Sunday Coffee

**Have you seen the trailer for Girl Meets World? It’s the spin-off of Boy Meets World, and it’s centered around Topanga and Cory’s daughter?? I’m not ashamed to admit I will be watching!!!

**We watched Frozen last week and like everyone else we LOVED IT! Well, I shouldn’t speak for my hubby (he did say it wasn’t bad), but I LOVED it. I totally get what everyone is talking about! I felt some major girl power after watching it. We don’t “let” Grayson watch TV…meaning there is no set time he gets 20 min or whatever. But I did have this on while he was in the room. He wasn’t too interested unless a song came on. The music is SO GOOD! And kid like his music! Great taste! 😉

**Do you have a TV rule for your kiddos? Grayson isn’t even really interested in TV but it’s not something I would just turn on for him to watch every day. If we have it on we are watching something and if he starts to get way to interested as in he won’t even look at us when we talk, we turn it off. I have watched Sesame Street with him before when he is SUPER grumpy or sick for a little bit, but it’s few and far between. Am I opposed to him watching TV? No, do I think we need to have it on whenever he is up and in the room, no, do I think he needs to zone out in front of it, no. So we just keep an eye on it and him.

**Side note on the TV…we try not to watch things like the news, or anything graphic when he is in the room. The little he does watch I don’t need him seeing anything violent or want him to.

**Grayson is a walking machine!! He really took off on the walking side of things about two weeks ago…and just gets better and more confident every day. He no longer chooses to crawl places he WALKS/RUNS. He is ALL OVER THE PLACE! Gone are the days where I can quickly run to another room this kid can’t be left alone for a second! He is so independent and can obviously do anything and everything (so he thinks ;)) I love him to pieces.

**A couple of weeks ago after a very trying day with our independent little guy, we were giving him a bath when Curt said “How are we going to do this with two kids?!” HAHA, He was like do you think this is just a phase or his personality? Referring to his independent I don’t care if you say no personality. I said well first, he is one…I think that’s what one year olds do. Do we maybe have a little bit more stubborn, independent one year old? Perhaps….. 😉 So if you see my hubby getting gray hair earlier than norm you now know the reason is our independent little guy.

**Speaking of the littlest one…I love that Grayson isn’t afraid to get dirty! He loves smashing his hands in the sand, playing in the grass, messing around with his food. Even though I might send me into hysterics some days when I wonder how I will EVER get the mud stain/pasta stain out…I think it’s so good for him to experience that. Get messy dear boy!

Edited to add: **yesterday, this couple came up to us and the wife said “I just have to tell you what my husband said, he said that your baby looks like the Prince.” Hahaha perhaps we have some Royal blood in us after all…well I for one thing Prince George is super cute and my own son, so I call that a win. 🙂

Well, I’m off to enjoy the day…the stormy day that is!! Whatever you do today enjoy friends!!