Food at Daycare

Grayson has been eating solids for a couple months now. I originally started out making it all myself with the awesome Baby Brezza, but as time went on and with the move it got easier and easier to just buy baby food. I do buy only organic food though. Up until now it’s been working out great. As a family I’ve been trying to incorporate more organic and GMO free into our food as well. GMO free is quite the struggle but it’s getting easier.  Now, that’s not to say we are perfect and NEVER eat processed food or anything like that. It’s a SLLOOOOWWW transition and one I’m learning to navigate. I also eat gluten-free so throw it into the mix and its great time for meals at our house! 😉 But that’s another post for another time.

What I want to talk about today is the food at daycare. Since Grayson is slowly transitioning to more and more finger foods we have been told we can circle items on the daycare menu of what he can and cannot eat. At first, I didn’t think anything of it I circled the fruit and veggies he could have. I still send most of his food with him, but they let him eat some of the items I’ve circled with the others along with what I have brought for the day.

Then I started to look at their menu in detail. And let me preface this by saying all the daycare we toured have very similar menus. There was only one that actually served hormone free milk, but when I asked the brand they didn’t know what it was??? Red flag….so at his current daycare they have a fruit and veggie with every meal, and I know they have to follow set guidelines by the state. But some of the items I know I just won’t want him to eat…pop-tarts, oyster crackers for breakfast etc. That is OK if you are eating that and your child is, but for us I’m not a fan. So I’ve thought long and hard and talked to the hubs about what to do….

Do I let him eat off the menu there when it’s time and be like all the other kids there?

Do I start sending ALL of his food items?

I’m paying good money to send my kid there and meals are included and now I’m going to bring my own?

Is it the end of the world if he eats off the menu?

All great questions I have been asking myself and here are my answers/thoughts….

  1. No it is not the end of the world (for us) if he gets some of the menu items. I’m not stupid I know he will be sharing with his friends every once in awhile, or now when he is little and something falls and isn’t picked up right he might eat it. It’s ok.
  2. I will do my best and send all food with him moving forward, if for some reason he still seems extra hungry and doesn’t have any extra food he can have that snack of the day, or if he happens to steal a slice of whatever from his neighbor I’m ok with that.
  3. Can he have chicken nuggets and mac and cheese….sure! But it will be with organic meat and hopefully GMO free when he does and he will not have it every.single.week. I have a pretty good chicken nugget recipe that we love to have. It’s not all organic but I do use organic chicken, butter and eggs in it…small steps people.
  4. I’ve already talked to some of his teachers about what I want him to have and how we are eating organic…and they have been really good about it and understanding. I haven’t felt odd, or like I was causing more issues or annoying. PLUS!
  5. Will it be a pain to go above and beyond and make sure he has all the right food and enough?? YEP, and I’m still trying to figure out the best routine…so far trying to get it all ready in the morning has not been the best.

In the end what I feel is right  is sending all his food with him all the time. Will it be a pain in the a$$?  Will I feel better knowing he is getting organic, chemical-free food?? YES TO ALL!

So now I’m on the hunt to find healthy and tasty finger food lunches that he can easily eat there. I’m struggling a little because they don’t really heat up items for me, so I need some ideas friends. Do you send food to daycare with your little ones? What are some good meal ideas for little ones just learning to pick up food?

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