Sunday Coffee

**Oh what a week it has been! Grayson has been sick with something which has caused him to have a high fever. It was the first time he has had a temperature over 100, and it was not fun! For three days he had a fever….I know that a fever is a symptom and that it’s the body’s way of getting rid of whatever is attacking his little body…but we felt so bad for him. We think he is on the mend…at least he hasn’t had a fever in 24 hrs. What do you do when your little one has a fever? We did sponge baths, we did use Ibuprofen when it was really high, and lots of love!

**On top of him being so sick, work has been crazy and we have both been very busy. It has been an exhausting week juggling work, no sleep, a sick child, and normal every day things. Being a working mom is so tough on so many levels, I am thankful I have a husband that is willing to jump up in the middle of the night, clean up puke, do laundry etc. I am lucky.

**Am I the only mom that let’s their child hang out in the crib in the morning or after nap time for 10 to 20 minutes? He isn’t crying, usually talking or jumping etc…but sometimes I need that extra time to finish cleaning, wake up myself, change clothes etc. Please tell me I’m not alone?

**When Grayson was a baby baby I felt Ike he slept all the time (and he did), and I felt like I had a lot of free time but at the same time I didn’t because I would be washing pumping pieces, showering etc. Now, however I realize back then I had WAY more time then I do now. Grayson is always on the go getting into anything and everything, demanding my attention 24/7 when he is up. therefore, the only time I have to do ANYTHING around the house or do myself consists between 12 and 2 during a nap. Phew! That’s just with one kid….I think when we have more I may be doing more cleaning at midnight or not at all!

**But like my husband said this morning, there will be a time soon enough when he will be playing alone and want to play alone and when he will tell us to leave him alone. So I will enjoy this time now, the house can be messy, the laundry can be dirty, the dishwasher can be full.

**Now, that I talked about Grayson this whole post….I will move on! My garden is slowly growing! I see some lettuce and peas growing! Today in going to go buy some tomato and pepper plants, it’s 2 for $5 at Lowes today!

**In a couple of weeks Curt will be completely renovating our kitchen/upstairs living area! It’s going to look so different and I can’t wait to see the finished project. I will be sure and take pictures!

Well, it’s going to be a lovely day here in Iowa,so I better get going! Whatever you do I hope you have a great day! Enjoy friends!

Bunnies, Egg Hunts, Family…Oh MY!

This weekend we celebrated Easter at my parents house…it was filled with lots of food, lots of plastic eggs, lots of family and lots of fun! A bunny even joined in the fun!!

We started out the morning at home where the Easter Bunny stopped by first thing in the morning for Grayson. He or she (not sure the gender of the Easter Bunny…) hid his basket in our closet! Here is his reaction when he spots it…


So happy! It’s funny at 13 almost 14 months he knows what a gift is…doesn’t take long people! The Easter Bunny was good to little Gray…he got play-dough, clothes, a ball, a big Tonka truck, some crayons and coloring paper and a puzzle. The only thing the Easter Bunny forgot was a BOOK! UGH, mistake Easter Bunny!!


Here he is enjoying some little melts that came in some plastic eggs. 🙂

After we all got ready for the day we headed out to my parents house which is about 1.5 hr away. Grayson slept the entire ride (score).

And what do you know…the Easter Bunny stopped at their house for him too!!! MAN! Lucky little man…


And what do you know…the Easter Bunny remembered to put a book in this basket,….after that fun we just played outside some and he took a nap. When he got up it was time to EAT!


After we stuffed ourselves with some wonderful food we had an egg hunt! My mom had 31 eggs for Grayson to find…he found about 3 and was over it. HAHA, thanks for trying mom!!

Here he is ready to find eggs!!




After all that fun we had some more fun outside…playing some baseball…

1970945_10100651588139323_8866959241950742025_n 10268586_10100651498469023_2280383484704537240_n

Putting sunscreen on….safety first!

10245316_10100651495624723_3472384245949352742_n (1)

A bunny even stopped by!



Fun at the park….


So much fun he was BEAT…


He had a busy day and we had a great day celebrating his 2nd Easter! He was just 3 weeks old last year…..


And now he is a rambunctious little toddler!!!!





We had such a fun time! Grayson is at such a fun age (seriously ever age has been so fun)!

So a lot in one day for one little boy…but he sure is one very loved little boy.


Sleep…the most wonderful thing in the world

Sleep is a wonderful word….and thing…currently you can find my Google Search History like this: 13 month old sleep regression? 13 month old waking up in the middle of the night, 13 month old won’t sleep! So if you can’t tell we are going through a little bit of a “growing pain” in the Aucutt Household. Our wonderful sleeper has turned into a terrible night waking monster! I kid, he isn’t really a monster BUT it has been a rough couple of days.

The past few nights, Grayson has been waking up in the middle of the night and gets so upset he screams and cries and screams some more all the while reaching his little arms up to be held. But when we hold him to rock him he cries and wants down, when we rub his back he cries and wants out. On Sunday night this went on and on from 1-4 am! Last night it was from 12:30 to 2 (making progress). So needless to say hubby and I are walking around like zombies…and that’s just two nights of this! I read a lot about sleep regressions and the only thing I can really find is that he might be going through separation anxiety. As every time we leave the room he screams again, but if he can see us there he is usually fine. Last night we broke down and let him cry from 1:40 to 2 am and he FINALLY laid down and went to sleep. I’m not a fan of the cry it out method (or CIO is what you will find in the online world). But we really didn’t know what else to do. Nothing would calm him down…except getting down to play and read (Which we wouldn’t allow). If you have ever tried the CIO method you probably know how terrible it is, it sucked and after he finally went to sleep I was wide awake. Was that the right thing to do? Should we have tried something else? A bottle? Sippy? Anything?! He isn’t sick, teething has never made him behave like this. I just think his sleep cycle must be changing and he is more awake now and having trouble figuring out how to go to sleep, then he see us in and out trying to get him calmed down and he freaks out when we leave. At least that’s what my not so doctor, trying to make me feel better for letting my child cry for 20 minutes opinion is. I think it’s to make me feel better….

So parents, what advice do you have? Anyone have a 13 month old do this? Do you like the CIO method, did it work for you? Tips and tricks please as we would like to get some sleep tonight! 😉

PS: little man just laid down but only after crying for about ten min, he used to go down hassle and cry free! Where did my great sleeper go?!


My NOT so favorite things…

I’m certainly no expert when it comes to babies but now that we have survived the first year I thought it would be fun to do some posts on our favorite things, not so favorite things etc. This post will detail out 10 items that just didn’t work for us. That’s not to say someone else has it and LOVES it, but for us and Grayson it was just a flop or we felt like we didn’t use it enough to compensate spending money on it. I have a lot of friends having babies (congrats mamas to be!) and a lot who just had babies (congrats mamas!), so thought I’d share some of my not so favorite items for you to either leave off your registry (if you choose) or to relate! ENJOY!!

Note: I’m not adding a lot of pictures or linking ALL the items, just one’s that I think you might want a photo with. 😉 And I pretty much link to Amazon in case you want to try it out for yourself you can buy it right there!

  1. Boppy: I thought I would need TWO of these, we ended up with one. I thought I would use it nursing all the time. Well, as you probably know nursing did not come easy to me. So I rarely USED a Boppy for that reason. Then I thought it might be good for tummy time or just sitting there etc. It was ok…I used it a few times while pumping so I could put Grayson close to me that I could reach his paci when it fell out when he was really little or so he could get some time on his side (see picture). But for us we would have been fine without… Additionally, for nursing (which I think some women use this for a lot) I felt like just didn’t work for us when we did nurse. It was curved and stiff I hated using it! The item I LOVED for nursing was The Brest Friend Pillow. It’s bigger, one side is softer the other firmer…It was wider so seemed more sturdy etc. So the boppy was pretty much a no go for us. However, now that he is older he does love playing with it and resting his head on it haha.IMG_0400
  2. These nightgowns: I thought for sure I would want/need little outfits that didn’t have legs and was just open. For easy diaper changes etc. But they were all so big on him and they always rode up I felt like it seemed uncomfortable!
  3. Mittens: You know the little glove things all newborns have to keep from scratching themselves because we all know it is clearly impossible to cut their nails when they are that little. We had two pair, used them once they fell off and got lost forever. Who know’s where they are at! The item that came in handy were all the little onesies that had the built in mittens. You just put them in a long sleeve one and flipped it over their little hands! Worked like a charm! Don’t waste your money on the mittens, just get the shirts.
  4. Bottle Warmer: I bought one and then returned it when I realized the one I bought wouldn’t fit the bottles I had (crazy I know!). But I never replaced it and just put his bottle in warm water when I needed too. It worked out just fine.
  5. Pajamas with snaps: Don’t get me wrong he LIVED in the zip up pajamas the first two months of his life….but snap pajamas=nightmare!!! I hated using them!!! They took forever to snap and then if you are off on ONE the whole thing is messed up!! The crotch area always had a million little snaps…ugh. Just get the zip up footie ones…
  6. Newborn socks: Again get the zip up footie pajama ones…no matter how much you THINK the little socks will fit and stay on the little feet THEY WON’T!
  7. Newborn shoes: I know, I know they look so cute! But if you get them and YOU can put them on those little chubby awkward feed more power to ya! Good luck!
  8. Wipe warmer: I never got one, but read about how it’s not worth the money. Yes, you feel terrible a couple times when they scream out and it’s a shock to the system I’m sure to have a cold wipe on your bottom…but they get used to it. Besides, if your little ones goes to daycare eventually they don’t have a warmer….so best get used to the cold feeling early on I say.
  9. Baby specific laundry detergent: I read up on this A LOT to decide if I should make the switch….basically if you use anything now that is something like free from dyes etc. You should be fine. Unless you have a little one that has REALLY sensitive skin. We use the ALL FREE AND CLEAR and have used it since he was born. We never had any issues and it saves on having to buy to separate detergents. And saving money with a newborn is a win in my book.
  10. Dishwasher basket: You think this is a great idea!! But for us we HATED it. It didn’t even hold our bottle nipples! And it doesn’t hold a lot anyways. You are better off hand washing (that’s right hand washing) for 5 minutes then using this thing….

And then I wanted to share a 6 items that I won’t be including in my favorites that seem to get overlooked.

  1. Washcloths: You might think that the washcloths you already have will be fine…and they are fine…for you. But the baby ones are the right size and SO SOFT! I don’t’ know why but they are much better on the little newborn skin instead of normal wash cloths. Get at least 10-15….I know that seems like a lot but just wiping baby down, how often you decide to give baths…they can go quick.
  2. Burp Cloths: Not just any burp cloths…do yourself a favor and just get the cloth diapers and use them as burp cloths. And if you have a spitter like we did you will want something VERY absorbent.
  3. Bibs: Again…not just any bib the bibs that have that waterproof backing on it or in it.
  4. Fragrance free dish soap: As I mentioned above we did a lot of hand washing…so using a fragrance free dish soap was a must. As much as I love the smell of lavender I felt bad washing his bottle nipples in that…our favorite is Seventh Generation.
  5. Pacis: I know a lot of people aren’t there are not big believers in pacis…whether you feel that it causes nipple confusion for nursing, teeth issues etc. I thought I would be a no paci person too… I do NOT think using a paci deterred him from nursing or confused him at all. But in the hospital I thought we would use it just once but it worked like a charm and I know babies have a need…NEED to suck and it’s soothing. So why not? I don’t think it’s ruined anything so far and we will wean him off of it. I’m a fan…we like Nuk the best.
  6. Bumbo: I know awhile back these got recalled but they are back on the shelf. I say just use common sense with these…keep them on the ground…once the little ones learn to be a bit more mobile stop using. We loved ours and I think it helped a lot with his acid reflux. I personally think it helped getting him to sit so early alone too (5 months). He loved it! IMG_1319

There ya have it! Again, this is just our opinion maybe there is something on this list you LOVED. I’d love to hear about it and I’d love to hear anything you would like to add to either of these lists.

Enjoy your Friday friends!


Sunday Coffee

**Did anyone else’s one year old go through a sleep regression…or is it just mine? Grayson has been getting up at 5:15 every.single.morning the past couple of days. I try very hard not to get him out until 615 under the naive hope that he will actually go back to sleep, but he usually just plays and talks. I also think he has a bad cold so that isn’t helping. Let’s hope this doesn’t last much longer because the poor kid doesn’t get a nap at daycare until close to noon…that’s a LONG morning!

**We are getting our fence this week!! Awhile back I talked about if we should do it ourselves or not…we bit the bullet and are having it paid to be done. It helps that both our neighbors on our sides have a fence, one is a chain and one is privacy. So we will keep those and just add privacy to the back and front sides….so one side will be chain link and the rest privacy. That’s ok though…it gets us to our goal which is a fence in yard….now time for landscaping….is Yard Crashers in the area filming?? 🙂

**Last year at this time I was on maternity leave….my oh my time sure does seem to fly.

**We introduced peanut butter to Grayson for the first time this weekend. I was NERVOUS! I’m not sure why…maybe because it seems I read or hear about allergies and kids ALL.THE.TIME. When I asked our doc. about it he said go for it that there is not “rule” anymore with peanuts, wheat, eggs etc. But he did recommend waiting until after one. He said just put a little on some Cheerios or something and the first allergic reaction would be hives. Well today is day 2 and no reaction just yet. Knock on wood. I feel for kids with allergies and I’m praying we don’t have to worry about that…so far so good. His daycare is a peanut and tree nut free facility which is fine with me. When did you first try an allergy food with your little one? How did you introduce it and how did it go?

**Speaking of introducing high allergy foods…when introducing PB to Gray I first rubbed some peanut butter on his leg! My husband looked at me like I was crazy! But I read somewhere that he could have a reaction on his leg instead of ingesting it and finding out. I don’t think I waited long enough for something if anything to show up on his leg before giving him some…am I crazy? No, I don’t think so….but don’t ask my husband.

**I still haven’t seen Frozen but I play the “Let it Go” song over and over on YouTube. Grayson also seems to enjoy it. 😉

**Curt is almost done with our mini mud room! I can’t wait to show you all the finished project! Next up….our kitchen/front room wasted space area!! We ordered floor last week! WOOHOO!!

Well, I’m off to start the day while the little one sleeps…Grayson is now at an age where there isn’t much I can get done when he is awake…he is into EVERYTHING! So whatever you do and wherever you go enjoy your day friends!

Daycare Update II

A few times on the blog I’ve talked about my concern for Grayson moving to the one year old room. In that room he goes from two scheduled naps (9:30 and 1:30) to one scheduled nap (11:50/12 to 2:30), he also sleeps on a mat. I worked with the owner and like I stated before she worked with me on his transition. So he visited that room some and actually didn’t move over until three weeks after he turned one. I’m so thankful for that! So I thought since he has been in there about two weeks, I wanted to share how it was going….has he transitioned well? Is he exhausted?? Does he just roll all over and never sleep on the mat??

I’m here to tell you the move has gone GREAT! I don’t want to jinx anything but I’m SHOCKED at how well he has adjusted. I know I shouldn’t be as kids adjust much more easily than adults. But I really do think the three-week transition helped A LOT. I just don’t think he was ready to go down to one nap when he first turned one, I think visiting helped so much.

Grayson is still tired in the morning and I think if given the option he would go down for an early nap, but when he gets to daycare it’s like he gets a second wind. There is just SO MUCH going on….he is really into looking and watching other babies right now (all the books we read have real babies in them), so he is interested in his friends, the teachers in the room are great. They are pretty structured in that room and there doesn’t seem to be a moment of rest for them! Props to you ladies! They go from breakfast, to play, to snack, to art/music project, to free play, to lunch, to nap, to play/activity, snack and pick up. A lot of times they also do educational activities with flash cards, lots of story time etc. I think he is learning a lot. He is a walking machine now and seeing his other friends walk all the time has helped with that too.

So what about the dreaded nap on a mat….so far it sounds like it’s going fine! They have told me they just rub his back for a few minutes and he goes right to sleep. I trust them as there is a camera and I watch around that time too and he does seem to go right to sleep. Yesterday they said they didn’t even need to rub his back, they just put him on the mat and he falls asleep. I think it helps he is probably exhausted! He still is getting up around 545 and is just so tired in the morning! We are going to try and push his bedtime back 15 min for a couple of days to get to 7 and see if he will sleep until 630 am. Right now he goes to bed around 630 and gets up around 530. So 11 hours seems to do the trick for him at night. AND he is still sleeping just fine in his crib. I was really nervous he would want to sleep on a mat all the time, but it doesn’t seem to phase him to go from one to the other. Again, much more adaptable than adults.

Finally…eating. So I’m still bringing the majority of his food and definitely his dairy products. However, I’ve noticed it’s getting harder to keep him on my own menu at daycare. The only reason is that now he is sitting at a table with all his friends and he wants what they have. He is just at that age, he isn’t at an age where I can explain it to him. So I’ve talked to his teachers about it and they are still to offer his home food first but I’m fine if he eats some of the menu items. It’s not the end of the world if he grabs a bit of pop-tart from his friend sitting right next to him. I get it. I’m adaptable too. 😉 At home he still gets almost 100% organic and I try to get GMO free as well. I was also worried about his bottle to sippy cup transition and not getting enough milk there. But again I talked to his teachers and he is to get a sippy of his milk at every meal/snack time and through out the day. They have been great about that too.

So all in all he has done very well and I’m so happy I spoke up and talked to the Director and teachers about my concern. I may seem like a helicopter parent to some of you but for right now I’m my child’s biggest advocate (as is my husband) in our eyes.

I’m hoping to do a post soon on 5 things I love about daycare, 5 things I hate and his transition to a sippy and no more bottles! So stay tuned!

Enjoying a breakfast full of bananas (or nanas as he says) at daycare!

Enjoying a breakfast full of bananas (or nanas as he says) at daycare!


Checking out all the other rooms!

Checking out all the other rooms!

What NOT to say….

I love The Huffington Post, it’s just an online newspaper where it shares stories from around the web. But I’m always finding interesting articles. The latest one that caught my attention was this one, titled “9 Things Never to Say to the Parents of a Newborn.

I feel like EVERYONE I know is pregnant or just had a baby, so I THINK this would relate to A LOT of you, or will relate to you soon. Oh and congrats to all of my friends that are preggo or just had a little one, I love talking to you about your experience and it makes me want to be pregnant again!!! Did my husband just pass out?? HAHAHA!! Not an announcement peeps….and see #8 on the list of the article. 😉

Seriously though, I felt like this list was very comprehensive. I think I may have gotten every statement/question on that list except the last one: “Is having a baby worth all you gave up for it?” If anyone EVER had the gall to ask me that I might no wait I would punch them in the face.

I’d like to add a few more to this list:

1. Aren’t you bored on maternity leave? I mean don’t you just have all this extra time since he sleeps all the time?

2. Do you nap when the baby naps? I wish I could do that during my day.

Those are the only other two I can really think of that I also got in addition to most of those on the list. But really those were few and far between. Mostly, people were respectful and just wanted to know when we were ready for visitors.

But in the future if you aren’t sure what to say to parents with a newborn this list is one you might want to study before saying anything.

And in answer to the #1 question you are all thinking now about us…aka #8 on the list…the answer is hopefully in a couple of years…vague enough for you all. 😉

And now because this post is full of newborn talk here are some pictures of my newborn….almost 13 months ago.

IMG_0128 IMG_0220 IMG_0247 IMG_0126 - Copy