Monday Musings

Oh my goodness, with the long holiday weekend I almost forgot to do a Monday Musings post! Luckily, I did remember! So here we go…

**How is your holiday weekend going? We have had very warm weather here in Iowa so we spent post of our weekend being outside. We planted flowers, had bonfires, grilled, visited family and more. My birthday weekend has been filled with fun, sun, laughter, and family. 🙂

**Curt has been working on the basement whenever he can this long weekend and currently he is down there with this nail gun that sounds like a shot-gun! He warned all our neighbors we were doing the basement and might be a little loud but this gun is scary loud! And the fact that we don’t know when it’s comings makes it worse. Our poor dog is very on edge and jumps with every single noise of the gun. Soon though it will all be worth it.

**Speaking of the basement….we had our first injury. Nothing too serious, Curt sliced the tip of his finger open with a blade while cutting some dry wall.  No need for stitches but I think this basement will be built with blood, sweat and tears. But hopefully no more blood. We certainly have already had the sweat, and now the blood maybe the tears will be tears of joy when it’s finished.

**We bought a new grill this weekend. We grill in the Spring/Summer/Fall probably 3-4 times a week! And Curt’s grill he had for 3 plus years has been through a lot, so we thought it a wise investment to get a new one now. The first thing we grilled on the new grill was organic, grass-fed rib eye and it was delicious.Do you grill a lot? What’s your favorite thing to grill?

**Tomorrow on my actual birthday I believe we will be going to Bonefish Grille.  They have one of the best gluten-free menus in the area, and they have this raspberry martini with fresh martinis that is just fantastic. I can’t wait.

**Since it is Memorial Day I would like to thank everyone who has served for our freedom, we are very lucky to live in the United States and we can live here with our freedom due to all of those who have served our country for us. We are forever grateful for your courage and service.

**And to end this Monday Musings post, a photo of Brynn passed out from all the fun family activities. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!