Sunday Coffee

Whoa….it’s been awhile. My apologies!!! I hope you all have been having a wonderful Fall!!!

**Ah, the end of daylight savings….how wonderful you were when I was younger, but now with a toddler…I hate you. Grayson was up at 530 today….which in all fairness should have been 630….but somehow it did not feel like we “gained” an hour. I’m cringing at the thought of nap time today which for his little body will seem like an hour later…..

**If you have little ones…or animals (I know it affects them too!), how did it go in your house this morning?? Will you all be taking a nap this afternoon like me?

**We have almost been in our house a year…a year! Can you believe it!? After a rocky start…where the sale on our townhome almost fell through and we almost had two mortgages (still thanking God that worked out), we really do love our house! I still feel like we have a lot of little things to do but we have done so much to it to make it our own. Well, my husband has done so much…I’m the decorator. From renovating the kitchen and front living room, to making a mini mud room, to cutting down a dying tree (we will plant one in place of it), to a fresh coat of paint almost everywhere…it’s been a year of renos for us.

**Our next project, albeit small, will be painting upstairs. We have had swatches of paint all over Grayson’s room for almost a year. πŸ˜‰ And I think this month we will finally get around to paint his room and the guest room.

**I know, I know, I still need to take pictures, I have a lot of before and after I need to show you and I will…soon! I promise!

**Did you have a good Halloween? Grayson was Elmo and got good use out of his costume. From wearing it for a parade at daddy’s work, to a costume party at daycare, to actual trick or treat I’m glad we used it a lot. He LOVES Elmo but really didn’t care to BE Elmo….on Beggar’s Night (when people in Des Moines actually trick or treat), he only had about an hour for a nap…and was not digging much. We only made it to three houses, and the picture below really shows the progression of our night. πŸ™‚

I hope you all get some extra rest today if you can and enjoy your Sunday!!!


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Sunday Coffee

**Did you enjoy losing an extra hour of sleep this morning?? We did not. Even though it SEEMS like Grayson slept until 630 technically it was 530. 😦 The only bright side to this “Spring Forward,” is that he might actually be going to bed at 7pm now thinking its’ 6pm. Does that make sense?? πŸ™‚

**We are transitioning Grayson to Whole Milk!!! Our doctor was completely fine with keeping him on formula but I’d like to transition him because formula is SO expensive!!! We spend about $25 a week on formula, so $100 a MONTH!!! We do buy organic milkΒ (Shout out to Full Circle Organic!! We love this brand!! Great product AND affordable!)Β which a gallon is about $4 and I’m not sure how quickly he will go through that but I’m sure it will be less expensive then formula!!

**So how is he adjusting to whole milk?? GREAT!! It doesn’t even seem to phase him! I have been doing some half and half with formula but he has had it straight. What a trooper! πŸ™‚

**Have you heard of the 40 Bags in 40 days Challenge?? My sister just told me about it, I’ve looked into doing it as she wants to but I’m just not sure I have the TIME!!! Working full-time, a baby, etc. It just seems a little big to take on for each day. I could def. do work on it on the weekends and some evenings, but I don’t think I could commit to!!! Have you ever done this challenge??

**We are thinking of getting rid of a car and going down to just ONE!!! Are we crazy?! We are trying very hard to pay down debt and having one less car payment that could go towards debt would be HUGE!! It would def. be a sacrifice for a couple of years but in the long run it should be worth it.

**I had to go buy Catching Fire on Friday. We have already watched it once this weekend and I plan to watch it again before I let a co-worker borrow it. It’s my favorite book of the trilogy and my favorite movie so far! I love, love, LOVE Jennifer Lawrence. I just think she seems so down to earth and gets it ya know? Hope she remains on this positive, good role model course.

**Today where I live it’s supposed to be 54 degrees, and tomorrow it’s going to be around 60!!! We have been buried here in the midwest by snow and COLD! I’m so excited for this brief glimpse of Spring. We plan to go on a walk and grill, oh how I’ve missed grilling. Steak is on the menu for tonight! πŸ™‚

**We are looking into buying our meat from this organic, local farmer: Thankful Harvest. It’s pretty cool because their prices are great AND they deliver to our house!!! So convenient. I’m placing my first order this week and can’t wait to try it out. Plus, I’ve met the family a few times and they are the nicest! If you live in in Des Moines check them out!

Enjoy your day today wherever you are! πŸ™‚

Sunday Coffee-early edition

**This is an “early edition” because we pushed our clocks back one extra hour since daylight savings ends. So when you have small children I guess they don’t get the memo. Grayson was up at 515am but in his defense it REALLY should have been 615…..and he is already down for a nap. Wish I could go back to bed. Any advice on getting kids use to the time change? Or do we just wait it out for a few days?

**Researching appliances is no fun. We are in the market for a new washer and dryer. Any opinions?

**I love October but I really LOVE November. We celebrate our anniversary, Thanksgiving is coming soon, which means Christmas is close!

**I love the holidays, and I can’t wait to celebrate them this year with Grayson. I have always been a big believer in traditions, and we will incorporate some that we had growing up and create some new ones.

**One tradition involves Santa. Curt grew up with Santa not wrapping his presents and I grew up with Santa wrapping mine……so it has been up for debate on whether or not Santa will wrap Grayson’s…..I know, I know… jealous of the conversations we are having. πŸ™‚ What did Santa do for your presents?

I hope you all have a great first week of November!

And just for smiles, enjoy these picture of Grayson painting his first pumpkin. πŸ™‚ A new tradition I think we will keep.