Sunday Coffee

**Today we are going to the Home and Garden Show here in DSM. Now that we have a house and can actually make changes to our exterior I’m interested to check it out. Hopefully, I’ll even get some how to’s on a veggie garden!

**Speaking of exterior….I know I’ve mentioned it before but this Spring we will be putting up a fence. We have gotten two quotes already but both have been A LOT higher then we want to pay. If you know someone in there area that does good work for a reasonable price let me know.

**Did you see your Facebook 10 year video?? Did you share it? Facebook celebrated 10 years and they created videos for each user to share our most liked posts, photos etc. Pretty ingenious thinking, nice work Facebook. Unfortunately, I didn’t really care for mine! HAHA, I didn’t like some of the photos they had chosen, so I didn’t share it. Oh well, I have liked seeing everyone else though!

**My 6 year old niece just won an award for coming in 2nd place for a Creative Writing competition….she is 6 and can write better than me! Way to go Caleigh!!

**Grayson will move to a new room around the time he turns one. In this new room at daycare he transitions to one nap at noon and sleeps on a mat. I’ve looked at LOTS of daycare’s in the area before choosing this place and it seems to be the norm that 1 year old they get one nap and a mat. I don’t get it….I get some kids drop a nap around then but not mine. He will not be ready to drop his am nap in a couple of weeks. It bums me out that he is going to have to adjust and I know he will… kids do that. But I’m sad that he will have to. Any advice out there of when your babe transitioned to one nap due to daycare?? How did it go? And who knows maybe he will be ready for one nap a day when he is one…..

**It’s expensive  but I love, LOVE PF Changs lately! I love their gluten free menu, I love that they give enough for leftovers (which by the way are the only leftovers I’ll eat), and I love that they make it super easy to order online and pick a time for your convenience. I’m a fan.

**Do you have plans for Valentine’s Day? It’s a pretty commercial holiday (aren’t they all nowadays?), and my 2nd to least favorite holiday….BUT when I was little my mom would have our dinner place set and at each setting there would be a small present for each of us. We had a nice dinner and got to open our Valentines Day gift. I still remember the little paper bags with hearts on them or red and pink anything so vividly. I loved it. I plan to continue that tradition with Grayson. So sure enough this Friday he will have a little paper bag with a small gift inside on his high chair. 🙂 So thanks to my mom for making one of my least favorite holidays memorable.

**And how will Curt and I celebrate the romantic holiday? Well, he gets to choose a dinner to make without telling me and I choose the dessert without telling him. Then we will watch a romantic movie on Direct TV and stay in! Sounds pretty good to me!

Enjoy the rest of your day!