A new year….

It’s a new year, happy 2014 to you all! I hope you all had a very nice Christmas and a happy New Year!! Did you make a resolution? Resolution or no resolution I hope 2014 is off to a great start!

For NYE we partied like……tired adults with a baby on NYE. 🙂 And stayed in! Grayson had such a nice first Christmas but was unfortunately, sick a lot of the holiday. He had a terrible case of the flu the week before and an ear infection during most of it. He finally started feeling better towards the end of my break from work. All in all, he got lots of family time and LOTS of gifts. I think what I’ll do for the next one is re-wrap all the toys we currently have and pretend they are new! HAHA, is that ok to do?

In other news, Grayson turned 10 months on Jan 4th. I’ve already been coming up with some ideas for his FIRST birthday. I’ve thrown around some themes and decided on a fun one I think he will enjoy. I’ll share it after we celebrate. Grayson also just had a minor procedure done today! He got TUBES!!! The poor kid has had his ears full of fluid since birth, which sometimes cause infections but his ears always feel plugged! Imagine walking around and talking with your fingers in your ears, all. the.time. Apparently, that’s how he was. So he should feel MUCH better now! I was not to happy about him having to have anesthesia but I know it’s for the best. He seems to be recovering just fine!

Here are some photos of Gray at 10 months!!

photo (9) photo (10)




* Clapping

* Knocking down towers that mommy and daddy build

* Blueberries and Bananas


* Getting into his car seat

* Hats (mainly when people are wearing them around him)

* Being told “no, no”

Grayson is a real spitfire and he has such a fiery personality. I can tell now he will be giving us a run for our money when he is older. Right now, if we take him away from something he is standing by or crawling to he shouldn’t he throws his head and arches his back and cries. It’s funny to see but I know it’s just the beginning….and when we put him in his car seat he arches is back and keeps his legs straight and rigid and won’t sit down. I have to chuckle because right now I can still control the little 21 pound pistol….wish us luck!!!

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