15 months…and then some…

I thought it would be fun to do an update on Grayson. I used to do the monthly posts until he hit a year. Actually, I think the last one was 11 months…anyways  he has changed so much in just a few months I thought I’d share some of his updates.

Grayson is actually 15.5 months…he will be 16 months on July 4th. He started walking a few days shy of his first birthday but only a few steps here and there. Then about a week or two after he turned one he started really walking…now at 15 months he is FLYING. He is running everywhere!!! And boy does this kid have an attitude…he knows what he wants and usually wants it 5 seconds ago. 😉

First, some stats….

Weight: 26 lbs (91st percentile)

Length: 30 inches (10th percentile)

Clothing size: 18-24 months and I have some 2T. It’s all a little big on him but I feel like the 18 month is just getting too tight. This way he can grow into the 2T stuff for longer.

Shoe size: 5…I struggle a lot with shoes. I feel like the 6 is WAY to big but I feel like on a lot of brands the 5 is too small. It really depends on the shoe. And can someone please tell me why kids shoes have to be $20 or more? I mean, even at Target I’m finding the shoes to be around $22.

Teeth: Ugh..this poor kid seems to teeth FOREVER. I feel like I hear all the time from other mom’s “Oh my child was fussy for maybe a day or two is all then what do ya know over night one just popped out!” Not in our house! The kid drools, fusses, holds his cheek etc for what seems like WEEKS! I feel so bad for him! So he has 7 teeth I believe…I THINK/HOPE/PRAY he is working on his molars and they will come in any day.

Talking: Grayson can say mama, dada, nana (banana), doggie….he usually says them if we ask him to he “talks” a lot but it’s still just babble. He has started saying some animal sounds too. He can point to almost all his major body parts if asked…head, eyes, arms, hands etc.


LOVES being outside. We are outside A LOT so we apply lots and lots of sunscreen and wear a hat all the time. This is the sunscreen we use and love, it is a little rough to rub in well but it gets the job done.

Singing “I’m bringing home a bumblebee.” Please tell me you know this song? I feel kinda bad singing it but we sang it in Elementary and I’m not scarred! He is so stinking cute he does the actions with us. So doesn’t really sing but loves when we sing! 🙂

Speaking of singing…he loves dancing. I can sing anything..what I’m doing, a book, humming whatever and this kid will drop everything and dance! I think he has Curt’s musical side because it seems he can actually dance to my off beat tunes!

Looking at animals. He LOVES looking at animal books, seeing animals on TV, seeing animals outside…birds, squirrels, chipmunks you name it he will find it and point and grunt. 😉

Still loves being chased.

Still loves reading. I hope this never changes.

Loves going to the Public Library.


Hates being told no, or being re-directed to something else. He has learned to throw the best fit. We usually just keep re-directing him and ignore his tantrums and let him have them.

Hates getting clothes on/changing clothes etc. I’m literally sweating in my nice work clothes when I finally get him dressed. It’s like a freaking work out. Haha, he is just too busy to sit still for me!

Hates putting his shoes on. Now we have these tie shoes (WORST IDEA EVER). I need to get new ones but I have A LOT of trouble finding good shoes for this kid, so when I do I jump at it. These tie shoes are doing the job now but I’m not gonna lie, it’s a bitch to get them on him.

That’s about it for dislikes! 🙂 He is just a normal, active 1.5 year old…with mood swings every 2 seconds. Haha.

Grayson is right on track and it’s so fun to see him grow and experience new things…which to him is EVERYTHING. I feel like a broken record as I always say that but it’s so true. To have a small child to watch him explore something as simple as tupperware, or dirt, or trees, or socks is so exciting. One thing that Curt and I did when Grayson was born is created an email address for him. We write emails whenever we feel like it and when he is 18 we will give him the address and the password. I know it’s a tradition we will do with all our kids! It’s the perfect medium to share our thoughts/pictures/development etc. of what is going on right now. I really think/hope he will love reading through them all! So that’s his 15 month and then some update!!

And now a few pictures of the last month or so.

photo_1[1] photo_2[1] photo_3[1]
photo_4[1] photo_5[1] photo_1[2] photo_2[1] photo_3[2]




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