Where has the time gone….

5 months, 5 months! I can’t believe Grayson is 5 months old! He has been growing by leaps and bounds! I know i say this all the time, but time is going so fast! it seems like just yesterday we were sitting in the doctor getting our first ultrasound done! So time may seem like its going fast so we soak up every minute of it. Below is his update!




~ Sitting. Yes, he can sit all by himself! Mind you it’s only for a several seconds, but still!
~ his exercise saucer. Grayson seems pretty independent and likes to move about and be doing something. He loves his saucer!
~ standing (with assistance of course 🙂 )
~ making loud, screeching noises over and over, this kid wants to make sure he is heard.
~ rice cereal. Yes we have been “practicing” eating with some rice cereal in the evening. He LOVES it and its the funniest thing ever to watch him eat.
~ bath time

~ still not digging tummy time
~ dropping a toy and then not getting it back right away (again patience will be taught very early) 🙂
~ waiting for his bottle. As you can see he likes to eat. 🙂
~ missing nap time and going to bed late. This kid likes his sleep, he goes to bed around six, I know…so early! And it’s a big bummer because we get home so late and we only get a short amount of awake time with him. It has been a HARD adjustment. But he needs his sleep and that would be selfish to keep him up when he is so tired. So we make due.

We are loving life as a family of three. And being a mom is truly the best thing in the world. I love every moment even when we had the worst flu ever going around, even then (the last two weeks have been horrendous in the health department from a cold to the flu and back to a cold, boo!).

Grayson is really a great baby and I love watching him experience new things every day. And just because, here are a few other photos of our little guy. And no he is not storing anything in those cheeks of his that’s all baby fat and I love every bit of it. 🙂