Bunnies, Egg Hunts, Family…Oh MY!

This weekend we celebrated Easter at my parents house…it was filled with lots of food, lots of plastic eggs, lots of family and lots of fun! A bunny even joined in the fun!!

We started out the morning at home where the Easter Bunny stopped by first thing in the morning for Grayson. He or she (not sure the gender of the Easter Bunny…) hid his basket in our closet! Here is his reaction when he spots it…


So happy! It’s funny at 13 almost 14 months he knows what a gift is…doesn’t take long people! The Easter Bunny was good to little Gray…he got play-dough, clothes, a ball, a big Tonka truck, some crayons and coloring paper and a puzzle. The only thing the Easter Bunny forgot was a BOOK! UGH, mistake Easter Bunny!!


Here he is enjoying some little melts that came in some plastic eggs. ­čÖé

After we all got ready for the day we headed out to my parents house which is about 1.5 hr away. Grayson slept the entire ride (score).

And what do you know…the Easter Bunny stopped at their house for him too!!! MAN! Lucky little man…


And what do you know…the Easter Bunny remembered to put a book in this basket,….after that fun we just played outside some and he took a nap. When he got up it was time to EAT!


After we stuffed ourselves with some wonderful food we had an egg hunt! My mom had 31 eggs for Grayson to find…he found about 3 and was over it. HAHA, thanks for trying mom!!

Here he is ready to find eggs!!




After all that fun we had some more fun outside…playing some baseball…

1970945_10100651588139323_8866959241950742025_n 10268586_10100651498469023_2280383484704537240_n

Putting sunscreen on….safety first!

10245316_10100651495624723_3472384245949352742_n (1)

A bunny even stopped by!



Fun at the park….


So much fun he was BEAT…


He had a busy day and we had a great day┬ácelebrating his 2nd Easter! He was just 3 weeks old last year…..


And now he is a rambunctious little toddler!!!!





We had such a fun time! Grayson is at such a fun age (seriously ever age has been so fun)!

So a lot in one day for one little boy…but he sure is one very loved little boy.



Party like It’s Your Birthday….

Well, it wasn’t my birthday but I still kinda “partied” for my sisters birthday….well I was the DD but still had fun celebrating Katelin! Katelin, my younger sister, turned 21 on February 6th and she came up the following weekend to celebrate her “legal-hood” with her to older sisters.

One of her requirements was for us to make these…



Birthday Jello shots….they didn’t taste that bad, but they were hard to take. I ate one with a fork. Anyways, we went out to dinner and then did a little bar hopping on Court. And we got carded everywhere which is always nice for a newly 21 year old.

I’m glad we got to celebrate Katelins birthday together. I hope you had fun Katelin! ­čÖé

Here are some of the pictures from the night.









Happy Birthday Katelin!

Love you!

Fall Love

You do know I love Fall right? I love Fall so much I got married in Fall last year! But that post is┬ácoming soon….

Today, I wanted to share what Curt and I did a few weeks ago. A few weeks ago we traveled North to McGregor with Curt’s parents. We picked the PERFECT day to do this.┬á It was so beautiful out, and Curt’s parents new about all the coolest spots to stop and look at the beautiful fall colors.








We decided to stop and walk around McGregor, we ate at this very cute Brewery and even ran into his Uncle and Cousin!!







It was Western Day at McGregor….or some type of themed day. So everyone was dressed up!

After that we thought it would be nice for a scenic drive to Galena.┬á If you’ve never been to Galena I highly suggest you made at trip there. It is the cutest town! Lots of cool, unique shops and great little places to eat. It’s just a fun day trip…or spend the night and make a weekend out of it. Soon, we had to head back to Cedar Rapids. But all in all, it was a great day looking at all the fall colors, finding some unique shops, and running into family!!











Happy Fall!!!