Words for Wednesday





“All done”




“Baaa” (Bar)

“Brinnn” (Brynn, our dog)


“Babeeeey” (Baby)

“Bubbbbllleeee” (Bubbles)

“Aubeee” (Aubrey from his class at daycare)

“Emeee” (Emmett from his class at daycare)

“NOOOOORRROOO” (Nora from his class at daycare)

“Ti” (Tiff, his teacher at daycare)

And his favorite one of all….. “EMMMOO” (Elmo)

Among a few other words those are the main ones Grayson says….a lot. He likes to really accentuate certain letters in a word. He also does LOTS of animal sounds. He knows a lot more and is just working on saying words. I tell you it is so stinking cute to hear him talk. When did my babbling little baby turn into a talking machine? It’s amazing that even though he doesn’t enunciate very well we can still understand him so well. We do a lot of repeating back and asking him to say words after us.

So this Words for Wednesday post is dedicated to him and his increasing vocabulary.

Not only is he talking…LOTS, he is quite a little character…case in point see his picture wearing sunglasses we got for him when he was an infant, which were too big then and now they are a tad to small. Enjoy your day friends!

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Words for Wednesday

Love this!!!

Grayson isn’t at an age yet where he actually gives me things and understands the act of giving. But I want to remember this when he does hit that stage…for any child for that matter. Children are so innocent and to them what looks like a clump of weeds and dirt to us looks like the most beautiful thing in the world to them. And that most beautiful thing in the world was chosen JUST.FOR.YOU! 🙂

Words for Wednesday

Today for my Words for Wednesday post you get a snapshot into Grayson’s room.  I love Subway art. It’s super easy to do yourself and a cheap cute way to decorate. I got my inspiration on part of his collage from Pinterest of course…feel free to follow me. The first photo below was my inspiration.

I'm gonna need this! It's adorable and inspirational sayings and pictures will be up everywhere around my house!

Source: http://kpluspequalsthree.blogspot.com/2013/09/labor-day-weekend.html

I loved her idea and I loved the saying on it. I took her idea and changed some of the phrases and here is what I have:

photo (14)So the left side of the wall has the Alphabet we did this way before he was born, knowing is name already. I love how that turned out. Then when we moved we created the other one. I have added another frame in the lower left hand side (not pictured), and I love how it all turned out and looks on the wall. I’m all for gallery walls lately. I think every little boy needs to dig for worms, be a superhero, jump in mud puddles just to name a few. 🙂 So this Words for Wednesdays post is also a little bit of a DIY post. 🙂



Words for Wednesdays

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a “Words for Wednesdays” post.

And for this post I’m sending you to a different blog….because I think this post says it so much better than I could ever find in some two or three sentence quote. As a working mom I have realized just how much the non celebratory things matter along with those celebratory things. Making the effort to focus all my attention on Grayson when we are at home, taking the time to read every.single.book. that he shoves in my face, knowing the laundry and dusting can wait. Watching him while he sleeps peacefully, wanting to pull my hair out when he won’t sleep and I’m exhausted….It’s been almost 11 wonderful, tiring, crazy, exciting months and so far I’ve learned being a mom is tough but oh so rewarding.

Visit this link to read all about why being a mom is enough

Getting up early so he could get tubes and start to feel better

Getting up early so he could get tubes and start to feel better

photo (11)

Words for Wednesdays


I know the above saying says tomorrow but after my day today I know I already will want a nap tomorrow. You know those days/weeks/months when things are just crazy busy?! That’s me….or at least I feel like I have a million balls in the air and I can’t juggle. 🙂 Today, I went to a meeting thinking it was for one thing and it ended up being for something totally different, and I was introduced to someone I had already met but didn’t remember! She remembered me which makes it even more awkward. FAIL.

So I’m tired….it’s been one of those days/weeks/months…

How about you? 🙂 Naps for all tomorrow I say!

Words for Wednesdays

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1. Work Hard- I think we work very hard.  Working hard doesn’t just mean at your paying job. We work on our personal lives, our spiritual lives, or physical bodies, mentally, etc.  Some day we will be a working family, with two parents that work and have children. I think that might be the hardest work of all when it comes that time and I’m so happy we are able to work hard together and for what we love.  We are lucky to have jobs and lucky to have each other.

2. Eat Clean- Remember my post about the Dirty Dozen? We still try to eat organic as much as possible and the more we realize and understand that it’s either pay more later for our health or pay now for good quality food and not worry about our health later. The more we are spending on good, natural organic, locally grown food the better.  Now, with the Farmer’s Market season upon us we try to get a lot of our meat, veggies and fruits there. Plus, Whole Foods is coming to Des Moines in July! So we will be getting almost 90% of our groceries from there when it opens. I know it’s pricey but figure out where in your budget you can cut to make this work, trust me you will feel better in the long run.

3. Talk Dirty- Well, I’ll leave this to your imagination….and if you’ve read Fifty Shades of Grey you are all set! 😉 Hi Mom!! 😉  Haha!


Words for Wednesday

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I don’t necessarily feel like this…it’s always sad when a person AND a dog dies, but I thought this was kinda funny and wanted to share for this weeks Words for Wenesday post.

If you don’t know by now, we do have a dog. Her name is Brynn, she is 4 and I adopted her when she was around 12 or 14 weeks. She had a rough start and she has some issues to work through now. But we love her. 🙂 Here she is the day we brought her home.

And today…