525,600 minutes….

That’s how many minutes are in one year and one year is exactly the amount of time Grayson has been in our lives. One year ago today a little 6 lb 10 oz boy entered our lives and we became parents. Parents to a boy who through his first year of life has amazed us, worried us and made us better people. I am so thankful Grayson is in our lives and we are truly blessed. Happy birthday to my son.

On this happiest of day’s I want to thank you my sweet boy for….

entering our lives and flipping our lives upside down…..

teaching us patience….

teaching us to slow down and turn off the world at moments…

letting us view this fast paced world through your eyes, a child’s eyes and wonderment….

cheering you on for the tiniest milestones and the biggest….

laughing and cuddling with you….

your open mouth, slobbery kisses….

all the 2am feedings, and 4 am feedings and 6 am feedings….

making our hearts full.

6 tiny pounds, that’s all it took for our lives to be changed forever.

Happy birthday my sweet, funny boy. I can’t wait to celebrate many, many more with you.

photo (16)

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