Just call me Alvin…

Alvin the Chipmunk that is.

That’s right just call me Alvin since a chipmunk is what I’ve looked like the past 5 days. I FINALLY bit the bullet and got my widsom teeth pulled after much persuasion from a lot of people.  I didn’t necessarly HAVE to do it just yet but they needed to get out eventually….and I thought the middle of winter would be good, little did I know we would have unseasonably warm temps which makes it even worse to be stuck inside. 

So I got my widsom teeh removed last Thursday and I’ll spare you the gross details. Let me just say  it really sucks but has been made SO much better due to my husband. Curt has been the best nurse! He took Thursday and Friday off work and I knew he was excited to just be able to relax and do whatever but he was more at my side then doing his own thing. He got me water, my meds, went to the store a million times for me, he was unbelievable! I am so bummed that I’m still home today and that he has to go into work but I’m so grateful that even when I look like this…..

….He still loves me, now that’s true love. 🙂


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