Change is good…

Change is good….right? Well, hope so because next week will be a BIG change for me.

Next week I go back to work. After 12 wonderful (minus the first few 😉 ) weeks I have to leave my adorable baby boy in the hands of someone I barely know. Don’t get me wrong we did a lot of research, asked a lot of questions and decided on a great daycare but still that doesn’t make it any easier. I know I have been so fortunate to be able to spend three months with my little man and even though the first few weeks were tough (due to my own recovery not him) I still would do it all again in a heartbeat, and I would give anything to stay home. Again, don’t get me wrong, I do love my job and work with great people which makes it a little easier. But even knowing and remindng myself of that I am still sad about it. I know it’s for the best, this way with two incomes we can afford to go on vacations, to buy a house, lots of other fun things and even pay for his college some day.

So for the time being I’m loving on Gray and trying to remind myself why I am going back to work. It will be good for him to go to daycare and make friends, and it will benefit him in the long run (right?). I am helping provide for my family by going back to work….but it’s still tough. He grows and changes every day, I won’t be able to hear his little grunts when he eats, or see him anytime I want, or hold him and rock him or dance with him during the day anymore. Everyone says its harder on the parents than the baby, and that he will adjust. Please tell me thats true, because I’m having a hard time believing they will be able to hold him when he needs it and to dance around because he loves it so, and to know just the right things to get him to sleep….but I need to have faith that it will be ok and he will be just fine.

Any advice from working mommas out there would be much appreciated!

And you can bet I will be decorating my office in tons of picture of him I mean take a look, see why it will be so hard to leave this little man! 😦








2 thoughts on “Change is good…

  1. some of his facial expressions are so YOU! 🙂 i wanna come back and hoooold him– i cant imagine how hard it will be for you (sorry, that’s probably not the positivism you were looking for). 😦 but even though i dont have children, i too have heard it’s actually harder on the parents. lots of extra lovin’ in the evenings!!

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