Sleep…the most wonderful thing in the world

Sleep is a wonderful word….and thing…currently you can find my Google Search History like this: 13 month old sleep regression? 13 month old waking up in the middle of the night, 13 month old won’t sleep! So if you can’t tell we are going through a little bit of a “growing pain” in the Aucutt Household. Our wonderful sleeper has turned into a terrible night waking monster! I kid, he isn’t really a monster BUT it has been a rough couple of days.

The past few nights, Grayson has been waking up in the middle of the night and gets so upset he screams and cries and screams some more all the while reaching his little arms up to be held. But when we hold him to rock him he cries and wants down, when we rub his back he cries and wants out. On Sunday night this went on and on from 1-4 am! Last night it was from 12:30 to 2 (making progress). So needless to say hubby and I are walking around like zombies…and that’s just two nights of this! I read a lot about sleep regressions and the only thing I can really find is that he might be going through separation anxiety. As every time we leave the room he screams again, but if he can see us there he is usually fine. Last night we broke down and let him cry from 1:40 to 2 am and he FINALLY laid down and went to sleep. I’m not a fan of the cry it out method (or CIO is what you will find in the online world). But we really didn’t know what else to do. Nothing would calm him down…except getting down to play and read (Which we wouldn’t allow). If you have ever tried the CIO method you probably know how terrible it is, it sucked and after he finally went to sleep I was wide awake. Was that the right thing to do? Should we have tried something else? A bottle? Sippy? Anything?! He isn’t sick, teething has never made him behave like this. I just think his sleep cycle must be changing and he is more awake now and having trouble figuring out how to go to sleep, then he see us in and out trying to get him calmed down and he freaks out when we leave. At least that’s what my not so doctor, trying to make me feel better for letting my child cry for 20 minutes opinion is. I think it’s to make me feel better….

So parents, what advice do you have? Anyone have a 13 month old do this? Do you like the CIO method, did it work for you? Tips and tricks please as we would like to get some sleep tonight! 😉

PS: little man just laid down but only after crying for about ten min, he used to go down hassle and cry free! Where did my great sleeper go?!


5 thoughts on “Sleep…the most wonderful thing in the world

  1. Does he take a bottle, something to drink before bed? We found that Max would be having somewhat ofa growth spurt and just a little something before or when he woke calmed him and he would go to sleep for the night. It is hard to let them cry, atleast its hard for me, it was super hard for me to not pick him up, but I know some suggest just going in letting him know you are there and not picking him up?! Hope you guys are able to sleep tonight…from my experience that makes for a grumpy couple!

  2. He doesn’t take a bottle anymore….bummer. The good news is he did sleep through the night last night! I feel more tired today though, must be catching up! Thanks for the advice, might have to try a bottle if push comes to shove! 😉

  3. Easton was/is really attached to his “fuzz” (a blanket). When he started having sleep regression issues (around 13 or 14 months, I think) we started letting him take that to bed. I hate the CIO method, but I think they also need to know how to self soothe so I’d just hand him back fuzz (he usually had thrown it out on the floor by the time he was screaming) and tell him to go night night. Eventually, he stopped waking up. It might be horrific to wean him from this blanket, but like we did with his paci, I’m just kind of letting him lead when that will happen. Good luck! Getting little sleep is rough!

  4. Yes, good idea Sarah! Grayson has never really been attached to any sort of blanket or anything he does love pacis, and loves holding them in his hands when he goes to sleep and sleep. I did start putting in this stuffed toy/blanket thing hoping that might help eventually haha. Grayson used to self soothe great so I’m not sure where that ability went the last couple of nights…. Last night we got a full night of sleep in! Let’s hope the same goes for tonight. Thanks for the advice!

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