Sunday Coffee

Whoa, where have we been, you ask? We have been busy working on selling our home! So much of our free time has been consumed by that….I will share more in a few weeks on the topic so you can look forward to that.

**Moving on….I will say trying to sell with a baby and a dog is not the easiest thing in the world. I can’t imagine what it is like with multiple kids. Trying to keep the house semi clean for random showings, packing up items we wont need right now to declutter, getting the dog out of the house in the middle of the day, none of this is fun. But…we are VERY excited and ready for this next chapter in our life!

**Curt and I tried to go Christmas shopping yesterday….I was reminded again that I should just shop online.

**However, Shopping for a baby is so much fun! I LOVE buying things for Grayson. Yes, he will only be 9 months at Christmas and he will like the boxes and wrapping paper probably more but I don’t care, it’s his first Christmas and we will go all out. 🙂 Santa will be visiting him and cookies will be placed out by the fireplace….gluten free ones because someone told me once Santa is gluten free…. 🙂

**I know we have several fun holidays coming up but I can’t stop thinking about Grayson’s first birthday! So far the themes I have been throwing around: red wagon, hungry caterpillar, animals, musical…..any other ideas? I would love to hear your ideas!

Well, we have a busy couple of days ahead so I better sign off! I hope you all enjoy your week and cross your fingers and toes everything works out for us regarding our home!

Enjoy these photos of Grayson learning to drink our of a sippy cup and enjoying a snack! He is growing up so fast!



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