3 months and then some….

So time seems to have gotten away from me and I realized I never posted Grayson’s 3 month update and in about two weeks he will be 4 months! Please forgive me, but things have been crazy here. I started work again, and Grayson has spent a total of about 5 days in daycare because soon after he started the poor guy got the flu! He has been battling the flu for about a week so hopefully we are on the mend. He was also was diagnosed with acid reflux, we got him some medicine and now that’s not working! So we need to get new medicine but can’t until Monday (darn insurance!). Then I got the flu! So it’s been a rough couple of weeks but we are slowly feeling better and will hopefully get new meds for the little man so he can feel better. And now it’s Fathers Day Weekend so we plan to stay healthy and spend all our time with daddy πŸ™‚ I hope out all have a wonderful weekend!

3 months!


~ Bath Time
~ Eating (when he feels good and his medicine is working 😦 )
~ Sitting in his bumbo (so glad we bought one!)
~ Putting toys in his mouth
~ The song “Just Give Me a Reason,” by Pink. Whenever he starts to cry or needs help going to sleep, we can play this song and it works miracles!
~ Looking around

~ Lotion after bath time
~ Sleeping at daycare (he isn’t very good at taking naps at daycare yet, any advice from you working momma’s on this?)
~ Tummy Time
~ Going to sleep (some days are better than others)

So to sum up, ever since his medicine he has been a totally different baby. He seems happier, sleeps better and plays a lot but now that its not working we are back to cranky baby. And who can fault him he is in pain! Poor kid! I will keep you posted!

In other news, Grayson was waiting for daddy to get home to share his Fathers Day weekend plans with him! Post to come but for now enjoy some pictures of our almost 4 month old! πŸ™‚


Happy Fathers Day Weekend!

Loves his bumbo!

Celebrating mommy’s 27th birthday!


3 Generations! Happy Father’s Day to my father in law!

Happy Father’s Day to my dad! (Boone dinner train)

Happy Father’s Day to my best friend!

Enjoy your weekend! And celebrate all the amazing dad’s in your life! Special shout out to my amazing dad, my father in law, and of course my hubby! Enjoy your day guys!

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