Sunday Coffee

How was your holiday weekend?? We had a great time! We went to a carnival (Grayson was not impressed, see pictures below), we were able to see Urbandale’s fireworks from our sidewalk (a HUGE plus for me!), and we went to a BBQ at my parents on Saturday (rain and all). Today we just plan to relax and clean-up and then it’s back to work we go!! But for now…a few mindless thoughts.

**Grayson has a thing about getting up around 530/545 and sometimes we are lucky enough that if we go in and lay him down again he will go back to sleep. Today was one of those days and he fell back asleep until 7! The funny thing is if I go in and do it he NEVER falls asleep but when Curt goes in that kids throws himself back down on the bed as if we never saw him get up and jump and scream for the last 15 minutes.

**Speaking of Grayson…when he woke up this morning he was not my good natured baby….he was a feisty little boy!!! I feel as if over night this kid got an attitude and the attitude is I’m going to do whatever I want…and screech when I get told I can’t. I think we have entered “the terrible 2’s” a tad early…..that’s ok…this lady sums it up perfectly. I’m going to enjoy this ride and revel in the fact that my little baby is growing up into a smart, independent boy and I will let him be who he is.

** I’m not a fan of fireworks…when I was little I was at a firework show and there was a rogue firework which ended up going RIGHT past my head and hitting this shed behind me which ended up with another little girls hair on fire!! So yea, not a fan of fireworks. But this 4th of July we ended up watching them on the sidewalk from quite a distance. We could see and hear them well but they weren’t right over us and we could walk two steps to the comfort of our own home and not deal with traffic. With a little one that goes to bed so early it was nice to actually be able to watch them and keep him on his schedule. Win for all.

** Speaking of 4th of July, I’m not a fan of the hashtag “Merica” I know many of you will disagree as almost all my social friends used it multiple times over the past couple of days. It’s just my opinion! I wonder how that even got started…America isn’t that long…just say the whole word. Please for me would you do #AMERICA next year? 😉

**Are you a fan of the Today show or Good Morning America? In college I was a big fan of GMA, but now I’m totally in to the Today show. I’m a big fan of Carson Daly. I sort of feel like we grew up into our adulthood together…from TRL days (for those of you who remember when MTV actually played music and was good)  to the national news….he has grown up and I still love him!

** There is a commercial for Extra gum and it’s AMAZING! It’s about a guy that makes origami cranes from the foil from the wrapper for his daughter and it shows her growing up and all these big and little moments in her life he makes her a crane. I won’t spoil the ending but it pulled at my heart strings and I now want to only by Extra gum. Well played Extra, well played…..

** A good friend of mine is due with her baby girl in about 9 weeks!!! She asked me to giver her some frozen meal ideas and what to bring to the hospital when it’s go time. I think I will share my thoughts with you all too! I know I found it way helpful to hear from others on what is a must and a not so must. To each their own but I definitely like hearing from others on it!

I hope you enjoy your Sunday friends!!! And here are a few photos of our holiday weekend!

photo_1[1] photo_2[1] photo_4[1] photo_1[1] photo_2[1]


Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!!!

Do you have fun weekend plans? We are having a family reunion and I’m hoping to run to the downtown Farmer’s Market to get some GF Cinnamon Rolls. I would also like to try to take Grayson to the pool or a splash pad on Sunday! So we will stay pretty busy! Whatever you do, enjoy! And enjoy some of my Favorites from around the web!!

1. If I had a little girl she would wear these headbands

2. If you live in the DSM area and eat GF you need to check out Sweet Treat Without Wheat. They have fantastic donuts, cinnamon rolls, cookies, crepes, AND so much more!!! I usually get their cinnamon rolls and freeze them, they reheat great!

3. This necklace. I’m usually not a gold fan but I love this, and I love that I could add pieces with each child.

Little gold bars bear the initials that mean the most.

4. Gallery Walls….I’m thinking of putting one together in our dining/kitchen. I’m usually one to go with the same frames, same decor etc. But I’m loving the look of a variety of colors and textures…like this.

Love the combo of canvas/frames/phrases/fabric

5. I’m thinking the next Aucutt Reno project will be the Master Bath…right now there is carpet in there…CARPET!! EW! I do not understand carpet in a bathroom or kitchen. I’m sorry, I just don’t! Anyways….I love this idea for above the toilet. Looks like an easy DIY project!

DIY bathroom makeover with an over the toilet storage unit repurposed from an old picture frame.

6. Finally….as you know we just moved a couple months ago. We have super nice neighbors and most of our neighbors seem to be sticking around for a bit…BUT if we ever get new neighbors I think this will be the “Welcome to the neighborhood,” gift. Such a cute, cheap, simple and thoughtful gift!

Welcome to the neighborhood gift. Mason jar, dish soap, scrubber, dish towel, & sponges.

Enjoy your Friday friends!

A day in the life of…..

It’s time for another “Day in the Life” Post! Today my post is “Day in the Life of a Working Mom!” I actually documented this day on Saint Patricks Day…so let’s begin. I have no idea WHY I decided to do this and take photos on a MONDAY, but I did.

5am: I wake up bright and early and jump in the shower. I’m usually up before my alarm as Grayson is usually moving around/talking/who knows what but I’m awake. Sometime I’ll take my chances and get up at 5:15! 😉

5:45: It takes me about 45 minutes to get ready…that’s shower, dry hair, straighten hair, make-up etc. Around this time Curt is getting up…around this time Grayson is probably getting up. HOPEFULLY, though he is actually sleeping in! Either way, I get dressed and head downstairs to get Grayson’s food ready for daycare.

6:00: At this point Grayson is probably a talking machine in his crib. I’m still downstairs making his food to take to daycare. I get his breakfast ready, lunch, and snacks ready. I also initial his milk and get a sheet for his mat at daycare and a blanket all ready in the bag. At this point we are weaning him from bottles, so I make three bottles with only a few ounces of formula. At daycare they add additional ounces of Whole Milk. It doesn’t take long and he in about a week he transitions to only one bottle and then soon to no bottles.

IMG_4099 IMG_4098 IMG_4100

6:15: I try hard to make it to 630 before getting him, and some days we are lucky and he sleeps until 630 or even 645 (which is the latest I can let him sleep before I HAVE to get him up to get him ready for daycare).Anyways, I go upstairs to get Grayson, he has now thrown out all pacis and standing in his crib. I’m so thankful he is a morning person.

6:20: After diaper change I feed him a bottle right away….this is is main bottle he still wants immediately at this point…however in about a week he will be done with this bottle too.


6:25: I take his PJ’s off and let him roam like this….


.I put him in this outfit….remember what day it is?!


6:30ish: We go brush our teeth! Well he plays with the toothbrush and I snap some photos for this post;

IMG_4111 IMG_4108

6:30ish: We go down to play and I finish getting anything else I need ready…that might be finishing getting his food, diaper bag etc. If he seems hungry right away, I’ll either feed him some breakfast to get him to daycare.

6:45: Grayson is hopefully playing in the living room, or running around the kitchen.

6:50: Curt makes our coffee every morning and he usually takes out ALL my bags to the car (what a nice guy), that includes…diaper bag, bag of sheet and blanket for daycare, lunch bag for Grayson and myself, my laptop bag for work and my purse! THEN he has to back the car out for me! HAHA, I know what you are thinking. But right now his side of the garage is full of renovation type stuff, and I don’t have the BEST track record of backing out of a garage when another car is parked in the driveway…even when it’s on the opposite side.

IMG_4116 IMG_4115 IMG_4113

7:00: Grayson and I hang out and play for a few more minutes, read books etc.

7:05: Time to leave for daycare and work! We say goodbye to daddy, and I load him into the car. We leave.



Almost EVERY day I call my mom on the way to daycare…today when I called she pointed out it was St. Patty’s Day! And what do you HAVE to wear on this day….GREEN!!!! Well, if you remember from earlier…Grayson was NOT wearing green!! I HAD to go home and change him!! Hahaha, don’t judge!!

7:07: I turn around and go home, I run inside. Curt thinks I’m INSANE for coming home to change him. But we live close and I couldn’t let him be the only kid without green!!! C’mon mom’s tell me you that you understand!

7:15: I frantically search for something for green…throw it on Grayson (BUT I still have time to snap a photo for you!and head out )…for the 2nd time!


7:23: A little late arriving to daycare (it takes about 7 minutes to get to his daycare so I usually arrive at 7:15)…I put him in the high chair and put his stuff away. I talk to his teacher and say goodbye to my sweet boy. I take some photos of him eating breakfast for you guys!

IMG_4121 IMG_4123

7:40: I arrive at work and…WORK! For the next 7.5 hours. I used to go visit Grayson often during my lunch hour, but he is usually getting ready for nap…or in his new room he is already sleeping by noon. So I can’t visit him anymore. 😦 So let’s jump forward to the end of the day…Now during lunch, if I have time I’ll run and get groceries or run errands.

4:00: Time to go get my little man!! YAY!

4:10: I get to his daycare and go get him! He has had a good day, and I’m glad I changed him as everyone was wearing green! 🙂

4:28: Yes, that is almost ALWAYS the time I get home….Curt is also home and has already let the dog out. Some days Grayson still needs/wants another snack so I might feed him some crackers or something. Today he gets some of these puffs.


4:45ish: It’s too cold to go on a walk or be outside for too long, but we do bundle him up and go out for a bit in the backyard.

IMG_4127 IMG_4129

5:00ish: We head inside and I start dinner…tonight we are having pasta…which means we will all eat together. I try very hard to make dinners that he will also eat so we can eat together. This is how our kitchen looks when I make dinner for everyone. I’m a MESSY cook, but I’m trying to get it all done and served before a meltdown happens by a hungry little boy. Curt is playing with Grayson in the living room during this time.


IMG_4134 IMG_4135 IMG_4136

5:30: We eat!! Early!! Curt and I are used to eating after he goes to bed, but since we are trying to incorporate more family meals with him we eat earlier for him.

6:00: The kitchen stays a disaster, and we head upstairs. We clean up/bath night is every other night unless he is unusally messy. Tonight we didn’t give him a bath, but we do wipe him down and always put lotion on. We will play in his room for a little bit to get closer to 6:30. Unless he is sick or really fussy my goal is to get him to bed sometime between 6:30/7.


6:25: Time to brush teeth!


6:30: Time to read books. Curt and I usually rotate nights of reading and we read about 3-4 books.  My turn tonight. I LOVE reading to him, and I LOVE that he seems to enjoy it.


6:40: Time for bed, he lays right now and usually goes right to sleep!! We are LUCKY!


6:45: Curt and I plop down on our bed and pass out…until we remember what a mess the kitchen is, how many dishes I have to wash for the next day etc.

7:30: We finally sit down and rest! And get ready for the next day!!

So that’s it!! A day in the life of a working mom…at least that’s my day. Usually, it’s not as frantic as a Monday, and usually I don’t run home and change Grayson’s outfit! When I was pumping you need to add about 30 more minutes onto this schedule, as I pumped first thing in the morning, cleaned all the parts and pumped at 9, 12, and 3 at work! Like I’ve mentioned before I’m very lucky in the fact that my work has a great work/life balance. But it is still hard to take him to daycare.

And yes, my child really does go to bed that early! I’m happy we got him to at least 630 most nights. Before he was going to bed around 545 or 6. We tried everything…pushing his bedtime back 10 min, we used to wake him up when he was really little around 630 to get him to like 8pm and he would have a TERRIBLE night! So we finally realized ya know what…I would rather have him sleep well and get the sleep he needs even if that means our time at night is shortened by bedtime. So he sleeps about 11-12 hours straight through and about a two nap during the day. Boy likes his sleep!

Anyways, I hope you liked this post!


Sunday Coffee–PM Edition

**Sorry for the delay! Moving a little slow this morning, had a big shopping day yesterday with my favorite ladies and my mom spent the night. We went and got groceries and then she was off….the time to get groceries (in case you were wondering…) is really either Saturday PM like 8ish or Sunday morning around 9ish….I’m sure it’s also nice during the week day but for a working mom the best time is when the little ones go to bed on a weekend or earlier on a morning with your little one in tow. I personally like taking Grayson (right now), he loves people watching!

**Grayson is getting not 1, not 2, not 3, but at least 4 NEW TEETH!! Man, I HATE teething. Actually the little guy is a champ but he is a little more fussier than normal and drools ALL.THE.TIME. I might as well keep him naked for how often we have to change his clothes/bibs etc. I hate teething…

**Are you wondering how our sleep has been going since my post a couple weeks ago? It really turned around! I’m not sure why that little stretch of not sleeping happened…maybe teething, maybe just pumped it was the middle of the night and wanted to play…who knows. But it has passed. And we are THANKFUL.

**Do you have friendly neighbors? When we lived in the townhome we didn’t really have any nice neighbors (except one lovely older couple who we still keep in touch with). One thing about moving I wanted to make sure we made an effort and HOPEFULLY would actually interact with our neighbors. So far so good! I LOVE our neighborhood, everyone is so friendly and is always introducing themselves to us. We have a wonderful family of four next to us with two young girls, I’m pretty sure Grayson will never have a problem finding friends to play with in the area. We also have an older gentleman with two teenage daughters. Both neighbors are super friendly and nice…always waving to us over the fence, talking about our veggie gardens. Yes, we do have a lovely neighborhood. MUCH different from our previous home.

**Yesterday I got some new clothes and I think I can officially say almost 14 months after baby I’m back to my pre-pregnancy size….with some alterations…meaning I’m definitely not as toned as before but I can wear the size I was wearing before I got preggo. 14 months….not sure if that’s average or not (I’m leaning towards not). What did I do? Not much….seriously….I am totally slacking in the fitness department. I find it hard to make the time for it with a full time job, a full time mom, full time wife, full time everything and by the end of the day I’m beat. So yea, maybe I could have gotten back to my regular size earlier….but I’ll take it.

**Before you berate me for my previous comment of “find it hard to make the time,” I know there is time in my day to be healthy. And for the moment my healthy is…grabbing a banana, going on a walk with my family, running up the stairs to get something, and randomly doing lunges in the living room….I’m not a die hard athlete nor do I have the time (seriously I don’t), to work out every single day for 1+ hours. I make choices, and one choice is to consider my walk my workout for the day vs. going on a long run alone during awake time with Grayson.

**Now, before you get mad at THAT previous comment because maybe you do work out a lot and can find the time…AWESOME! I think that is AWESOME! Seriously, you are dedicated and motivated. So let’s just all love each other. 😉 We don’t need to go into this drama….remember that?? 😉

**Speaking of fitness…I WOULD like to get back into a running routine. I just got a jogging stroller and I can’t wait to try it out! I hate hate hate running….BUT I like how I feel after I get into, I’ve done it before I can do it again. And now I can take the little man with me, which I think he will love. I also love it too because then I don’t have to miss any of his awake time to go for a run but we can enjoy fitness and the outdoors together. WIN all around.

**Last night a local prom was going on so we some some kids dressed to the nine when we went out to dinner. We were talking about what would we tell these 17 and 18 year olds now that we are looking to go back to our 10 year and 20 year high school reunions….I think I’d tell them to enjoy the no bills, no loans, no adult decisions and to just have FUN! Enjoy this time. What would YOU tell them?

**Seriously, it’s my 10 year high school reunion this year. Where did the time go?!

Enjoy the rest of your day friends. We are supposed to get some storms which sounds wonderful to me. 🙂 Who doesn’t love a good thunderstorm?

Sunday Coffee

**Have you seen the trailer for Girl Meets World? It’s the spin-off of Boy Meets World, and it’s centered around Topanga and Cory’s daughter?? I’m not ashamed to admit I will be watching!!!

**We watched Frozen last week and like everyone else we LOVED IT! Well, I shouldn’t speak for my hubby (he did say it wasn’t bad), but I LOVED it. I totally get what everyone is talking about! I felt some major girl power after watching it. We don’t “let” Grayson watch TV…meaning there is no set time he gets 20 min or whatever. But I did have this on while he was in the room. He wasn’t too interested unless a song came on. The music is SO GOOD! And kid like his music! Great taste! 😉

**Do you have a TV rule for your kiddos? Grayson isn’t even really interested in TV but it’s not something I would just turn on for him to watch every day. If we have it on we are watching something and if he starts to get way to interested as in he won’t even look at us when we talk, we turn it off. I have watched Sesame Street with him before when he is SUPER grumpy or sick for a little bit, but it’s few and far between. Am I opposed to him watching TV? No, do I think we need to have it on whenever he is up and in the room, no, do I think he needs to zone out in front of it, no. So we just keep an eye on it and him.

**Side note on the TV…we try not to watch things like the news, or anything graphic when he is in the room. The little he does watch I don’t need him seeing anything violent or want him to.

**Grayson is a walking machine!! He really took off on the walking side of things about two weeks ago…and just gets better and more confident every day. He no longer chooses to crawl places he WALKS/RUNS. He is ALL OVER THE PLACE! Gone are the days where I can quickly run to another room this kid can’t be left alone for a second! He is so independent and can obviously do anything and everything (so he thinks ;)) I love him to pieces.

**A couple of weeks ago after a very trying day with our independent little guy, we were giving him a bath when Curt said “How are we going to do this with two kids?!” HAHA, He was like do you think this is just a phase or his personality? Referring to his independent I don’t care if you say no personality. I said well first, he is one…I think that’s what one year olds do. Do we maybe have a little bit more stubborn, independent one year old? Perhaps….. 😉 So if you see my hubby getting gray hair earlier than norm you now know the reason is our independent little guy.

**Speaking of the littlest one…I love that Grayson isn’t afraid to get dirty! He loves smashing his hands in the sand, playing in the grass, messing around with his food. Even though I might send me into hysterics some days when I wonder how I will EVER get the mud stain/pasta stain out…I think it’s so good for him to experience that. Get messy dear boy!

Edited to add: **yesterday, this couple came up to us and the wife said “I just have to tell you what my husband said, he said that your baby looks like the Prince.” Hahaha perhaps we have some Royal blood in us after all…well I for one thing Prince George is super cute and my own son, so I call that a win. 🙂

Well, I’m off to enjoy the day…the stormy day that is!! Whatever you do today enjoy friends!!

Mindless Monday Thoughts….

Since I missed my normal Sunday posting, I thought I’d do a quick post today on some mindless Monday thoughts for ya….

**Do you hate Mondays? Do you have a “case of the Mondays” Every week? For me I don’t mind Monday that much but HATE, HATE Tuesday! I don’t know why….I think it’s because Monday is at least the beginning of something…. But Tuesday is just nothing…it’s not Hump Day, it’s not Friday which is always a great day, it’s not the day before the best day of the week (Thursday people..). So I hate Tuesdays, I have a case of the Tuesdays every week.

**This weekend my younger sister Katelin took Grayson’s one year photos!! To save on some dinero my sister offered to take Grayson’s one year photos, which sort of seemed fitting since she also took his newborn photos! Full circle. 🙂 They turned out great and we are so happy with them! Thanks sister!!

**So speaking of his photos. He did so good with his smash cake!! He didn’t get CRAZY messy like I thought, he seemed to enjoy it. Instead of a sugar high though I feel like he had a sugar crash right away. After about 5 minutes of playing and eating the frosting he had this look on his face like “BLLLLLLAAAARGH, I’m done….” HAHAHA, it was funny!! I’ll have to show some of those pictures.

**Maybe this should be a post all about my younger sister Katelin! Because I have to share the best homemade pizza crust out there! On her blog she shared this recipe. She made it this weekend and if you eat gluten-free this crust is a MUST TRY!!!! I was skeptical at first but she made cheesy bread sticks and pizza and it was hands down the best gluten free crust I’ve ever had. I’ve had a lot people. Try it out and let me know what you think!

**Maybe it’s just me but it seems like every time I’m in a public parking lot and I’m walking back to my car there is always someone else walking to their car which happens to me right next to mine! Then it’s the awkward, who will get in first (when there are passengers), who will back out first, pressure of backing out first knowing that they are watching and waiting….ugh…Out of ALL the cars in the lot they are right next to me?! This happens to me all the time! Is this just me??

**There must be a lot of teal parties going on….I’ve looked at Hobby Lobby twice now over the span of several weeks looking for teal balloons and silverware and they are STILL out! Do they never restock? Is it just so popular for Hobby Lobby shoppers? Is everyone having blue themed parties like me?!

**In 8 days we will have a toddler….this time last year I was 40 weeks preggo and we had our bags packed ready to go whenever….I’m going to do a post of some of our favorite first year items soon. Is there anything you have used the first year of your baby’s life that was a MUST?

Have a great night!!

Sneak Peek!!


Sunday Coffee

**Today we are going to the Home and Garden Show here in DSM. Now that we have a house and can actually make changes to our exterior I’m interested to check it out. Hopefully, I’ll even get some how to’s on a veggie garden!

**Speaking of exterior….I know I’ve mentioned it before but this Spring we will be putting up a fence. We have gotten two quotes already but both have been A LOT higher then we want to pay. If you know someone in there area that does good work for a reasonable price let me know.

**Did you see your Facebook 10 year video?? Did you share it? Facebook celebrated 10 years and they created videos for each user to share our most liked posts, photos etc. Pretty ingenious thinking, nice work Facebook. Unfortunately, I didn’t really care for mine! HAHA, I didn’t like some of the photos they had chosen, so I didn’t share it. Oh well, I have liked seeing everyone else though!

**My 6 year old niece just won an award for coming in 2nd place for a Creative Writing competition….she is 6 and can write better than me! Way to go Caleigh!!

**Grayson will move to a new room around the time he turns one. In this new room at daycare he transitions to one nap at noon and sleeps on a mat. I’ve looked at LOTS of daycare’s in the area before choosing this place and it seems to be the norm that 1 year old they get one nap and a mat. I don’t get it….I get some kids drop a nap around then but not mine. He will not be ready to drop his am nap in a couple of weeks. It bums me out that he is going to have to adjust and I know he will… kids do that. But I’m sad that he will have to. Any advice out there of when your babe transitioned to one nap due to daycare?? How did it go? And who knows maybe he will be ready for one nap a day when he is one…..

**It’s expensive  but I love, LOVE PF Changs lately! I love their gluten free menu, I love that they give enough for leftovers (which by the way are the only leftovers I’ll eat), and I love that they make it super easy to order online and pick a time for your convenience. I’m a fan.

**Do you have plans for Valentine’s Day? It’s a pretty commercial holiday (aren’t they all nowadays?), and my 2nd to least favorite holiday….BUT when I was little my mom would have our dinner place set and at each setting there would be a small present for each of us. We had a nice dinner and got to open our Valentines Day gift. I still remember the little paper bags with hearts on them or red and pink anything so vividly. I loved it. I plan to continue that tradition with Grayson. So sure enough this Friday he will have a little paper bag with a small gift inside on his high chair. 🙂 So thanks to my mom for making one of my least favorite holidays memorable.

**And how will Curt and I celebrate the romantic holiday? Well, he gets to choose a dinner to make without telling me and I choose the dessert without telling him. Then we will watch a romantic movie on Direct TV and stay in! Sounds pretty good to me!

Enjoy the rest of your day!