Save the Date for REAL!!! :)

Ok, since I’m sitting in a blizzard here in my townhouse, I figured I could write a new post.  I have some very important news, we had to change our date to November 13, 2010. So, I apologize for the confusion, but I PROMISE November 13th is the date!  We were set on the 6th but due to some reception spots we switched it to the 13th so we could get the place we wanted.  The place we chose was….drum roll please……Jester Park Lodge!!! 

Entrance to Jester Park Lodge

 This past weekend Curt and I were very busy with wedding stuff.  On Saturday morning we had our first meeting with Sister Virgina Jennings at the Catholic church here in Altoona.  I know we were both a little nervous to begin our meetings at the Catholic church, but Sister Virgina was so nice and sweet it really wasn’t bad at all.  I know some of you aren’t Catholic, so to give you some background on what we will be doing in order to get married in a Catholic church.  

We will be going through some meetings with different people in the church.  First, we met with Sister Virgina, then we will meet with Father Timothy, and sometime we are introduced to a couple in the church.  I believe we also have to do some sort of couples retreat sometime within the next few months.  Our first meeting with Sr. Virginia went really well.  We had to do this FOCCUS test (Facilitating Open Couple Communication Understanding and Study), which is basically 175 questions about our relationship.  It’s for marriage compatibility, but I know we are perfect for each other so no worries. 🙂 It really wasn’t too bad, because Curt and I had already discussed everything that was basically on it.  Things like children, finances, religion etc.  Our next meeting will be going over this test, but I think we passed with flying colors. 🙂  

St. John and Paul Catholic Church

So things are coming together.  I think we both feel much better now that we have a definite date, we have a reception location AND a ceremony location.  We are so excited to share this day with close friends and family.  

Save the date~~ November 13, 2010~~