Monday Musings

**I have the day off due to Veterans Day. Thank you to all who are serving, have served, and who have died serving. It truly is because of you and we have our freedom, you are all brave men and women.
**Tomorrow, my husband and I will have been married for two years. Time flies, and I have loved every second of the last two years and can’t wait to celebrate many more with my soul mate.
**I believe in soul mates, do you?
**This past weekend is when we actually celebrated our Anniversary. We went to our favorite restaurant, Bonefish Grille, a movie. Did lots and lots of shopping and made a special dinner on Saturday night. The best part was dessert… friend and co-worker, made us a lovely gender reveal gluten free cake! 🙂 so as of Saturday night Curt and I know if we are having a little man or a little miss. I will be revealing the gender to you all after we reveal to friends and family. So you have to wait a little longer! Any guesses? 🙂
**Pottery Barn Kids is where parents budgets for their little ones goes out the door….we walked in there just to look and walked out with only THREE items…and poorer. 😦 but I love what we got! I will have to do a nursery tour when it’s all done.
**I am very anxious to get the nursery done, almost done with the second trimester and I feel like we have so much left to do! And I feel like we are doing a lot of waiting…..normal right?
**We are SO close to being done with the basement and its so frustrating because the only thing we are waiting on now is the carpet install. Several days since we picked out our carpet and its still not in!
**I am not a patient person (I’m trying) and I like schedules.
**Two year anniversary gift is cotton, so we decided to pick out a boy and girl outfit from Baby Gap take the gender card up with our money and walk out of the store while the clerks rang up the right outfit. So we had our “cotton” present but with so much more meaning. I can’t wait to share it with you, it’s so cute! 🙂
**I am very nervous how our dog, Brynn, will handle new baby. Any advice?

Our gender reveal cake! Thank you Julia! 🙂


Our “Understudy” Dance…

I don’t know about you but I really love music, I try to pay special attention to the lyrics and I can really be moved by certain lyrics in songs. One of the reasons I love our first dance song so much was obviously because of the lyrics, plus the guy I danced with is pretty awesome, and we practiced our dance a lot. 🙂

Our first dance song was a little faster than I originally planned our first dance being but I loved it.  I also felt like it was a little unique for a first dance, it wasn’t some country song, it wasn’t “I’ll Be,” by Edwin McCain or something original. Now, if you had a first dance song like the ones I listed, I’m not being mean! I’m sure you had a lovely first dance, I’m just saying that it wouldn’t have been for us. But was perfect for us was the song below…I love the lyrics, I love the band. I remember practicing our first dance in our kitchen for months! Curt has much better rhythm than me. (He is a pretty awesome drummer).

For our First “Paper” Anniversary, I even made a picture frame of my favorite first dance photo (below) and wrote all the lyrics to our dance around the picture. I’ll show it to you some day.

If you don’t know what song I’m talking about here it is…

My favorite line from this song…

“Oh, and when the kids are old enough We’re gonna teach them to fly…”

Now, as much as I LOVED that song for our first dance, if I would have known about the song below it would have been quite difficult to choose the perfect song for us. I am currently in love with this song and I think it is the perfect first dance together. You know how in plays the main role has an understudy, well this song would have been our “understudy,” for our first dance. And knowing how much I love it now, probably would have taken the main role.

Be sure to pay special attention to the lyrics. So even though we have been married over a year and we have our first dance, I think from now on this will be considered our alternate first dance song. 🙂

My favorite section of the song is this:

“I surrender who I’ve been for who you are,for nothing makes me stronger than your fragile heart. If I had only felt how it feels to be yours, well, I would have known what I’ve been living for all along.”

Here are a few pictures from our first dance.

My favorite picture!

My favorite picture!

Year One

Year One, that is the title of this blog and as of today it should read Year One and a week or so…. That’s right we celebrated our ONE Year Anniversary two weekends ago. Can you believe a little over a year ago we were doing this….

I have enjoyed every minute of year one. I’ve enjoyed celebrating our first Christmas as a married couple, bringing in 2011 together, the stress of the almost loss of my job, painting, lots of renos, trips to Milwaukee and Ozarks, Saturday mornings at the Farmers Market, learning about Organic buying, family get togethers, but most of all year one has been a year of new and excxiting experiences together and learning every day about our relationship.

Some people out there may think we need to change the name of this blog, but I’m not so sure we should.   I want every year to be like Year One, and it should be. Our years should and hopefully be filled with lots of new, exciting, stressful, happy, sad times. We will always be learning and experiencing new things so yes I’m keeping the blog name. Year One fits us well, and hopefully Year Two brings just as many if not more great things to help us grow and learn from one another.

I married my best friend and with my best friend we will continue to experience Year Two just as we experienced Year One.

Honeymoon Blues Part 2

Let’s continue discussing our wonderful honeymoon shall we?

Curt and I were told by various locals to NOT go all the way around the island and once we reached Hana to turn around and go back the way we came.  Well, if you have ever been to Maui and driven the Hana HWY you probably agree that going back the way you came just isn’t a good idea.  Just because you’ve been that way, do you really want to go back down all those curves and one ways? Why not chance it and go around?? Well we took our chances and going in we knew there was about 5 miles of unpaved road.  BUT we are from Iowa where gravel roads are common and thankfully we had a great driver…even though he was a little apprehensive about this drive (love you honey!)

Curt was a little nervous and so was I but rightfully so. We were literally driving a convertible on the edge of a cliff on loose gravel. But we continued trekking on…going about 10 mph..sometimes 20 if Curt got a little confident.  Regardless, we are SO glad we decided to go this route.  It is so different from the other parts of the island we had seen.  It started out looking similar to a dry desert but with jagged valleys. This is the side of the island where the lava flowed down into the ocean so it’s hard now for living things to grow….that’s what the locals told us anyway. 🙂

Anyways, we kept going and driving the long, slow drive but it wasn’t near as curvy as before. But it was HOT! Way hotter than driving on the other side.  However, soon we began going up and the climate seemed to change again.  It was actually around 70 degrees! And it was BEAUTIFUL, the reason it was so gorgeous is because it reminded me of my favorite place in the world….IRELAND!

With stone walls and everything! Aww, it was so nice to leave the dry desert behind to come up on this luscious green Heaven.  Anyways, this drive got a lot better once we got past the 15 miles or so of that dry desert.  You may be reading this thinking 15 miles?? That’s not bad but trust me it was a SLOW 15 miles.  All in all it took us 1.5 hr to get back to our hotel from going around the island instead of back the way we came.  When we got back to our hotel we were told it saved us about 2 hours! EEK! Anyways, I digress….

So we are pretty high up now and it’s chillier….we have a beautiful view of the coast and went through a lot of smaller towns.  Eventually, we got back to our hotel.  It was a long day but we loved it and were so happy we went.

The next day was our couples massage day! 🙂 Oh and did I mention that we had gorgeous weather the entire time we were there??!

I should mention this is Friday….we spent most of the day relaxing by the pool and beach. The beach was right outside the pool area so we split our time pretty evenly. 🙂 We had a couples massage that afternoon and we were a little nervous but excited.  Neither one of us had ever had a massage before so we didn’t know what to expect…Curt and I had different opinions on the massage…I was sore the rest of the day and he was very relaxed. So not one of our best moments there. Ha. That night we were to have a relaxing dinner cruise on a catamaran but unforunately the tide was too rough they canceled it. Curt and I ordered room service instead! Which was just as great I think! It was so much fun! We ate on our gorgeous balcony and enjoyed ourselves.

I think I’ll end Part 2 here…there is one day left and that’s Saturday.  On Saturday we left to go home. 😦 But our flight didn’t leave until 11pm so we had a whole day basically to explore more. So be on the look out for Part 3 of Honeymoon Blues.

Oh and I think I will have one post just for my favorite part of our honeymoon which was the Luau! 🙂

Lots to come so stay tuned!

Honeymoon Blues

I promise more wedding photos will be coming soon. I’ve slowly been getting some professional ones it.  But for now I thought I’d talk about the blues Curt and I are experiencing….HONEYMOON BLUES that is. There is so much to tell you and show you about our lovely honeymoon that I need to do it in parts! EEK! So Part 1 begins now.

Curt and I left for Maui 2 days after the wedding. For all you future brides out there I HIGHLY recommend 1.Taking a honeymoon right after the wedding and 2. Leaving a few days after the actual day.  It was SO nice to have a day to just be home and to relax after a year of planning.  Then it was even nicer to go on a vacation for a few days to relax in sunny, warm weather right after the wedding.  Just my opinion.  Anyways, we left for Maui on Tuesday.  Now, originally we had planned on renting a car when we got there.  But when we arrived and saw how gorgeous it was there we knew we had to splurge for a CONVERTIBLE!!! BEST DECISION EVER!!

Once we got on the road we took a scenic way to our hotel….who am I kidding? Every way is scenic. I’m really not embellishing either….Maui is really a gorgeous place.  Pictures don’t do it justice at all. We checked into the Sheraton right on a beautiful beach….went to our ocean front room and unloaded our bags and took off for the beach.  We had reservations just there at the hotel that night.  PS. The food we had was AMAZING! Fish, steak, lobster, shrimp…my mouth is watering as I type…I digress.

View from our room....we could get used to seeing this every day.

Our balcony

On Wednesday we had schedule a snorkeling adventure!  We were picked up by a catamaran right on the beach and were on our way.  Snorkeling was an interesting experience.  It was difficult to get the hang out of it and was quite a lot of work….but definitely a must do.

Snorkeling boat

Where we snorkeled for the first time

On Thursday we took our lovely rental and drove Hana Highway.  We were told by quite a few people that this was also a must do….and we agree.  It’s also known as “Highway to Heaven” it is just breathtaking.  Hana is a little village and from where we were located it was only about 50 miles away; but the road is so narrow and curvy you have to drive so slow it took all day to get there.

First waterfall we came to.

Breathtaking Views

Chings Pond....freshwater swimming area.

Black Sand Beach. One of our favorite stops on Hana Highway.

Photo Op: Black Sand Beach

We were also told by most locals to turn back once we arrived at Hana due to the fact that going all the way around the island was dangerous….Well we live on the edge (not) and by the time we got to Hana we decided to go against local advice and drive the other side of the island.

However, I’ll leave that for the next post and end this one with Hana.  We got to the cute little town in one piece and after much deliberation decided to continue ALL the way around the island….