Sunday Coffee

How was your holiday weekend?? We had a great time! We went to a carnival (Grayson was not impressed, see pictures below), we were able to see Urbandale’s fireworks from our sidewalk (a HUGE plus for me!), and we went to a BBQ at my parents on Saturday (rain and all). Today we just plan to relax and clean-up and then it’s back to work we go!! But for now…a few mindless thoughts.

**Grayson has a thing about getting up around 530/545 and sometimes we are lucky enough that if we go in and lay him down again he will go back to sleep. Today was one of those days and he fell back asleep until 7! The funny thing is if I go in and do it he NEVER falls asleep but when Curt goes in that kids throws himself back down on the bed as if we never saw him get up and jump and scream for the last 15 minutes.

**Speaking of Grayson…when he woke up this morning he was not my good natured baby….he was a feisty little boy!!! I feel as if over night this kid got an attitude and the attitude is I’m going to do whatever I want…and screech when I get told I can’t. I think we have entered “the terrible 2’s” a tad early…..that’s ok…this lady sums it up perfectly. I’m going to enjoy this ride and revel in the fact that my little baby is growing up into a smart, independent boy and I will let him be who he is.

** I’m not a fan of fireworks…when I was little I was at a firework show and there was a rogue firework which ended up going RIGHT past my head and hitting this shed behind me which ended up with another little girls hair on fire!! So yea, not a fan of fireworks. But this 4th of July we ended up watching them on the sidewalk from quite a distance. We could see and hear them well but they weren’t right over us and we could walk two steps to the comfort of our own home and not deal with traffic. With a little one that goes to bed so early it was nice to actually be able to watch them and keep him on his schedule. Win for all.

** Speaking of 4th of July, I’m not a fan of the hashtag “Merica” I know many of you will disagree as almost all my social friends used it multiple times over the past couple of days. It’s just my opinion! I wonder how that even got started…America isn’t that long…just say the whole word. Please for me would you do #AMERICA next year? 😉

**Are you a fan of the Today show or Good Morning America? In college I was a big fan of GMA, but now I’m totally in to the Today show. I’m a big fan of Carson Daly. I sort of feel like we grew up into our adulthood together…from TRL days (for those of you who remember when MTV actually played music and was good)  to the national news….he has grown up and I still love him!

** There is a commercial for Extra gum and it’s AMAZING! It’s about a guy that makes origami cranes from the foil from the wrapper for his daughter and it shows her growing up and all these big and little moments in her life he makes her a crane. I won’t spoil the ending but it pulled at my heart strings and I now want to only by Extra gum. Well played Extra, well played…..

** A good friend of mine is due with her baby girl in about 9 weeks!!! She asked me to giver her some frozen meal ideas and what to bring to the hospital when it’s go time. I think I will share my thoughts with you all too! I know I found it way helpful to hear from others on what is a must and a not so must. To each their own but I definitely like hearing from others on it!

I hope you enjoy your Sunday friends!!! And here are a few photos of our holiday weekend!

photo_1[1] photo_2[1] photo_4[1] photo_1[1] photo_2[1]


2 thoughts on “Sunday Coffee

  1. Grayson is so cute! Even if he is frowning or smiling still love it. I agree with you on the whole Merica thing. When I first saw it I thought it was a Get with the program people it is America!! Talk to you soon 🙂

  2. Oh and I meant to also comment. When did you guys establish Grayson bedtime? Everyone of ours started different. With Paislee the only way it seems that she will sleep all through the night until 7am (we are just not morning people before that time) is if she goes to bed between 930 and 10pm. Late I know but she used to go down at that time and get up at midnight or 1am and that’s when I’m falling asleep…lol we are slowly moving up an our so hopefully by the time the boys go to school she will go down at their bedtime by 8 830pm. Just like to get other moms thoughts! 🙂

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