Words for Wednesday

Today for my Words for Wednesday post you get a snapshot into Grayson’s room.  I love Subway art. It’s super easy to do yourself and a cheap cute way to decorate. I got my inspiration on part of his collage from Pinterest of course…feel free to follow me. The first photo below was my inspiration.

I'm gonna need this! It's adorable and inspirational sayings and pictures will be up everywhere around my house!

Source: http://kpluspequalsthree.blogspot.com/2013/09/labor-day-weekend.html

I loved her idea and I loved the saying on it. I took her idea and changed some of the phrases and here is what I have:

photo (14)So the left side of the wall has the Alphabet we did this way before he was born, knowing is name already. I love how that turned out. Then when we moved we created the other one. I have added another frame in the lower left hand side (not pictured), and I love how it all turned out and looks on the wall. I’m all for gallery walls lately. I think every little boy needs to dig for worms, be a superhero, jump in mud puddles just to name a few. 🙂 So this Words for Wednesdays post is also a little bit of a DIY post. 🙂



DIY Chalkboard

So until I can figure out how to actually have separate posts in this section I’ll post like this for now.

In January I did my first DIY project. Now, I have actually been doing DIY Projects for awhile but they have only included cleaning products.  This is actually something for house decor.

My inspiration was this. However, I decided to make one for our menu planning purposes.  See below!



I can’t wait to show you what I have planned for my next DIY project….but you

New Year, New You!

Do you make a New Years Resolution? I’ve never been big on making one or really sticking to one. You know the usuals…eat right, lose weight etc. Those goals I seem to make every month! 🙂 But this year I really want to try to focus on TWO New Years Resolutions, that’s right now just one, but TWO!

New Years Resolution 1:

Have you heard of Pinterest? Well if not, you should definitely check it out! Think of Pinterest as a virtual pin board where you can pin anything and everything you find on the web. Maybe it’s a recipe, DIY project, or kiddie outfit, you can “pin” it and then go back and easily find the website from where it originates.  It’s pretty cool.  Well, there are  A LOT of DIY projects on Pinterest that my fellow pinners have been pinning. So my first New Years Resolution  is to make a DIY project I find on Pinterest at least once a month. It’s a lofty goal but I think I can do it! I’ll try to post my DIY projects as I do them to share with you all. 🙂

My first DIY project that I want to complete is below.

With this you can take a dry erase marker and we can write little love notes to each other, cheesy to some but thoughtful and romantic for us. 🙂

New Years Resolution 2:

You remember my blog about the Dirty Dozen? Well, I really, REALLY want to work on buying our meat from a place like this.  A place where I can buy local, organic, hormone and pesticide free meat. We eat  A LOT of meat, and it gets expensive buying organic and hormone free at HyVee so this would be straight from the source, taking out the middle man so to speak.  In order to do this, we really need to get a deep freeze.  So this is almost like a 2 in 1 Resolution, to save enough to get a decent deep freeze and to start buying ALL of our meat from a place like Wallace Farms. 

Cows roaming and feeding on open grassland, as nature intended.

There ya have it, those our my New Years Resolutions, what do you plan to do in 2012?

Happy New Year!!

Here is our New Year's Eve kiss! Happy 2012!