Our “Understudy” Dance…

I don’t know about you but I really love music, I try to pay special attention to the lyrics and I can really be moved by certain lyrics in songs. One of the reasons I love our first dance song so much was obviously because of the lyrics, plus the guy I danced with is pretty awesome, and we practiced our dance a lot. 🙂

Our first dance song was a little faster than I originally planned our first dance being but I loved it.  I also felt like it was a little unique for a first dance, it wasn’t some country song, it wasn’t “I’ll Be,” by Edwin McCain or something original. Now, if you had a first dance song like the ones I listed, I’m not being mean! I’m sure you had a lovely first dance, I’m just saying that it wouldn’t have been for us. But was perfect for us was the song below…I love the lyrics, I love the band. I remember practicing our first dance in our kitchen for months! Curt has much better rhythm than me. (He is a pretty awesome drummer).

For our First “Paper” Anniversary, I even made a picture frame of my favorite first dance photo (below) and wrote all the lyrics to our dance around the picture. I’ll show it to you some day.

If you don’t know what song I’m talking about here it is…

My favorite line from this song…

“Oh, and when the kids are old enough We’re gonna teach them to fly…”

Now, as much as I LOVED that song for our first dance, if I would have known about the song below it would have been quite difficult to choose the perfect song for us. I am currently in love with this song and I think it is the perfect first dance together. You know how in plays the main role has an understudy, well this song would have been our “understudy,” for our first dance. And knowing how much I love it now, probably would have taken the main role.

Be sure to pay special attention to the lyrics. So even though we have been married over a year and we have our first dance, I think from now on this will be considered our alternate first dance song. 🙂

My favorite section of the song is this:

“I surrender who I’ve been for who you are,for nothing makes me stronger than your fragile heart. If I had only felt how it feels to be yours, well, I would have known what I’ve been living for all along.”

Here are a few pictures from our first dance.

My favorite picture!

My favorite picture!

Just call me Alvin…


Alvin the Chipmunk that is.

That’s right just call me Alvin since a chipmunk is what I’ve looked like the past 5 days. I FINALLY bit the bullet and got my widsom teeth pulled after much persuasion from a lot of people.  I didn’t necessarly HAVE to do it just yet but they needed to get out eventually….and I thought the middle of winter would be good, little did I know we would have unseasonably warm temps which makes it even worse to be stuck inside. 

So I got my widsom teeh removed last Thursday and I’ll spare you the gross details. Let me just say  it really sucks but has been made SO much better due to my husband. Curt has been the best nurse! He took Thursday and Friday off work and I knew he was excited to just be able to relax and do whatever but he was more at my side then doing his own thing. He got me water, my meds, went to the store a million times for me, he was unbelievable! I am so bummed that I’m still home today and that he has to go into work but I’m so grateful that even when I look like this…..

….He still loves me, now that’s true love. 🙂


Year One

Year One, that is the title of this blog and as of today it should read Year One and a week or so…. That’s right we celebrated our ONE Year Anniversary two weekends ago. Can you believe a little over a year ago we were doing this….

I have enjoyed every minute of year one. I’ve enjoyed celebrating our first Christmas as a married couple, bringing in 2011 together, the stress of the almost loss of my job, painting, lots of renos, trips to Milwaukee and Ozarks, Saturday mornings at the Farmers Market, learning about Organic buying, family get togethers, but most of all year one has been a year of new and excxiting experiences together and learning every day about our relationship.

Some people out there may think we need to change the name of this blog, but I’m not so sure we should.   I want every year to be like Year One, and it should be. Our years should and hopefully be filled with lots of new, exciting, stressful, happy, sad times. We will always be learning and experiencing new things so yes I’m keeping the blog name. Year One fits us well, and hopefully Year Two brings just as many if not more great things to help us grow and learn from one another.

I married my best friend and with my best friend we will continue to experience Year Two just as we experienced Year One.