Sunday Coffee–PM Edition

**Sorry for the delay! Moving a little slow this morning, had a big shopping day yesterday with my favorite ladies and my mom spent the night. We went and got groceries and then she was off….the time to get groceries (in case you were wondering…) is really either Saturday PM like 8ish or Sunday morning around 9ish….I’m sure it’s also nice during the week day but for a working mom the best time is when the little ones go to bed on a weekend or earlier on a morning with your little one in tow. I personally like taking Grayson (right now), he loves people watching!

**Grayson is getting not 1, not 2, not 3, but at least 4 NEW TEETH!! Man, I HATE teething. Actually the little guy is a champ but he is a little more fussier than normal and drools ALL.THE.TIME. I might as well keep him naked for how often we have to change his clothes/bibs etc. I hate teething…

**Are you wondering how our sleep has been going since my post a couple weeks ago? It really turned around! I’m not sure why that little stretch of not sleeping happened…maybe teething, maybe just pumped it was the middle of the night and wanted to play…who knows. But it has passed. And we are THANKFUL.

**Do you have friendly neighbors? When we lived in the townhome we didn’t really have any nice neighbors (except one lovely older couple who we still keep in touch with). One thing about moving I wanted to make sure we made an effort and HOPEFULLY would actually interact with our neighbors. So far so good! I LOVE our neighborhood, everyone is so friendly and is always introducing themselves to us. We have a wonderful family of four next to us with two young girls, I’m pretty sure Grayson will never have a problem finding friends to play with in the area. We also have an older gentleman with two teenage daughters. Both neighbors are super friendly and nice…always waving to us over the fence, talking about our veggie gardens. Yes, we do have a lovely neighborhood. MUCH different from our previous home.

**Yesterday I got some new clothes and I think I can officially say almost 14 months after baby I’m back to my pre-pregnancy size….with some alterations…meaning I’m definitely not as toned as before but I can wear the size I was wearing before I got preggo. 14 months….not sure if that’s average or not (I’m leaning towards not). What did I do? Not much….seriously….I am totally slacking in the fitness department. I find it hard to make the time for it with a full time job, a full time mom, full time wife, full time everything and by the end of the day I’m beat. So yea, maybe I could have gotten back to my regular size earlier….but I’ll take it.

**Before you berate me for my previous comment of “find it hard to make the time,” I know there is time in my day to be healthy. And for the moment my healthy is…grabbing a banana, going on a walk with my family, running up the stairs to get something, and randomly doing lunges in the living room….I’m not a die hard athlete nor do I have the time (seriously I don’t), to work out every single day for 1+ hours. I make choices, and one choice is to consider my walk my workout for the day vs. going on a long run alone during awake time with Grayson.

**Now, before you get mad at THAT previous comment because maybe you do work out a lot and can find the time…AWESOME! I think that is AWESOME! Seriously, you are dedicated and motivated. So let’s just all love each other. 😉 We don’t need to go into this drama….remember that?? 😉

**Speaking of fitness…I WOULD like to get back into a running routine. I just got a jogging stroller and I can’t wait to try it out! I hate hate hate running….BUT I like how I feel after I get into, I’ve done it before I can do it again. And now I can take the little man with me, which I think he will love. I also love it too because then I don’t have to miss any of his awake time to go for a run but we can enjoy fitness and the outdoors together. WIN all around.

**Last night a local prom was going on so we some some kids dressed to the nine when we went out to dinner. We were talking about what would we tell these 17 and 18 year olds now that we are looking to go back to our 10 year and 20 year high school reunions….I think I’d tell them to enjoy the no bills, no loans, no adult decisions and to just have FUN! Enjoy this time. What would YOU tell them?

**Seriously, it’s my 10 year high school reunion this year. Where did the time go?!

Enjoy the rest of your day friends. We are supposed to get some storms which sounds wonderful to me. 🙂 Who doesn’t love a good thunderstorm?

Monday Musings

**I feel like my life consists of lists, lists and more lists. I try to stay very organized, and lists is a way I can do that. I love, LOVE checking things of my list. I feel like we are such a society of go,go, go in order to keep my sanity I need lists.
**Not only do I like lists but I like schedules. I know not all of life can and should be scheduled….but one can wish. 🙂
**I kinda have been sucking at running lately…a mile here, two miles there…ugh what happened to the running 4-5 miles every other day?! Dare I say I miss it….? No, what I miss is getting that good work out in and now I have to build that up again because I was slacking….damn.
**Did I tell you we got tickets to see Journey in concert? Yep, this August Journey is coming to the Iowa State Fair again. I saw them a few years ago and I just can’t miss them! They are awesome in concert. I’m a little bummed they are at the fair (not my favorite venue for a concert) but I will take it.
**I hate it when I spell something so wrong that not even spell check can recognize the word, so then I spend the next five minutes trying to get close to getting it so eventually spellcheck will figure it out.
**Every day I bet I consider or ask myself why I haven’t deactivated my Facebook account….I just need to suck it up and do it. I really get sick of some of the stuff people post….I even went through and deleted a bunch of “friends” but alas I still get annoyed. The Facebook dos and donts post is coming soon!
**Speaking of lists, I have to run because we have lots to do tonight!

Enjoy this picture of us sitting on the biggest walnut rocking chair in Iowa! However,from this angle we look like we are the perfect size for it! Haha.


Monday Musings

**We got bikes this weekend!! I mean we went all out, decent bikes, helmets, water bottles, a hitch for the car etc. The one thing we did not get was padded shorts….and you need those!!! They are currently on my list to buy.  We will plan to take them on vacation with us. I’m excited for a new cardio that we can do together (Curt hates running).

**I also hate running. BUT I run because I think it’s a good way to stay in shape. I wish, oh how I wish I was one of those people who run because that’s “their time,” those runners that can without music or just run and not pay attention to how far they have left, they run because they love it. Trust me, I’ve tried to be one of those runners and it’s not me. So right now I’ll stick to my running on the treadmill to Season 1 of Glee to get my runs in and finished.

**Are you good with time management?  With so much going on in our lives now I think it’s important to have good time management skills. When you work 8 hours a day, have a family, work out, eat right, have hobbies, etc. Time management is critical.

**Calling all women out there…what’s the ONE thing, the ONE thing, that if you forgot to put on make-up wise you would have to run to the store and get some no matter where you were or where you were going? For me it’s mascara. The last thing I put on before I leave, I think I’ve forgotten to do it ONCE and at 7am I ran to Hy-Vee to buy some. Did you know Hy-Vee doesn’t really carry make-up? Nope, but they did have this 99 cent brand that I think might have made my eyes bleed….but ya know what? I took one for the team and bought it and put it on. All the girls out there will understand me for this one.

**We went to the Autism Walk on Sat. morning for my nephew Caden.  The Walk itself always has a lot going on but it always, always feels so unorganized to me.  Apparently we missed the opening ceremony and everyone just started walking. It was chaotic, but we were there, and we supported Caden and that’s what was important.

**Now that we have bikes we might consider doing this race in August with my sister and her boyfriend. Has anyone ever done it? I’m a little nervous to actually ride my bike on the busy streets of DSM as opposed to the trail in Altoona….thoughts? Can novice bikers do this and survive? 😉

**I’ve said it a million times and I’ll say it again. Please be nice to one another.

Monday Musings

Happy Monday!

**Note to self, placing weights right by the treadmill where you step is never a good idea. Luckily, I have cat like reflexes and didn’t twist my ankle or fall on my butt. Lesson learned.
**I think a lot of people in this world are selfish and inconsiderate. I’m not saying I’m perfect but lately I feel like I keep running into people who don’t think of others or think about how their actions affect others. Be nice people!
**A lot of times while I’m sitting at a stoplight someone will honk their horn and I never can figure out who they are honking at. I never see anything going wrong or someone cutting someone off….are people just that impatient to get to where they are going? Who knows, maybe they are honking it at me. 😉
**Do you have big plans for the holiday weekend? My birthday is next Tuesday and I usually like to celebrate all weekend long! 🙂 We might plant flowers, go to dinner, bonfire, see a movie, picnic. The possibilities are endless! I love celebrating birthdays!
**We helped Curt’s parents move this weekend. I used muscles I haven’t used in years it feels like! But I’m glad we could help them out and it was like getting intense workouts in all at the same time!
**I didn’t think I would like reading on my iPad. I love actually holding a book and collecting them on my bookshelf. But when I got a deal on the Nook application to download the trilogy of Fifty Shades of Grey, and I loved reading on this thing! I could change the size, brightness, and it wasn’t heavy at all to hold. Additionally, I could read in bed with the nightlight on which makes the background black with grey writing so I don’t bother Curt. Oh and I can run and read easier because I can make the font so big! I am no wishing all my books were on this app, them running would be so much better!
**I love Ellen and usually record her show since I miss it because of work. At the end of every episode she says “Be kind to one another.” I love that! It’s such a simple statement and can make all the difference so to end this addition of Monday Musings I leave you with that saying…..

Be kind to one another! 🙂