Monday Musings

**I had my midwife appointment today and had to drink my glucose drink for my gestational diabetes test. Really hoping I don’t have gestational diabetes, I won’t find out until later tomorrow or Wednesday. The drink is only 5 oz. but having to drink a thick, sugary liquid in three minutes after a large lunch = not good. I haven’t felt good since chugging that. Glad that’s over.
**Speaking of my midwife, my appointment went well and little man is measuring right on! Woohoo! 🙂
**So our dog, Brynn, is a little chunky….but hey she is almost 5 that means middle age in human years and we all know its harder to keep the weight off the older you get. But now that we have the basement done, I have been putting her on the treadmill (don’t worry we still go on walks) and so far she stays on for about ten minutes before she is done….not too shabby! It’s just so funny watching her on there, I wish you could all see her.
**Curt and I got a lot of Christmas shopping done this weekend, I am feeling much better!
**I have been listening to Christmas music in the car, at work etc. and today on my drive to work it was ruined by a Taylor Swift Christmas song. I know a lot of people like her, but I am sorry I just can’t stand her music, and I personally don’t think she is very talented. GASP! That’s right I said it, but she put me in a foul mood this morning.
**Yesterday, I think Curt and I were the definition of lazy and it was great. We made breakfast, and then spent the entire day down in our new basement and watched moves. It was glorious. Below, a photo of my two faves on relaxation day.


1 thought on “Monday Musings

  1. i could not agree more about taylor swift. cannot. stand. her. and bahahahahahahahahaha about brynn on the treadmill!!! that is awesome!!!

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