2 Months

I can hardly believe Grayson is already 2 months old! In just a couple short weeks my maternity leave will be ending. 😦 I know I’m so fortunate that I have had so much time and I really have been treasuring all this time with him but it doesn’t make it any easier, so any advice from you working moms out there on how to survive I’m all ears!

Anyways, here is Grayson at 2 months and a few tidbits about him! We are starting to see just a little bit more of his personality every day, he changes so fast!


His little play gym
Baths – You wouldn’t know it might his bath photos but he really does enjoy bath time!

Being cold
Getting out of the bath
Being too hot
Shots ( I know this is a given but he just got his first shots the other day! Poor kid. 😦 )

Grayson is pretty easy going, he has a few fussy times and they usually happen in the late afternoon or early evening. He also gets angry pretty fast so if its time to eat there is no messing around, also naps are so important! This kid loves his sleep! He needs to sleep several hours at a time and that makes one happy baby and one happy mommy. 🙂

And just for fun I have to share this photo of Grayson and daddy. This kid has the best facial impressions! I think he is wondering how this caterpillar he is learning about can really eat all of that! 🙂


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