Happy BIRTHday

I can’t believe Grayson is six weeks old! Time really does fly by, I wish they could be little and snuggle on my chest forever, but I am so excited for all the stages in his life, to see him grow and develop his own unique personality. Even though he is almost two months old his birth story is still very fresh in my mind….

On Monday, March 4th I was two days past my due date and had a scheduled doctor appointment that morning at 930. However, in the middle of the night I had minor contractions off and on….nothing crazy but I had been having early labor for about a week and was hoping this was the real thing. So at 8 am I called the midwife to see if I could get in earlier because I thought perhaps I was in labor even though my contractions were still about ten minutes about and were not really increasing in pain. The midwife on call, Susan, decided to just meet me at the office to check me instead of having me go into the hospital. Mind you this is the THIRD time we were going in to be checked thinking we were in labor (other times were false alarms, my bad). So Susan checked me and I was still at 3cm and 90% effaced (which I was the week before), she said I was just still in early labor. At that point she asked if we were interested in an elective induction. We talked about it and we decided we really didn’t want to be induced unless medically necessary, so we went on with our appointment which ended with an ultrasound. I believe once you pass your due date they have you do an ultrasound just to make sure everything is still ok. So we did the ultrasound and waited in the waiting room for Susan to give us the ok to leave. I remember sitting there will Curt discussing going back into work and when will this baby come. When Susan called us back to her office we sat down and she said “well, looks like you will be induced today.” I think my mouth dropped open. “Why?” The ultrasound showed that my amniotic fluid was too low, and that it was no longer safe for the baby to be inside and it was time to come out! We were shocked! Here we were thinking about going back into work not having a baby today! Susan said to go on over to the hospital and check in and she would be over in a little bit. I was freaking out just a little but Curt calmed me down and we made our phone calls to our parents to tell them the news.

We drove to the parking garage and got checked in, they took us back to room 621 which I think was a good sign since 21 is my favorite number. It was about 45 minutes before anyone came in to start anything. Finally, our nurse got things going and got me all hooked up. Susan wanted to break my water and start pictocin. Pitocin started around 1230 or so. I figured it would be awhile before any contractions or anything so Curt went to the cafeteria with my parents to get something to eat. I am not kidding you as soon as he left my contractions got so painful. He came back and I was not pleased I felt like he had been gone forever! I think he was shocked I was in such pain so soon. I was already asking for an epidural. Curt still hadn’t eaten so he ran out to the waiting room to finish eating quick and when he got back I was in so much pain. I was not ladylike at all and was constantly cursing because the epidural guy was taking forever! Also, we had a bad nurse, she was like some hippie that kept trying to hold my hand and she talked so soft she was so annoying. In hindsight, maybe she was awesome and I was just so irritated and in pain I didn’t like her…

When we took our childbirth classes they talk about using nice music and focus on breathing…well all I can say is screw all that. I couldn’t focus on anything nor did I want someone sitting there saying hee hee hoo…breathe breathe…for me during the pain it was like OMG WHEN IS THIS OVER followed by a lot of colorful curse words. 🙂 FInally, the anesthegolist arrived, thank God! All I remember was saying how can you put a huge a$$ needle in my back when I’m having contractions and then I would drop the f bomb….like I said I was not a lady during this time. 🙂 he just kept saying no worries it will be fine….and then I saw him smile every time I said the F word which was about every two minutes because my contractions just picked up in the matter of 20 minutes. Finally, I got my epidural which was HEAVEN! It took him a few tries but once it was in it was wonderful! I don’t know why you would not have one, it was the best thing ever! Once I got that we did have just a minor scare my heart rate and the baby’s heart rate dropped a lot. But they gave me something and all was well. After all that I was checked and my nurse was surprised to find me already at about 8 cm. that’s why my contractions were so bad, I just went from 3cm to 8cm in the matter of about 45 minutes. She said that it wouldn’t be long before we would be pushing. So for about an hour Curt and I just hung out peacefully since I was not in pain. It was so weird, I could still feel my legs and I could tell when a contraction was happening but it wasn’t painful. Finally, the midwife in training (Laci), came in. She was in school to be a midwife and Susan asked if it would be ok for her to deliver Gray. We loved Laci, so no worries on that end, Susan would be there the whole time just in case though. Anyways, Laci checked me and it was time to push! We were surprised we had heard how first labors take hours and hours and we had only been there for about four hours. Laci did warn us that it could be anywhere from one to three plus hours of pushing….UGH I told Curt I pray to God I do not have to push for three hours! Not fun! Well, low and behold I only had to push for 45 minutes…and I pushed every other contraction because Grays heart rate was better when I took breaks. I think all the nurses and midwives were shocked at how fast I had progressed and how fast I was at pushing. Before I knew it all these people came in. Nurses for me, nurses for Gray and then some more. There were so many people in there! I must say that had I not gotten the epidural I think would have really ruined the moment for me. I was so glad I was sane and able to focus on Gray and getting him here as opposed to being in terrible pain. One thing I wanted to do was pull him out and place him on my chest, however when that time came the cord was loosely around his neck so I wasn’t able to do that. But he was placed on my chest immediately and they did his first checks all right there as opposed to taking him away right away.

At 5:24 pm Grayson Tiernan Aucutt was born. It was amazing, it was a blur. He was screaming when he came out and as soon as we talked to him he stopped it was magical. And Curt cut the cord! 🙂 He got an Apgar score of 8/9 which is really good. 10 is the best. So he was able to stay on me for about an hour. Then they took him and did all the weighing and measuring etc. he was 6lbs 10 oz and 19 inches long. We were shocked at how tiny he was! I thought for sure we would have a 7 or 8 pound baby!

Curt went out to tell everyone the good news while they finished on me….and again another reason I’m all for the epidural as I had a 3rd degree tear…OUCH! I cringe at the thought of that being fixed with no medicine! I won’t go into anymore details on that but needless to say it wasn’t good…

So after we had time to be with Grayson and I tried to breastfeed our family was finally able to come back and meet him for the first time. It was so great finally being able to share his name and have everyone meet our little man.

So all in all my labor was actually pretty easy. Aside from the brief scare with our heart rates and the terrible contractions for about an hour…I will take it. I was in labor for only about 5 hours and that includes pushing time. From all we have heard and read that’s rare, so I’d say we were pretty lucky. Now, my recovery that on the other hand was terrible. And I would say was worse than my labor! I won’t go into anything but just know my recovery SUCKED!

But at the end we have this amazing little boy that we created. He is healthy, growing and we couldn’t be more happy or blessed.

Here are a few photos of Grayson on his BIRTHday.