Sunday Coffee

**Hey, Hey, Hey! Guess what?! Grayson slept in this weekend!!! On both Saturday and today he slept until 7am!!!!! Friends, this has NEVER happened, so imagine me jumping up and down over and over and dancing in the kitchen with Curt because we too got to sleep until 7! I actually think it’s because he has a bad cold and is cutting his canine teeth. So little guy needs some extra sleep. Whatever the reason, it has been glorious.

**Now that we are getting a consistent 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep does that mean it’s time for baby #2 to alter the sleeping universe. (NOT AN ANNOUNCEMENT!). Curt is rolling his eyes right now…he is enjoying his sleep. Also, did I just jinx us? Will Grayson be getting up at 430 am tomorrow? Probably! 😉

**I have two awesome sites that I frequent a lot when it comes to little ones. Kelly Mom, is great for all things breastfeeding, pumping, formula etc. I was an exclusive pumper and this site is FANTASTIC! New mommies, 2nd time mommies, 3rd time mommies…any of you I promise you will benefit from this site. The other site is The Baby Sleep Site. I FIRMLY believe in sleep regressions, Grayson has been SPOT on with sleep regressions (18 month sleep regression anyone?!). And this site has been a lifesaver. We all know I’m a schedule person, so I think their sample schedules too. Check those two out mommies!

**Speaking of schedules….I know I’ve talked about what a crazy schedule person I am in the past. But I just think little ones THRIVE and NEED  schedules. Anyways, I understand that sometimes it’s just not going to work to get him a nap on time, or bedtime on time. But whenever possible if I can make it work, I’ll do it. For instance, today we are having a lunch party for my niece. It’s at noon here in town. Grayson will be fast asleep. I won’t keep him up to go…can you imagine a tired, not feeling good, teething toddler in a restaurant…with other people?! So, as much as I would like to take him since we will be close to home he will just stay home with daddy and take a nap like normal. Sorry Caleigh! On the flip side, in a few weeks we have a wedding out of town. Luckily, the wedding isn’t until after his nap. Grayson can sleep on the way for his nap and get a good two hour nap in. I know bedtime will be off that night, but I’m hoping the stimulation of a wedding and dance will make him somewhat ok. Not that we will be staying out until midnight or even 10 for that matter, but I’m sure it will be past his bedtime. And that’s ok, we will deal and he will be ok! And so will we…..I hope. 😉

**Basically, what I’m trying to say is schedules are important to me but I understand sometimes we get a little off of them…. 😉

**It’s been feeling like the end of October not the middle of September here in Iowa. I for one love it. I got all my Fall decorations out, got the front door decked out, my cinnamon candles going….ahhh…This is my favorite time of year!

I better get going, enjoy your day my friends!

Sunday Coffee

Whoa, where have I been?! Well, I took a little hiatus I guess you could say from the blog world. Between work things, family fun, summer fun etc. It was just something I decided to break from. But I’m back! So with that….

**Two of our friends (different couples) both welcomed babies into their lives this weekend! One couple had a little girl and one had a little boy. In celebration Grayson has decided to revert to newborn sleeping habits….one hour naps, getting up at the a$$ crack of dawn aka 4:55. This kid is going through some sort of WEIRD sleep regression. I’ve read that it can happen around 18 months, and that it’s one of the worst ones! AWESOME.

**But seriously, congrats to our friends! You are all in for one awesome journey and I can’t wait to meet the newest members of your families!

**Did you know August is actually my least favorite month of the year?? I know, crazy! Especially because that is the month my husband celebrates his birthday! Nothing against August 20th (we will let that day slide in the month). I don’t know if it’s because I’m ready for Fall to begin, the fact that it’s always 5 freaking weeks, or that the State Fair (not a fan) happens….I just don’t like August.

**I couldn’t wait any longer, I had to break out some Fall decorations. I found my Fall wreath and put that up and started lightening all my Fall candles! Now, if it were 20 degrees cooler…..

**Curt and I have been binge watching Netflix shows, currently we are watching Dawson’s Creek. I watched the show when it aired and loved it. But now….I think every scene should have “Cry me a River” by Justin Timberlake in the background. These kids are SO DRAMATIC!!! Seriously, did I relate to them in high school!? I currently have a love/hate relationship with the show now….PS. I’m Team Pacey!

Because of my long hiatus I thought I owed you a photo….Enjoy this one of Grayson enjoying some local sweet corn. Probably the last of the season for us! 🙂 I’m ready for all things pumpkin!

photo (2)

Sunday Coffee

So sorry it’s been awhile! We have been so busy on the weekends I haven’t had time to write my “Sunday Coffee” posts. Anyways… we go!

**We took Grayson to his very first pumpkin patch yesterday! It’s sort of a tradition to go with my family to Center Grove Orchard, and yesterday you were supposed to dress up! So we decked Grayson out in his Halloween costume a….monkey! 🙂 By the photos you would think the kid hated it, but he loved looking around and experiencing new things like the corn pool, a hay ride and farm animals!

**I love Fall. If you live in the Des Moines area do yourself a favor and grab your favorite warm beverage and go for a drive or walk at Jester Park. It is beautiful out there right now.

**Yesterday at the pumpkin patch my nephew who is 7, was riding around on these tractor bikes for little kids. He was having fun minding his own business when two other kids around his age or maybe even younger started ramming their tractors into him. Eventually, he got off to come over and tell grandpa and someone took his ride. 😦 poor kid. All while this was happening the “parents” of the boys were sitting there watching the whole thing. Parents, parents, parents you are your child’s role model when they see you being lazy, disrespectful and rude they imitate you. Then they get to the point where they don’t need to see you acting like that because it’s so “normal” they do it on their own. Parents, please be parents and stop being lazy, mean bullies.

**Going off of that last comment…..I know Curt and I are not perfect, and I know Grayson and our future children will experience bullies in their life. I hope we can teach them and show them how to do the right thing, and to stand up for themselves and others. I personally thinks a lot of kids these days have a sense of entitlement, and we hope to teach our kids all the good in the world and to work hard for what they want. Ultimately, our goal is to raise happy, healthy, considerate people who make a contribution to this world.

**Side note, I actually did not witness the confrontation with my nephew but my mom did. And she did go over to the kids and told them that is not what the tractors are for and to be nice and stop ramming into others. Go mom! Oh and the parents witnessed my mom telling the boys that and again they sat there.

**I love the royal family. I love following them, I love seeing pictures of baby George. Cutest family ever! 🙂

**Are you on Instagram? I am, you can follow me it’s just my name, but know that I LOVE following celebrities. It makes me feel like I know them and we are friends. 🙂 Say what you will but Instagram is great in the fact we get a glimpse into their life that isn’t just from paparazzi photos.

**Shout out to my momma today, it’s her birthday! So glad I have great parents in my life that were and are good role models. I’m very lucky and I hope you have a wonderful birthday mom, love you! 🙂

Enjoy some pictures from the pumpkin patch!







Sunday Coffee

I thought I would try a new series similar, well actually exactly like my “Monday Musings” posts. Obviously “Sunday Coffee” doesn’t roll of the tongue like “Monday Musings”….but I think I will be better about posting on Sundays. And I’m drinking coffee as I post so thought it made sense. This is the time I like to catch up on blogs, articles, etc. so this is a series about my random thoughts mostly. Some days I might just recap the weekend, but today you get random thoughts. Lucky you. 🙂


*I don’t get music videos. They never make sense with the lyrics, it drives me crazy. Almost every Sunday Curt and I watch VH1 countdown while drinking coffee when Gray is down for his early morning nap at 7am. I think I tell him the same thing every week….this doesn’t make sense with the words! What’s up with that?


*I haven’t yet commented on the whole Miley/Thicke fiasco. Here I go. Miley is old enough to know and understand what she is doing. I don’t feel sorry for her, I don’t think she was forced to do any of that, I think she was asked and she said yes. I think she is silly, a terrible musician (can’t even really call her that), and I have absolutely no respect for her. Robin Thick is in the same boat for me, I feel like he didn’t get near as much publicity as her….he is also disgusting, his song is degrading to women and he knew exactly what he was doing. It makes me sad to think of my children growing up in such a sexualized world. All I can do is teach my children how to be respectful, caring people and hope they make the right decisions. For all you little girls out there that saw that fiasco, or anything she does or hear any songs that are degrading to women, please know not everyone is like that. Have respect for yourself and your body, find someone you love that treats you right, surround yourself with good, kind people. For all you boys, respect women,be chivalrous, open the door, respect her parents, treat her well, don’t waste time one a girl that has no self respect for herself or her body.
*Phew, that got long! Speaking of musicians. I like how Justin Timberlake wears his wedding ring in music videos.
*This weekend we got family photos taken. As you know Grayson turned 6 months last week so I I wanted to get the majority of the photos do this 6 month. I hope there is at least one good one of all three of us…I’m a little skeptical as it was so hot out. I was a sweaty mess, I wanted Fall pictures so we were dressed for Fall….little did I know it would be so freaking hot!  Our photographer was great so I’m sure she can do something with the mess I was…I will share them with you as soon as I get them!
*Speaking of Fall, it’s my favorite season. I bought a pumpkin spice candle at Target, today my plan is to light my Fall candle and set out my Fall decor in my air conditioned house. 🙂 90 plus degrees here today people.
*Grayson will be starting food this week! I’m going to go buy organic avocado, carrots and peas to start out with I think. I can’t wait to see him in this new stage! I also read online that you can introduce a sippy cup at this age…what?! That just seems too early, my little guy is just learning to hold his bottle and tip it when he wants more….I think I’ll wait on the sippy cup.

*I feel like I’m still adjusting to Grayson going to daycare. Everyone keeps saying it will get easier, I think they are lying. It doesn’t and isn’t getting easier it’s just getting “normal” I do it because I have to, do you know what I mean working mommas out there?


*Today I’m also planning on sterilizing and cleaning all my breast pump supplies and putting them away until next baby. I learned so much and I have so many things I’ll be doing differently with the next little Tyke (no announcements here people) but until then….I’ll store the pump away.  I have mixed feelings about being done that I’ll share in another post.


Wow, based on this post I have a lot to do today and our little guy is waking up. So enjoy your Sunday folks and I’ll see you soon!


And for smiles, enjoy this picture when Gray was just born!! I can’t believe he is 17 pounds now!!! I can’t believe he was that little just 6 months ago!

Going home from the hospital. 3 days old.

Going home from the hospital. 3 days old.

Monday Musings

**So I didn’t like my 19 week photo today and now my hubby isn’t here so you will have to wait a few extra days for my weekly baby bump photo.
**it always amazes me how sometimes I can’t seem to dress myself, I can’t tell you how many times I have needed Curt to zip me up, tie a bow in the back of a dress help with a clasp etc. what do people do when they live alone? Just not buy those items? Or maybe they are more flexible and can reach back there?
**So far during this pregnancy I think one of the hardest things has been choosing a daycare. I think that was more overwhelming then trying to think of names, choose a doctor, pick paint color etc. Choosing the place where our child will go for 8 hours a day, choosing a place where they will see my child more than me, it makes me sick to think about. Luckily, we found one we both love….but look for a blog post soon on working moms and my thoughts.
**Speaking of pregnancy….I really haven’t shared much about it yet. As you know, I’m 19 weeks. Almost half way done! Keep cooking baby! 🙂 The first trimester was rough, I was pretty sick and exhausted all the time. I don’t know why it’s called morning sickness, it should be called all day/don’t try and ever get anything done/good luck getting through work sickness…just saying. I ended up taking a prescription to help three times a day! Eventually I got down to one a day, then one as needed and I haven’t taken any of the pills since about week 13, so I am VERY happy to be well into my 2nd trimester and feeling much better.
**We are also going with A Midwife vs. an OBGYN, it wasn’t a hard decision and I couldn’t be happier with our decision. Again, I will share more on why we chose that route later.
**I am currently listening to 90s alternative/grunge on my Pandora….Hootie just came on. Awesome.
**Have you decorated for Fall yet? I have, my owls are out, my Halloween decor is out, my pumpkins are ready to be carved and my Fall scented candle is on. I LOVE Fall!
**Curt and I always try and go to a scary movie around Halloween, I love Fall but I am not one for dressing up and going out, we also don’t get too many kids in our neighborhood for trick or great night. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t prepare and buy a ton of candy for the two kids that come to our door….I can’t help if we have leftovers….don’t worry Baby A loves candy so no worries on it going old.
**As I mentioned we try and see a scary movie every Halloween, and the past several years we have gone to Paranormal Activity. This year is no different, we will be going to Paranormal Activity 4 this year, 4! Eek! We love them!
**In a couple weeks we will register for Baby A and I am so excited! What are some things first time moms need, I need help!

Monday Musings

**Fall is in the air! Trees changing to vibrant colors, pumpkin everywhere, spiced apple candles, long sleeves, soups, Fall is truly the best time of the year!
**Another thing I love about Fall? Premieres! What shows are you ready to come back or any new shows you want to watch? I love New Girl, Criminal Minds, The Office (although it’s time to say goodbye), Parks and Rec and much more! One show at might have to stop watching….Glee.
**Speaking of Glee….it was hard for me to finish last season and I’m thinking I won’t even try that hard this season. It worries me that kids nowadays might really be this mean! Were they that mean when I was in high school? Did I have blinders on? I also think its a little too provocative for the time it’s on…but that’s Fox for ya. I’m over it.
**I have been getting sucked into The X Factor…mainly because of Britney Spears…don’t judge! I love her, but the show is actually pretty good.
**I know I have mentioned this before but we are in the process of finishing our basement…Lowell Curt is. We are getting so close! I can’t wait to share the final product with you all!
**I am so glad Ellen is back! I love her!
**I watch The Voice when nothing else is on and here are my thoughts: I think Blake is cocky and mean, I can never understand Cee Lo, Christina never has anything good or intelligent to say, Adam is by far my favorite….
**A lot about tv this post….do you watch any of the shows I mentioned? Anything I should be watching? I promise I don’t watch as much as this post probably makes it sound…… 🙂

Fall Love

You do know I love Fall right? I love Fall so much I got married in Fall last year! But that post is coming soon….

Today, I wanted to share what Curt and I did a few weeks ago. A few weeks ago we traveled North to McGregor with Curt’s parents. We picked the PERFECT day to do this.  It was so beautiful out, and Curt’s parents new about all the coolest spots to stop and look at the beautiful fall colors.








We decided to stop and walk around McGregor, we ate at this very cute Brewery and even ran into his Uncle and Cousin!!







It was Western Day at McGregor….or some type of themed day. So everyone was dressed up!

After that we thought it would be nice for a scenic drive to Galena.  If you’ve never been to Galena I highly suggest you made at trip there. It is the cutest town! Lots of cool, unique shops and great little places to eat. It’s just a fun day trip…or spend the night and make a weekend out of it. Soon, we had to head back to Cedar Rapids. But all in all, it was a great day looking at all the fall colors, finding some unique shops, and running into family!!











Happy Fall!!!