Friday Favorites

Like so many other bloggers out there I thought I’d try something a little different and share some my favorite ideas, things, gifts, etc. at the moment. Don’t expect this list every week but I’ll do my best! 🙂 Sources are listed below each image. Enjoy!

1.I’m loving all things ombre and this tassel would have been PERFECT for Grayson’s 1st bday!! But I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to get it in time….dang!

Blue Ombre


2. Little Tikes is an awesome brand. So far I’ve been pleased with everything from them…Grayson is going to be getting A LOT of Little Tikes gear for his 1st birthday….here is one of his items currently “underwrap,” SHHH! Don’t tell him what he’s getting!



3. I love, LOVE candles. And the other week at Target I found my new favorite brand! They are pricey so I’ll have plan our budget accordingly when we need a new one. 😉 But well worth it!



4. As I’ve mentioned before we are making a mini mud room…well our inspiration is below, and yes ours will also have some hidden storage. I am so lucky I have a handy husband! 🙂



Note: A pretty cool blog, check it out!

5. Speaking of handy husbands, he also promised he would make this lovely little garden center in our garage for me. 🙂 I’m in love with it all, only we will have a letter A.  I’m planning to plant a veggie garden this Spring and I of course will need somewhere to store all my material! Right now, he is probably reading this thinking “I’m PRETTY sure I never PROMISED her this….” He did, I have a great memory!



Note: This blog is also pretty sweet, check it out!

6. Finally, we bought this serving tray from Target (sensing a them…Targetholic over here!), and I love, LOVE IT!! Pricey but so cute on our table! I added a clear vase and some white decorative balls, a neutral candle and cute little white salt and pepper shakers.

Serving Tray

Source: berkus tray

Enjoy your weekend friends, we will be off to get some one year old photos taken!! AHHH we will have a one year old soon!!!

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