Monday Musings

Oh my goodness, with the long holiday weekend I almost forgot to do a Monday Musings post! Luckily, I did remember! So here we go…

**How is your holiday weekend going? We have had very warm weather here in Iowa so we spent post of our weekend being outside. We planted flowers, had bonfires, grilled, visited family and more. My birthday weekend has been filled with fun, sun, laughter, and family. 🙂

**Curt has been working on the basement whenever he can this long weekend and currently he is down there with this nail gun that sounds like a shot-gun! He warned all our neighbors we were doing the basement and might be a little loud but this gun is scary loud! And the fact that we don’t know when it’s comings makes it worse. Our poor dog is very on edge and jumps with every single noise of the gun. Soon though it will all be worth it.

**Speaking of the basement….we had our first injury. Nothing too serious, Curt sliced the tip of his finger open with a blade while cutting some dry wall.  No need for stitches but I think this basement will be built with blood, sweat and tears. But hopefully no more blood. We certainly have already had the sweat, and now the blood maybe the tears will be tears of joy when it’s finished.

**We bought a new grill this weekend. We grill in the Spring/Summer/Fall probably 3-4 times a week! And Curt’s grill he had for 3 plus years has been through a lot, so we thought it a wise investment to get a new one now. The first thing we grilled on the new grill was organic, grass-fed rib eye and it was delicious.Do you grill a lot? What’s your favorite thing to grill?

**Tomorrow on my actual birthday I believe we will be going to Bonefish Grille.  They have one of the best gluten-free menus in the area, and they have this raspberry martini with fresh martinis that is just fantastic. I can’t wait.

**Since it is Memorial Day I would like to thank everyone who has served for our freedom, we are very lucky to live in the United States and we can live here with our freedom due to all of those who have served our country for us. We are forever grateful for your courage and service.

**And to end this Monday Musings post, a photo of Brynn passed out from all the fun family activities. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Monday Musings

How was your Mothers Day weekend? Good I hope. Ready for another Monday Musings? Here we go….

**Happy belated Mother’s Day to my mom and all you other awesome moms out there. I am not a mom yet, but I do believe I know how hard and rewarding it is and I can’t wait to experience it for myself. As well as put to work all the great things my mom has taught me over the years.

**I went home sick from work today….ugh being sick when it’s nice out is the worst. But on my drive home all I kept thinking was I wasted a work outfit for an hour and half worth of work….dang. Haha.

**Curt is traveling this week, I hate when he travels. I feel for all you wives out there with hubby’s that travel frequently. Luckily, Curt doesn’t travel often…but that doesn’t make it any easier.

**Big news in the Aucutt Household (no I’m not preggo), we decided to finally finish our basement! Yay! I am so excited! We will do it over the span of several months as we are doing it ourselves and will be paying for it as we go. I will be sure to document all the renovation realities as we go. Our fist step was putting up this blue foam insulation after organizing and cleaning up. After a very exciting drive with 8 foot pieces (kinda miss the truck) and then having to cut them in half because they were to big to get downstairs they are almost all up, due to my handy hubby. Pictures below.

**I am so thankful my husband is so handy. In the basement we plan to build in built in bookshelves and storage on one wall downstairs. This will help cover the sump pump. I can’t wait to see it finished.

**Last week I received a compliment from a stranger about my skin, she asked what I did because it was so beautiful and creamy. I have gotten those types of compliments a lot and I’m not one to brag but I wanted to share this….I told her my secret was never getting in a tanning bed and wearing sunscreen, I am a BIG advocate for not tanning. This is your skin, God gave it to you, and getting in a tanning bed is like asking for cancer. Just like smoking, you CAN prevent it. Why would you put yourself at risk? Anyways…I’m not saying I’ve never been burned, and I do have a higher risk of skin cancer due to my fair skin and genetics so I take the right steps to hopefully avoid something so preventable. I also want to teach my daughter some day that her skin is beautiful, that she is beautiful…..maybe when she is older tan won’t be in and beautiful, natural color is. :)I will be proud when all her friends are tanning and we won’t let her and when she asks me why and says I probably did I when I was younger I can proudly say no I didn’t and this is why….

**I will get off my high horse now.

Below, a picture of me with my mom in honor of Mothers Day and some photos of our basement reno, Happy Monday!







Spring Awakenings

We have had a pretty busy Spring…well I’m not sure Iowa ever really saw Spring until just now, but during when Spring should have been here we have been busy! PS. I apologize about the picture placements. I’m having SO much trouble with WordPress, I’m going to be changing blogs soon. Sorry in advance!!

We celebrated Easter with my side, and my niece and nephew had a grand time finding eggs and their baskets.  Apparently, we are too old for the Easter Bunny to visit….:) I don’t think you can ever be to old!! Just saying, Mom!! 🙂

Heading to Church

Soon after Easter we went to Milwaukee with Curt’s parents to visit his younger brother Craig.  It was so much fun. I’ve never been to Milwaukee, and I LOVED it. What a great city! So clean and beautiful and right on Lake Michigan.  Curt and I even got up one morning and ran right by the Lake. It was awesome! Craig showed us his school and his dorm and all the cool spots in the city.  We will definitely have to go back. Speaking of Milwaukee, Curt and I just saw Bridesmaids (HILARIOUS, GO SEE IT!) and that was based in Milwaukee! So every time they showed somewhere we had just been we were like BEEN THERE! Sadly, I forgot to take my camera. But Marilyn has some pictures, so I’ll share some soon!

We also finally started and finished the downstairs half bath! I don’t know if you know this but the whole house needed to be painted.  It was this dull, flat construction paint with marks everywhere! It’s a slow process, but we are going room by room and doing these small renovations.  First, was painting the whole down stairs, we finally got a window treatment and now we just finished the downstairs half bath.  I’ve always LOVED light houses. I’m not sure why, I’ve never even been in one. But I knew when I had my own house I wanted a bath that was lighthouse themed.  So we painted the bath a dark blue and put up wainscoting.  It looks so much better! Here are some before and after’s to show you. We still have a few items I want to get to complete the bath but all in all I love it.  And it should be noted that Curt did it all by himself! Now, in my defense I did offer to help….BUT apparently it’s to small for two people to work in there. Which is true, but I know Curt loves doing that type of stuff by himself…right babe? 😉





I know it might be hard to see in the picture, but it really is a HUGE difference.  We LOVE it.

Anyways, so that’s what we’ve been up to so far this Spring.  We also have big plans for the summer and big plans for the fall too! We are just loving our first year of marriage!

This weekend is (drum roll please) my birthday!!!!!!!!!!! I know some people don’t like to celebrate birthday’s, but I LOVE THEM!!!!!!! I mean think about it, you have been on this earth for X amount of years! That’s something to celebrate! And on May 29th, I’ll be a QUARTER OF A CENTURY OLD! SO EXCITED!

I’ll share my birthday celebrations next time!

Renovation Realities

Curt and I started and finished our first BIG “renovation” in the Aucutt household.  We painted over 1300 sq feet of our home! EEK! We have been wanting to paint for some time, since moving in it’s been the same flat paint since when they built the place. There were marks everywhere, it was blah…it needed to be changed.  So last weekend we went and got some samples and put them all over our walls.  We finally found the ONE, Granite Boulder.  It’s a mix of gray, green, blue…but it’s perfect trust me. 🙂 So anyways, we needed to paint our living/dining room, kitchen, stair/hallway.  Now…you may think it’s not that bad but we have HUGE walls with a vaulted ceiling. Poor Curt had to stand on a ladder and use a 12 ft pole to reach the 18 ft ceiling for most of the day. It took us 12 hours but in 1  Saturday we managed it! We worked great as a team and today we are so sore we can barely move….but it was worth it!  Here are some pictures of our first of many renovations.  Enjoy!

Our samples....see how the top R one looks lavender...we didn't choose that one.

Poor Curt had to do all the taping! I just couldn't get it!

Good thing he isn't scared of heights!

Ok, I did paint too! There just isn't proof...

Getting there!

The hallway and stair area might have been the hardest....just an awkward area.


Yay!! It's hard to tell but it's a BIG difference!

My wonderful, handy man made this. 🙂