Sunday Coffee

I thought I would try a new series similar, well actually exactly like my “Monday Musings” posts. Obviously “Sunday Coffee” doesn’t roll of the tongue like “Monday Musings”….but I think I will be better about posting on Sundays. And I’m drinking coffee as I post so thought it made sense. This is the time I like to catch up on blogs, articles, etc. so this is a series about my random thoughts mostly. Some days I might just recap the weekend, but today you get random thoughts. Lucky you. 🙂


*I don’t get music videos. They never make sense with the lyrics, it drives me crazy. Almost every Sunday Curt and I watch VH1 countdown while drinking coffee when Gray is down for his early morning nap at 7am. I think I tell him the same thing every week….this doesn’t make sense with the words! What’s up with that?


*I haven’t yet commented on the whole Miley/Thicke fiasco. Here I go. Miley is old enough to know and understand what she is doing. I don’t feel sorry for her, I don’t think she was forced to do any of that, I think she was asked and she said yes. I think she is silly, a terrible musician (can’t even really call her that), and I have absolutely no respect for her. Robin Thick is in the same boat for me, I feel like he didn’t get near as much publicity as her….he is also disgusting, his song is degrading to women and he knew exactly what he was doing. It makes me sad to think of my children growing up in such a sexualized world. All I can do is teach my children how to be respectful, caring people and hope they make the right decisions. For all you little girls out there that saw that fiasco, or anything she does or hear any songs that are degrading to women, please know not everyone is like that. Have respect for yourself and your body, find someone you love that treats you right, surround yourself with good, kind people. For all you boys, respect women,be chivalrous, open the door, respect her parents, treat her well, don’t waste time one a girl that has no self respect for herself or her body.
*Phew, that got long! Speaking of musicians. I like how Justin Timberlake wears his wedding ring in music videos.
*This weekend we got family photos taken. As you know Grayson turned 6 months last week so I I wanted to get the majority of the photos do this 6 month. I hope there is at least one good one of all three of us…I’m a little skeptical as it was so hot out. I was a sweaty mess, I wanted Fall pictures so we were dressed for Fall….little did I know it would be so freaking hot!  Our photographer was great so I’m sure she can do something with the mess I was…I will share them with you as soon as I get them!
*Speaking of Fall, it’s my favorite season. I bought a pumpkin spice candle at Target, today my plan is to light my Fall candle and set out my Fall decor in my air conditioned house. 🙂 90 plus degrees here today people.
*Grayson will be starting food this week! I’m going to go buy organic avocado, carrots and peas to start out with I think. I can’t wait to see him in this new stage! I also read online that you can introduce a sippy cup at this age…what?! That just seems too early, my little guy is just learning to hold his bottle and tip it when he wants more….I think I’ll wait on the sippy cup.

*I feel like I’m still adjusting to Grayson going to daycare. Everyone keeps saying it will get easier, I think they are lying. It doesn’t and isn’t getting easier it’s just getting “normal” I do it because I have to, do you know what I mean working mommas out there?


*Today I’m also planning on sterilizing and cleaning all my breast pump supplies and putting them away until next baby. I learned so much and I have so many things I’ll be doing differently with the next little Tyke (no announcements here people) but until then….I’ll store the pump away.  I have mixed feelings about being done that I’ll share in another post.


Wow, based on this post I have a lot to do today and our little guy is waking up. So enjoy your Sunday folks and I’ll see you soon!


And for smiles, enjoy this picture when Gray was just born!! I can’t believe he is 17 pounds now!!! I can’t believe he was that little just 6 months ago!

Going home from the hospital. 3 days old.

Going home from the hospital. 3 days old.

Monday Musings

**So I didn’t like my 19 week photo today and now my hubby isn’t here so you will have to wait a few extra days for my weekly baby bump photo.
**it always amazes me how sometimes I can’t seem to dress myself, I can’t tell you how many times I have needed Curt to zip me up, tie a bow in the back of a dress help with a clasp etc. what do people do when they live alone? Just not buy those items? Or maybe they are more flexible and can reach back there?
**So far during this pregnancy I think one of the hardest things has been choosing a daycare. I think that was more overwhelming then trying to think of names, choose a doctor, pick paint color etc. Choosing the place where our child will go for 8 hours a day, choosing a place where they will see my child more than me, it makes me sick to think about. Luckily, we found one we both love….but look for a blog post soon on working moms and my thoughts.
**Speaking of pregnancy….I really haven’t shared much about it yet. As you know, I’m 19 weeks. Almost half way done! Keep cooking baby! 🙂 The first trimester was rough, I was pretty sick and exhausted all the time. I don’t know why it’s called morning sickness, it should be called all day/don’t try and ever get anything done/good luck getting through work sickness…just saying. I ended up taking a prescription to help three times a day! Eventually I got down to one a day, then one as needed and I haven’t taken any of the pills since about week 13, so I am VERY happy to be well into my 2nd trimester and feeling much better.
**We are also going with A Midwife vs. an OBGYN, it wasn’t a hard decision and I couldn’t be happier with our decision. Again, I will share more on why we chose that route later.
**I am currently listening to 90s alternative/grunge on my Pandora….Hootie just came on. Awesome.
**Have you decorated for Fall yet? I have, my owls are out, my Halloween decor is out, my pumpkins are ready to be carved and my Fall scented candle is on. I LOVE Fall!
**Curt and I always try and go to a scary movie around Halloween, I love Fall but I am not one for dressing up and going out, we also don’t get too many kids in our neighborhood for trick or great night. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t prepare and buy a ton of candy for the two kids that come to our door….I can’t help if we have leftovers….don’t worry Baby A loves candy so no worries on it going old.
**As I mentioned we try and see a scary movie every Halloween, and the past several years we have gone to Paranormal Activity. This year is no different, we will be going to Paranormal Activity 4 this year, 4! Eek! We love them!
**In a couple weeks we will register for Baby A and I am so excited! What are some things first time moms need, I need help!

Monday Musings

**I feel like my life consists of lists, lists and more lists. I try to stay very organized, and lists is a way I can do that. I love, LOVE checking things of my list. I feel like we are such a society of go,go, go in order to keep my sanity I need lists.
**Not only do I like lists but I like schedules. I know not all of life can and should be scheduled….but one can wish. 🙂
**I kinda have been sucking at running lately…a mile here, two miles there…ugh what happened to the running 4-5 miles every other day?! Dare I say I miss it….? No, what I miss is getting that good work out in and now I have to build that up again because I was slacking….damn.
**Did I tell you we got tickets to see Journey in concert? Yep, this August Journey is coming to the Iowa State Fair again. I saw them a few years ago and I just can’t miss them! They are awesome in concert. I’m a little bummed they are at the fair (not my favorite venue for a concert) but I will take it.
**I hate it when I spell something so wrong that not even spell check can recognize the word, so then I spend the next five minutes trying to get close to getting it so eventually spellcheck will figure it out.
**Every day I bet I consider or ask myself why I haven’t deactivated my Facebook account….I just need to suck it up and do it. I really get sick of some of the stuff people post….I even went through and deleted a bunch of “friends” but alas I still get annoyed. The Facebook dos and donts post is coming soon!
**Speaking of lists, I have to run because we have lots to do tonight!

Enjoy this picture of us sitting on the biggest walnut rocking chair in Iowa! However,from this angle we look like we are the perfect size for it! Haha.


Monday Musings

**Happy Monday! My Monday was CRAZY! So I am excited that I worked out this morning so now I can relax the rest of the night. I’ve really been getting into the working out in the am thing and love it! Do you work out in the morning or afternoon? Or are you really lucky and you can work out during the day whenever you want?
**I don’t understand why we have seat belt laws but no helmet laws for motorcyclists. I’m all for seat belts and helmets….just make sense to me. Driving on the pavement going 60mph or more and not having to wear a helmet?! Common sense people. They must have good lobbyists.
**I had a baking fail this weekend. I wanted to make these and I somehow got my tablespoons and teaspoons confused with one another thus having not enough lemon in the actual bar and too much lemon in the topping. Needless to say I am the only one in the house eating them.
**I was a history major in college did you know that? I love reading historical books and learning about the past, there is so much that shaped who we are today. It just seems to be that things were simpler then. I think we can learn a lot from our ancestors, how they lived, the food they ate, the mistakes they made….
**If you are an adult you should not be throwing a fit and yelling at someone in public….heck you shouldn’t be doing that in private either. Be respectful, pull it together. If you aren’t satisfied or unhappy try discussing it with someone or the one causing you issues….be mature.
**Did I tell you Curt got me a year subscription to Pandora Radio? Well, he did and I love it! My top favorite stations are: 90s Alternative, Of Monsters and Men, Journey, Frank Sinatra. I told you I have eclectic taste. And this song came on my Pandora today….a one hit wonder that made my Monday. Enjoy! 🙂

Monday Musings

**Did you know I eat 100% Gluten Free? Yep, it’s true. No wheat, flour, barley, malt for this gal. Soon I’ll do a post on why I eat GF, what I miss and how we do that with a Gluten eater in the house. 🙂

**My younger sister, Katelin, graudated from colllege this past weekend, in three years nonetheless. What an achievement to be proud of. Her student loans will thank her in the long run, I promise Katelin! 🙂

**We went to the farmer’s market on Saturday. It was opening day and according to the news over 40,000 people attended. Not sure how they count that since people just walk in…anyways. Going to the farmers market may be one of my favorite things about Summer. I love the atmosopher the people, the food etc. Breakfast Burrito bowls every Saturday…I’ll take that too! PS. Not gonna lie DSM has a kick ass farmers market, so if you live here and never been you are missing out, if you don’t live here but are visiting be sure to check it out.

**I am trying early morning work outs. 5am is my new wake up call. I get up to run, lift, yoga etc then by 6am I have to get ready for work. Today was Day 1, it wasn’t that hard to get up but I might be singing a different tune by the end of the week…however, it was glorious knowing I didn’t have to work out after work today. It frees up my evening by at least an hour.

**This might be my favorite song from the 90s.

**In the Aucutt household we do “Meatless Mondays” basically we don’t have any meat on Mondays…hence the name. It’s hard for me to think of menu items without meat that are also fairly easy, healthy and gluten free….so ideas are welcome.

**Its my birthday month. I love birthdays.

**Sometimes I feel like all I do is make decisions…….so sometimes when I get home I tell Curt don’t ask me anything, as I will not be making any decisions. It’s a nice feeling.

**Of Monsters and Men is now my favorite Pandora Station, check it out.

**Sometimes it’s ok to sugar coat things….at least I think so.

**I am missing Maui, we went there for our honeymoon and it was Paradise. Everyone was so nice and laid back, we had no worries, ah that’s the life. And in honor of that below is a picture from the beautiful island.


Words for Wednesday

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I love singing to the radio, and I may not be the best at it or know the words half the time  but I love it. Even if I don’t know the words, I usually can listen pretty close and know what the song is about…I just have a hard time remembering the words. My older sister, Courtney, is awesome at remember song lyrics, or movie lines. But not me. However, I do love knowing the meaning behind the words and sometimes I can really connect with the song.

Anyone else out there love singing their lungs out in the car/shower/home etc and not care if you have the words right? What’s your favorite song right now?

I have a lot of favorite songs and a lot of favorite bands, I like to think my music taste is varied…..some of my favorite artists: Journey, Mumford & Sons, Sinatra, Of Monsters and Men, B-Spears, Ben Folds,  Heart,  the list goes on and on….so enjoy one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite artists.  (PS. pay special attention to the words)

Happy Hump Day!