A day in the life of…..

It’s time for another “Day in the Life” Post! Today my post is “Day in the Life of a Working Mom!” I actually documented this day on Saint Patricks Day…so let’s begin. I have no idea WHY I decided to do this and take photos on a MONDAY, but I did.

5am: I wake up bright and early and jump in the shower. I’m usually up before my alarm as Grayson is usually moving around/talking/who knows what but I’m awake. Sometime I’ll take my chances and get up at 5:15! 😉

5:45: It takes me about 45 minutes to get ready…that’s shower, dry hair, straighten hair, make-up etc. Around this time Curt is getting up…around this time Grayson is probably getting up. HOPEFULLY, though he is actually sleeping in! Either way, I get dressed and head downstairs to get Grayson’s food ready for daycare.

6:00: At this point Grayson is probably a talking machine in his crib. I’m still downstairs making his food to take to daycare. I get his breakfast ready, lunch, and snacks ready. I also initial his milk and get a sheet for his mat at daycare and a blanket all ready in the bag. At this point we are weaning him from bottles, so I make three bottles with only a few ounces of formula. At daycare they add additional ounces of Whole Milk. It doesn’t take long and he in about a week he transitions to only one bottle and then soon to no bottles.

IMG_4099 IMG_4098 IMG_4100

6:15: I try hard to make it to 630 before getting him, and some days we are lucky and he sleeps until 630 or even 645 (which is the latest I can let him sleep before I HAVE to get him up to get him ready for daycare).Anyways, I go upstairs to get Grayson, he has now thrown out all pacis and standing in his crib. I’m so thankful he is a morning person.

6:20: After diaper change I feed him a bottle right away….this is is main bottle he still wants immediately at this point…however in about a week he will be done with this bottle too.


6:25: I take his PJ’s off and let him roam like this….


.I put him in this outfit….remember what day it is?!


6:30ish: We go brush our teeth! Well he plays with the toothbrush and I snap some photos for this post;

IMG_4111 IMG_4108

6:30ish: We go down to play and I finish getting anything else I need ready…that might be finishing getting his food, diaper bag etc. If he seems hungry right away, I’ll either feed him some breakfast to get him to daycare.

6:45: Grayson is hopefully playing in the living room, or running around the kitchen.

6:50: Curt makes our coffee every morning and he usually takes out ALL my bags to the car (what a nice guy), that includes…diaper bag, bag of sheet and blanket for daycare, lunch bag for Grayson and myself, my laptop bag for work and my purse! THEN he has to back the car out for me! HAHA, I know what you are thinking. But right now his side of the garage is full of renovation type stuff, and I don’t have the BEST track record of backing out of a garage when another car is parked in the driveway…even when it’s on the opposite side.

IMG_4116 IMG_4115 IMG_4113

7:00: Grayson and I hang out and play for a few more minutes, read books etc.

7:05: Time to leave for daycare and work! We say goodbye to daddy, and I load him into the car. We leave.



Almost EVERY day I call my mom on the way to daycare…today when I called she pointed out it was St. Patty’s Day! And what do you HAVE to wear on this day….GREEN!!!! Well, if you remember from earlier…Grayson was NOT wearing green!! I HAD to go home and change him!! Hahaha, don’t judge!!

7:07: I turn around and go home, I run inside. Curt thinks I’m INSANE for coming home to change him. But we live close and I couldn’t let him be the only kid without green!!! C’mon mom’s tell me you that you understand!

7:15: I frantically search for something for green…throw it on Grayson (BUT I still have time to snap a photo for you!and head out )…for the 2nd time!


7:23: A little late arriving to daycare (it takes about 7 minutes to get to his daycare so I usually arrive at 7:15)…I put him in the high chair and put his stuff away. I talk to his teacher and say goodbye to my sweet boy. I take some photos of him eating breakfast for you guys!

IMG_4121 IMG_4123

7:40: I arrive at work and…WORK! For the next 7.5 hours. I used to go visit Grayson often during my lunch hour, but he is usually getting ready for nap…or in his new room he is already sleeping by noon. So I can’t visit him anymore. 😦 So let’s jump forward to the end of the day…Now during lunch, if I have time I’ll run and get groceries or run errands.

4:00: Time to go get my little man!! YAY!

4:10: I get to his daycare and go get him! He has had a good day, and I’m glad I changed him as everyone was wearing green! 🙂

4:28: Yes, that is almost ALWAYS the time I get home….Curt is also home and has already let the dog out. Some days Grayson still needs/wants another snack so I might feed him some crackers or something. Today he gets some of these puffs.


4:45ish: It’s too cold to go on a walk or be outside for too long, but we do bundle him up and go out for a bit in the backyard.

IMG_4127 IMG_4129

5:00ish: We head inside and I start dinner…tonight we are having pasta…which means we will all eat together. I try very hard to make dinners that he will also eat so we can eat together. This is how our kitchen looks when I make dinner for everyone. I’m a MESSY cook, but I’m trying to get it all done and served before a meltdown happens by a hungry little boy. Curt is playing with Grayson in the living room during this time.


IMG_4134 IMG_4135 IMG_4136

5:30: We eat!! Early!! Curt and I are used to eating after he goes to bed, but since we are trying to incorporate more family meals with him we eat earlier for him.

6:00: The kitchen stays a disaster, and we head upstairs. We clean up/bath night is every other night unless he is unusally messy. Tonight we didn’t give him a bath, but we do wipe him down and always put lotion on. We will play in his room for a little bit to get closer to 6:30. Unless he is sick or really fussy my goal is to get him to bed sometime between 6:30/7.


6:25: Time to brush teeth!


6:30: Time to read books. Curt and I usually rotate nights of reading and we read about 3-4 books.  My turn tonight. I LOVE reading to him, and I LOVE that he seems to enjoy it.


6:40: Time for bed, he lays right now and usually goes right to sleep!! We are LUCKY!


6:45: Curt and I plop down on our bed and pass out…until we remember what a mess the kitchen is, how many dishes I have to wash for the next day etc.

7:30: We finally sit down and rest! And get ready for the next day!!

So that’s it!! A day in the life of a working mom…at least that’s my day. Usually, it’s not as frantic as a Monday, and usually I don’t run home and change Grayson’s outfit! When I was pumping you need to add about 30 more minutes onto this schedule, as I pumped first thing in the morning, cleaned all the parts and pumped at 9, 12, and 3 at work! Like I’ve mentioned before I’m very lucky in the fact that my work has a great work/life balance. But it is still hard to take him to daycare.

And yes, my child really does go to bed that early! I’m happy we got him to at least 630 most nights. Before he was going to bed around 545 or 6. We tried everything…pushing his bedtime back 10 min, we used to wake him up when he was really little around 630 to get him to like 8pm and he would have a TERRIBLE night! So we finally realized ya know what…I would rather have him sleep well and get the sleep he needs even if that means our time at night is shortened by bedtime. So he sleeps about 11-12 hours straight through and about a two nap during the day. Boy likes his sleep!

Anyways, I hope you liked this post!


A new year….

It’s a new year, happy 2014 to you all! I hope you all had a very nice Christmas and a happy New Year!! Did you make a resolution? Resolution or no resolution I hope 2014 is off to a great start!

For NYE we partied like……tired adults with a baby on NYE. 🙂 And stayed in! Grayson had such a nice first Christmas but was unfortunately, sick a lot of the holiday. He had a terrible case of the flu the week before and an ear infection during most of it. He finally started feeling better towards the end of my break from work. All in all, he got lots of family time and LOTS of gifts. I think what I’ll do for the next one is re-wrap all the toys we currently have and pretend they are new! HAHA, is that ok to do?

In other news, Grayson turned 10 months on Jan 4th. I’ve already been coming up with some ideas for his FIRST birthday. I’ve thrown around some themes and decided on a fun one I think he will enjoy. I’ll share it after we celebrate. Grayson also just had a minor procedure done today! He got TUBES!!! The poor kid has had his ears full of fluid since birth, which sometimes cause infections but his ears always feel plugged! Imagine walking around and talking with your fingers in your ears, all. the.time. Apparently, that’s how he was. So he should feel MUCH better now! I was not to happy about him having to have anesthesia but I know it’s for the best. He seems to be recovering just fine!

Here are some photos of Gray at 10 months!!

photo (9) photo (10)




* Clapping

* Knocking down towers that mommy and daddy build

* Blueberries and Bananas


* Getting into his car seat

* Hats (mainly when people are wearing them around him)

* Being told “no, no”

Grayson is a real spitfire and he has such a fiery personality. I can tell now he will be giving us a run for our money when he is older. Right now, if we take him away from something he is standing by or crawling to he shouldn’t he throws his head and arches his back and cries. It’s funny to see but I know it’s just the beginning….and when we put him in his car seat he arches is back and keeps his legs straight and rigid and won’t sit down. I have to chuckle because right now I can still control the little 21 pound pistol….wish us luck!!!

A Very Merry Christmas!

I know it’s been FOREVER since I’ve posted anything. But I do have a good reason, I really do! The reason I haven’t had time is because we MOVED!! Several weeks ago we closed on a new home and moved out of the first home I ever bought. Fast forward several weeks (long, stressful weeks that is) later and we finally closed on our townhome. I won’t go into any details but just want to let you know we learned a lot….aka nothing is final until check is in hand, patience is very hard to practice, family is everything, and I never, EVER, EVER want to move again. 🙂

But it’s really going to be a great Christmas because everything worked out and we are the proud owners of our very first home…together! Grayson and Brynn will have a yard (hoping to fence it in this Spring), we can grow into this house (no, that is not a pregnancy announcement), and we can really make it our own. There are a lot of updates to be done, but thankfully I have a very handy man!

I’m excited we will spend Grayson’s first Christmas in our new house and start brand new traditions. For instance, we plan to come home from my parents Christmas Eve night so Grayson will wake up in his own bed on Christmas morning. I know, I know…he isn’t even 1 he won’t know what’s going on BUT we want to start this tradition and might as well start early! Santa will be coming to our house as well. I think Grayson has been a pretty good little boy so I’m betting he will have some nice presents from him. 🙂

So that’s where we have been the past several weeks. Below is a picture of Grayson and I in front of our new house…we need to get one of all three of us! I hope you all have a great holiday and a happy New Year! I’ll talk to you in 2014!!

photo (6)

Where has the time gone….

5 months, 5 months! I can’t believe Grayson is 5 months old! He has been growing by leaps and bounds! I know i say this all the time, but time is going so fast! it seems like just yesterday we were sitting in the doctor getting our first ultrasound done! So time may seem like its going fast so we soak up every minute of it. Below is his update!




~ Sitting. Yes, he can sit all by himself! Mind you it’s only for a several seconds, but still!
~ his exercise saucer. Grayson seems pretty independent and likes to move about and be doing something. He loves his saucer!
~ standing (with assistance of course 🙂 )
~ making loud, screeching noises over and over, this kid wants to make sure he is heard.
~ rice cereal. Yes we have been “practicing” eating with some rice cereal in the evening. He LOVES it and its the funniest thing ever to watch him eat.
~ bath time

~ still not digging tummy time
~ dropping a toy and then not getting it back right away (again patience will be taught very early) 🙂
~ waiting for his bottle. As you can see he likes to eat. 🙂
~ missing nap time and going to bed late. This kid likes his sleep, he goes to bed around six, I know…so early! And it’s a big bummer because we get home so late and we only get a short amount of awake time with him. It has been a HARD adjustment. But he needs his sleep and that would be selfish to keep him up when he is so tired. So we make due.

We are loving life as a family of three. And being a mom is truly the best thing in the world. I love every moment even when we had the worst flu ever going around, even then (the last two weeks have been horrendous in the health department from a cold to the flu and back to a cold, boo!).

Grayson is really a great baby and I love watching him experience new things every day. And just because, here are a few other photos of our little guy. And no he is not storing anything in those cheeks of his that’s all baby fat and I love every bit of it. 🙂





Party like It’s Your Birthday….

Well, it wasn’t my birthday but I still kinda “partied” for my sisters birthday….well I was the DD but still had fun celebrating Katelin! Katelin, my younger sister, turned 21 on February 6th and she came up the following weekend to celebrate her “legal-hood” with her to older sisters.

One of her requirements was for us to make these…



Birthday Jello shots….they didn’t taste that bad, but they were hard to take. I ate one with a fork. Anyways, we went out to dinner and then did a little bar hopping on Court. And we got carded everywhere which is always nice for a newly 21 year old.

I’m glad we got to celebrate Katelins birthday together. I hope you had fun Katelin! 🙂

Here are some of the pictures from the night.









Happy Birthday Katelin!

Love you!