Sunday Coffee

So sorry it’s been awhile! We have been so busy on the weekends I haven’t had time to write my “Sunday Coffee” posts. Anyways… we go!

**We took Grayson to his very first pumpkin patch yesterday! It’s sort of a tradition to go with my family to Center Grove Orchard, and yesterday you were supposed to dress up! So we decked Grayson out in his Halloween costume a….monkey! 🙂 By the photos you would think the kid hated it, but he loved looking around and experiencing new things like the corn pool, a hay ride and farm animals!

**I love Fall. If you live in the Des Moines area do yourself a favor and grab your favorite warm beverage and go for a drive or walk at Jester Park. It is beautiful out there right now.

**Yesterday at the pumpkin patch my nephew who is 7, was riding around on these tractor bikes for little kids. He was having fun minding his own business when two other kids around his age or maybe even younger started ramming their tractors into him. Eventually, he got off to come over and tell grandpa and someone took his ride. 😦 poor kid. All while this was happening the “parents” of the boys were sitting there watching the whole thing. Parents, parents, parents you are your child’s role model when they see you being lazy, disrespectful and rude they imitate you. Then they get to the point where they don’t need to see you acting like that because it’s so “normal” they do it on their own. Parents, please be parents and stop being lazy, mean bullies.

**Going off of that last comment…..I know Curt and I are not perfect, and I know Grayson and our future children will experience bullies in their life. I hope we can teach them and show them how to do the right thing, and to stand up for themselves and others. I personally thinks a lot of kids these days have a sense of entitlement, and we hope to teach our kids all the good in the world and to work hard for what they want. Ultimately, our goal is to raise happy, healthy, considerate people who make a contribution to this world.

**Side note, I actually did not witness the confrontation with my nephew but my mom did. And she did go over to the kids and told them that is not what the tractors are for and to be nice and stop ramming into others. Go mom! Oh and the parents witnessed my mom telling the boys that and again they sat there.

**I love the royal family. I love following them, I love seeing pictures of baby George. Cutest family ever! 🙂

**Are you on Instagram? I am, you can follow me it’s just my name, but know that I LOVE following celebrities. It makes me feel like I know them and we are friends. 🙂 Say what you will but Instagram is great in the fact we get a glimpse into their life that isn’t just from paparazzi photos.

**Shout out to my momma today, it’s her birthday! So glad I have great parents in my life that were and are good role models. I’m very lucky and I hope you have a wonderful birthday mom, love you! 🙂

Enjoy some pictures from the pumpkin patch!