Sunday Coffee

Whoa….it’s been awhile. My apologies!!! I hope you all have been having a wonderful Fall!!!

**Ah, the end of daylight savings….how wonderful you were when I was younger, but now with a toddler…I hate you. Grayson was up at 530 today….which in all fairness should have been 630….but somehow it did not feel like we “gained” an hour. I’m cringing at the thought of nap time today which for his little body will seem like an hour later…..

**If you have little ones…or animals (I know it affects them too!), how did it go in your house this morning?? Will you all be taking a nap this afternoon like me?

**We have almost been in our house a year…a year! Can you believe it!? After a rocky start…where the sale on our townhome almost fell through and we almost had two mortgages (still thanking God that worked out), we really do love our house! I still feel like we have a lot of little things to do but we have done so much to it to make it our own. Well, my husband has done so much…I’m the decorator. From renovating the kitchen and front living room, to making a mini mud room, to cutting down a dying tree (we will plant one in place of it), to a fresh coat of paint almost everywhere…it’s been a year of renos for us.

**Our next project, albeit small, will be painting upstairs. We have had swatches of paint all over Grayson’s room for almost a year. 😉 And I think this month we will finally get around to paint his room and the guest room.

**I know, I know, I still need to take pictures, I have a lot of before and after I need to show you and I will…soon! I promise!

**Did you have a good Halloween? Grayson was Elmo and got good use out of his costume. From wearing it for a parade at daddy’s work, to a costume party at daycare, to actual trick or treat I’m glad we used it a lot. He LOVES Elmo but really didn’t care to BE Elmo….on Beggar’s Night (when people in Des Moines actually trick or treat), he only had about an hour for a nap…and was not digging much. We only made it to three houses, and the picture below really shows the progression of our night. 🙂

I hope you all get some extra rest today if you can and enjoy your Sunday!!!


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Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!!!

Do you have fun weekend plans? We are having a family reunion and I’m hoping to run to the downtown Farmer’s Market to get some GF Cinnamon Rolls. I would also like to try to take Grayson to the pool or a splash pad on Sunday! So we will stay pretty busy! Whatever you do, enjoy! And enjoy some of my Favorites from around the web!!

1. If I had a little girl she would wear these headbands

2. If you live in the DSM area and eat GF you need to check out Sweet Treat Without Wheat. They have fantastic donuts, cinnamon rolls, cookies, crepes, AND so much more!!! I usually get their cinnamon rolls and freeze them, they reheat great!

3. This necklace. I’m usually not a gold fan but I love this, and I love that I could add pieces with each child.

Little gold bars bear the initials that mean the most.

4. Gallery Walls….I’m thinking of putting one together in our dining/kitchen. I’m usually one to go with the same frames, same decor etc. But I’m loving the look of a variety of colors and textures…like this.

Love the combo of canvas/frames/phrases/fabric

5. I’m thinking the next Aucutt Reno project will be the Master Bath…right now there is carpet in there…CARPET!! EW! I do not understand carpet in a bathroom or kitchen. I’m sorry, I just don’t! Anyways….I love this idea for above the toilet. Looks like an easy DIY project!

DIY bathroom makeover with an over the toilet storage unit repurposed from an old picture frame.

6. Finally….as you know we just moved a couple months ago. We have super nice neighbors and most of our neighbors seem to be sticking around for a bit…BUT if we ever get new neighbors I think this will be the “Welcome to the neighborhood,” gift. Such a cute, cheap, simple and thoughtful gift!

Welcome to the neighborhood gift. Mason jar, dish soap, scrubber, dish towel, & sponges.

Enjoy your Friday friends!

Sunday Coffee

**Happy Father’s Day to all you dad’s out there! I am blessed with an amazing father, an amazing father-in-law and an amazing father to my child. I am one lucky lady to be surrounded by wonderful men!!! I hope you all enjoy your day!

**So because it’s Father’s Day, does that mean my 15 month old gets to get up at 5am while my hubby sleeps? 😉 Yes, my child has been getting up WAY to early!!! We have tried everything from pushing bedtime back to let him just hang out and cry. However, today I did let him cry for about 10 minutes and he FINALLY laid down, found a paci and went back to sleep!!! WOOHOO!! BUT, could I fall back asleep? Nope!!!

**We won a tri-family membership to three awesome places in the Des Moines area last Christmas. One of those is the zoo. We have been three times in the last three weeks or so! It’s great, we get in for free and Grayson LOVES it. It’s the perfect size for anyone under the age of 10. When our pass expires I think we will end up for sure getting at least a year membership to the zoo.

**Curt and I went out to a movie last night. it was the first time since seeing Catching Fire in December!! WHAT?! We went to see Neighbors. It wasn’t bad, I give it 3 out of 5 stars and Curt gave it 2.5. If you are new parents or parents to little ones I think you would find it relate-able and funny. Otherwise, I wouldn’t recommend it.

**We are almost done with our kitchen reno!! Curt just needs to put some minor touches together and I need to finish an item or too and I will share pictures. It turned out amazing and I can credit ALL of it to my awesome hubby!

**Grayson made the cutest gift for Curt for Father’s Day at daycare. It’s a cute picture frame with the CUTEST photo of him and a cute little card. Grayson was so proud to show it to his dad (see below). So glad my daycare is so awesome with stuff like that.


**I feel like I had some mom fails this week in regards to Father’s Day. I tried to make a garden stone for Curt with Grayson…that was a DISASTER. Between Grayson dumping 4 cups of water on our treadmill to him trying to grab the cement stuff before it was ready to dumping it in the yard. It didn’t pan out. Then I tried to make french toast this morning (usually Curt makes it) and one of Curt’s wasn’t fully cooked! AHHH!! Good thing I have a loving and understanding husband. 😉 I’ll stick to pancakes….and we will re-do the garden stone today as a family. That’s our plan!

Whatever you and do I hope you all have a wonderful day!!

Sunday Coffee

**In 16 days we will have a one year old…..AAAAAAHHHH!! Where has the past year gone?? It has gone to lots of sleepless nights, spit up, bottles, nursing, trying to nurse, pumping, sleepless nights (did I say that already?), worry but most of all the past year has gone with LOTS of snuggles, cuddles, coos, milestones and lots and lots of love and I wouldn’t change a thing.

**Well, if I did change a thing it would be staying at home, but it’s not feasible for us at this time in our life. So this working momma is dealing…or trying to I guess. 😉

**Have you heard or played Cards Against Humanity? I’ve only heard that it’s fun, but I’m not sure what it all entails or anything. Would love to hear if anyone has played it and your thoughts?

**Aucutt Reno 2014 has begun!!! Have I told you? We took out this 80s ugly wet bar in our new house and will be replacing it with a mini mudroom, and we filled in a hole and closed up the wall. We will be painting the living room and building a built-in for the DVD/Box etc and mounting the tv. Our living room is longer and skinny, so it’s been interesting to figure out furniture, tv, toys etc. But it’s coming together and I can’t wait to see the finished project! I’ll share some photos soon. And when I say WE, I mean my handy hubby. 🙂

**Curt also updated the downstairs half bath with a new toilet, vanity, mirror and paint. We just need to decorate it (that’s where I come in) and update the laundry part of the half bath. Slowly ticking off house projects.

**I think we have decided we will fence in the yard and hire it out. We have gotten several estimates and discussed Curt doing it himself but we just think it’s worth the added cost to pay someone to do it. I think to save money we will only do the privacy on the back side. One neighbor has a privacy already so we wouldn’t need it on that side and the other neighbor has a chain link fence. SOOOO I think we will have a chain link on one side and use their existing and just deal with it until we add privacy fence on that side. Right now, the most important thing is to get a fenced in yard so we can make it work. Besides, we like our neighbor. 🙂

**We decided to paint our living room the same color we had painted our living room in our town home…granite boulder, it’s sort of this gray/blue/green and we love it.  I also love it for Grayson’s room. Right now he has white furniture but eventually when we transition him to a big boy bed I want to get dark brown furniture for his room. And I think Granite Boulder will look nice in there with that. We will keep the white for baby #2….which is not an announcement just our plan.

**Next weekend I’m taking Grayson to get his 1 year old photos done by… sister!!! My youngest sister has an eye for that type of stuff and we plan to use my parents house where there are lots of different backdrops. So to save some costs she is doing us a HUGE favor. Thanks KATELIN!! If you recall Katelin also did our newborn photos, she rocks.

**I’m still on the hunt for some good toddler food ideas for daycare. He is transitioning from pureed to more bite size but I’m nervous that he won’t get enough if I only send a few bite size and no jars…..thoughts?

**Grayson is in the midst of getting FOUR teeth up top!! I can see white but right now only one seems to be really making some headway. Teething sucks….I feel for the kid. In our teething arsenal includes Hylands Teething Tablets and just lots of extra snuggles. We have only given him tylenol once for the pain and we don’t use teethers…trust me I’ve tried but he doesn’t seem to like the teethers. So we are making it through with the bare necessities, any advice?

**I have tomorrow off for President’s Day, so I’m going to enjoy my extra snuggles and cuddles! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday friends!

Sunday Coffee

**We recently got Netflix, as we are drastically staring to cut our Direct TV, and I’m not going to lie I was a little skeptical at first. Thinking it wouldn’t have anything I want to watch, but I must say I absolutely love it! We watched all of New Girl series so far and moved on to Mad Men. And no we don’t watch a lot of TV, as I just made it sound, just when Grayson goes to bed really….so it takes weeks to get through a series.

**Speaking of Netflix, as I mentioned we got into Mad Med. I’ve never watched it on TV but heard such great things we decided to check it out…..and I’m so glad we did. WE love it. Currently, we are on Season 4 (just started it) and I just can’t wait to see what happens next. I can’t tell who my favorite is because all of them have major flaws…I personally think it’s very accurate to the time period (60s), and I think the acting is phenomenal. Highly recommend!

**We finally started a “big” project on the new house. This weekend Curt started remodeling the downstairs half bath. And when I say we, I mean I’m the creative director (a little Mad Men reference for ya), and Curt is the manual labor. And when I say creative director I mean I find something on Pinterest or Houzz and show it to my husband. 🙂 I’m so thankful for a handy husband! Curt can read how to do something once and just go do it…correctly… whereas I really need someone walking me through, standing right there ready to take over when I mess it up. 🙂

**I have already changed the theme of Grayson’s first birthday. This new idea isn’t much of a theme as it is a decor…..I’m excited!

**Its supposed to be close to 50 degrees here in Iowa today! And yesterday was in the mid 30s, I feel like I can go out in shorts and light jacket! That’s how cold it has been here…so cold that a measly 35 degrees feels wonderful!

**This Spring/Summer I’m going to start a vegetable garden, specifically in a raised bed. But I need some help. Do I plant seeds inside first and transfer? When do I start planting? Does it need to be in full sun? Share anything you can to help me out!

Hope you are all having a splendid weekend!

Monday Musings

How was your Mothers Day weekend? Good I hope. Ready for another Monday Musings? Here we go….

**Happy belated Mother’s Day to my mom and all you other awesome moms out there. I am not a mom yet, but I do believe I know how hard and rewarding it is and I can’t wait to experience it for myself. As well as put to work all the great things my mom has taught me over the years.

**I went home sick from work today….ugh being sick when it’s nice out is the worst. But on my drive home all I kept thinking was I wasted a work outfit for an hour and half worth of work….dang. Haha.

**Curt is traveling this week, I hate when he travels. I feel for all you wives out there with hubby’s that travel frequently. Luckily, Curt doesn’t travel often…but that doesn’t make it any easier.

**Big news in the Aucutt Household (no I’m not preggo), we decided to finally finish our basement! Yay! I am so excited! We will do it over the span of several months as we are doing it ourselves and will be paying for it as we go. I will be sure to document all the renovation realities as we go. Our fist step was putting up this blue foam insulation after organizing and cleaning up. After a very exciting drive with 8 foot pieces (kinda miss the truck) and then having to cut them in half because they were to big to get downstairs they are almost all up, due to my handy hubby. Pictures below.

**I am so thankful my husband is so handy. In the basement we plan to build in built in bookshelves and storage on one wall downstairs. This will help cover the sump pump. I can’t wait to see it finished.

**Last week I received a compliment from a stranger about my skin, she asked what I did because it was so beautiful and creamy. I have gotten those types of compliments a lot and I’m not one to brag but I wanted to share this….I told her my secret was never getting in a tanning bed and wearing sunscreen, I am a BIG advocate for not tanning. This is your skin, God gave it to you, and getting in a tanning bed is like asking for cancer. Just like smoking, you CAN prevent it. Why would you put yourself at risk? Anyways…I’m not saying I’ve never been burned, and I do have a higher risk of skin cancer due to my fair skin and genetics so I take the right steps to hopefully avoid something so preventable. I also want to teach my daughter some day that her skin is beautiful, that she is beautiful…..maybe when she is older tan won’t be in and beautiful, natural color is. :)I will be proud when all her friends are tanning and we won’t let her and when she asks me why and says I probably did I when I was younger I can proudly say no I didn’t and this is why….

**I will get off my high horse now.

Below, a picture of me with my mom in honor of Mothers Day and some photos of our basement reno, Happy Monday!