Friday Favorites-4th of July Edition

Happy 4th of July!!!!

Do you have big Independence Day plans?? We plan to go to a local carnival for a bit and then tomorrow we actually will go have a BBQ. No fireworks or parade for us! Grayson naps right in the middle of the parade and is in bed WELL before the fireworks go off. I’m not a HUGE fan of of fireworks anyways but poor Curt is. Maybe he can walk to the end of the street and see them? 😉

Anyways, I thought this Friday Favorite’s Post would be centered all around 4th of July!! Enjoy!

1. This is what I’m making to take to the BBQ on Saturday. Looks good, easy and patriotic…win!

Fruit and Brownie Kebabs {4th of July Food}    These are the perfect little treat for the 4th is healthy with a little chocolate fix :)

2. This shirt is simple and cute for a busy toddler. Grayson will be sporting this Carter’s shirt today!

3. My good friend and co-worker, Julia, owns this dress. She looks ADORABLE in it, she wears it with a cute little belt. I think it would be perfect for a BBQ or watching fireworks. Pair it with some adorable red sandals like these or adorable wedges like these and you area set! PS. It’s her birthday today, so shout out to Julia, happy birthday my friend!! 🙂

4. If I was hosting a BBQ I think I would make these as they can be part of your table decor and they are edible! WIN!

M and M Sparklers

5. For an easy 4th of July craft  I think this would be fun and simple. At Grayson’s daycare they actually took his foot and dipped it into three colors and made his foot look like a firework on paper! Hat’s off to them for getting it JUST right. But I would have to go this route at home… 🙂

Easy 4th Of July Craft. would be cute to do on a t-shirt

6. Finally, for those of you that are 21 and older…a nice 4th of July drink might be just what you need. 🙂

Imagine Design » Red White and Blue Sangria Drink Recipe AND GUESS WHAT i can make it cause i will FINALLY Be 21!!! whoooo

That’s it! A quick round up of some of my favorite 4th of July items floating around the web. I hope you all enjoy your 4th and thank you to all the brave men and women who are currently serving and who have served. I am so THANKFUL for each and every one of you!!




Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!!!

Do you have fun weekend plans? We are having a family reunion and I’m hoping to run to the downtown Farmer’s Market to get some GF Cinnamon Rolls. I would also like to try to take Grayson to the pool or a splash pad on Sunday! So we will stay pretty busy! Whatever you do, enjoy! And enjoy some of my Favorites from around the web!!

1. If I had a little girl she would wear these headbands

2. If you live in the DSM area and eat GF you need to check out Sweet Treat Without Wheat. They have fantastic donuts, cinnamon rolls, cookies, crepes, AND so much more!!! I usually get their cinnamon rolls and freeze them, they reheat great!

3. This necklace. I’m usually not a gold fan but I love this, and I love that I could add pieces with each child.

Little gold bars bear the initials that mean the most.

4. Gallery Walls….I’m thinking of putting one together in our dining/kitchen. I’m usually one to go with the same frames, same decor etc. But I’m loving the look of a variety of colors and textures…like this.

Love the combo of canvas/frames/phrases/fabric

5. I’m thinking the next Aucutt Reno project will be the Master Bath…right now there is carpet in there…CARPET!! EW! I do not understand carpet in a bathroom or kitchen. I’m sorry, I just don’t! Anyways….I love this idea for above the toilet. Looks like an easy DIY project!

DIY bathroom makeover with an over the toilet storage unit repurposed from an old picture frame.

6. Finally….as you know we just moved a couple months ago. We have super nice neighbors and most of our neighbors seem to be sticking around for a bit…BUT if we ever get new neighbors I think this will be the “Welcome to the neighborhood,” gift. Such a cute, cheap, simple and thoughtful gift!

Welcome to the neighborhood gift. Mason jar, dish soap, scrubber, dish towel, & sponges.

Enjoy your Friday friends!

Friday Favorites

Like so many other bloggers out there I thought I’d try something a little different and share some my favorite ideas, things, gifts, etc. at the moment. Don’t expect this list every week but I’ll do my best! 🙂 Sources are listed below each image. Enjoy!

1.I’m loving all things ombre and this tassel would have been PERFECT for Grayson’s 1st bday!! But I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to get it in time….dang!

Blue Ombre


2. Little Tikes is an awesome brand. So far I’ve been pleased with everything from them…Grayson is going to be getting A LOT of Little Tikes gear for his 1st birthday….here is one of his items currently “underwrap,” SHHH! Don’t tell him what he’s getting!



3. I love, LOVE candles. And the other week at Target I found my new favorite brand! They are pricey so I’ll have plan our budget accordingly when we need a new one. 😉 But well worth it!



4. As I’ve mentioned before we are making a mini mud room…well our inspiration is below, and yes ours will also have some hidden storage. I am so lucky I have a handy husband! 🙂



Note: A pretty cool blog, check it out!

5. Speaking of handy husbands, he also promised he would make this lovely little garden center in our garage for me. 🙂 I’m in love with it all, only we will have a letter A.  I’m planning to plant a veggie garden this Spring and I of course will need somewhere to store all my material! Right now, he is probably reading this thinking “I’m PRETTY sure I never PROMISED her this….” He did, I have a great memory!



Note: This blog is also pretty sweet, check it out!

6. Finally, we bought this serving tray from Target (sensing a them…Targetholic over here!), and I love, LOVE IT!! Pricey but so cute on our table! I added a clear vase and some white decorative balls, a neutral candle and cute little white salt and pepper shakers.

Serving Tray

Source: berkus tray

Enjoy your weekend friends, we will be off to get some one year old photos taken!! AHHH we will have a one year old soon!!!