trip…or spend the night and make a weekend out of it. Soon, we had to head back to Cedar Rapids. But all in all, it was a great day looking at all the fall colors, finding some unique shops, and running into family!!











Happy Fall!!!


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