Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!!!

Do you have fun weekend plans? We are having a family reunion and I’m hoping to run to the downtown Farmer’s Market to get some GF Cinnamon Rolls. I would also like to try to take Grayson to the pool or a splash pad on Sunday! So we will stay pretty busy! Whatever you do, enjoy! And enjoy some of my Favorites from around the web!!

1. If I had a little girl she would wear these headbands

2. If you live in the DSM area and eat GF you need to check out Sweet Treat Without Wheat. They have fantastic donuts, cinnamon rolls, cookies, crepes, AND so much more!!! I usually get their cinnamon rolls and freeze them, they reheat great!

3. This necklace. I’m usually not a gold fan but I love this, and I love that I could add pieces with each child.

Little gold bars bear the initials that mean the most.

4. Gallery Walls….I’m thinking of putting one together in our dining/kitchen. I’m usually one to go with the same frames, same decor etc. But I’m loving the look of a variety of colors and textures…like this.

Love the combo of canvas/frames/phrases/fabric

5. I’m thinking the next Aucutt Reno project will be the Master Bath…right now there is carpet in there…CARPET!! EW! I do not understand carpet in a bathroom or kitchen. I’m sorry, I just don’t! Anyways….I love this idea for above the toilet. Looks like an easy DIY project!

DIY bathroom makeover with an over the toilet storage unit repurposed from an old picture frame.

6. Finally….as you know we just moved a couple months ago. We have super nice neighbors and most of our neighbors seem to be sticking around for a bit…BUT if we ever get new neighbors I think this will be the “Welcome to the neighborhood,” gift. Such a cute, cheap, simple and thoughtful gift!

Welcome to the neighborhood gift. Mason jar, dish soap, scrubber, dish towel, & sponges.

Enjoy your Friday friends!

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