Sunday Coffee

**Hey, Hey, Hey! Guess what?! Grayson slept in this weekend!!! On both Saturday and today he slept until 7am!!!!! Friends, this has NEVER happened, so imagine me jumping up and down over and over and dancing in the kitchen with Curt because we too got to sleep until 7! I actually think it’s because he has a bad cold and is cutting his canine teeth. So little guy needs some extra sleep. Whatever the reason, it has been glorious.

**Now that we are getting a consistent 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep does that mean it’s time for baby #2 to alter the sleeping universe. (NOT AN ANNOUNCEMENT!). Curt is rolling his eyes right now…he is enjoying his sleep. Also, did I just jinx us? Will Grayson be getting up at 430 am tomorrow? Probably! 😉

**I have two awesome sites that I frequent a lot when it comes to little ones. Kelly Mom, is great for all things breastfeeding, pumping, formula etc. I was an exclusive pumper and this site is FANTASTIC! New mommies, 2nd time mommies, 3rd time mommies…any of you I promise you will benefit from this site. The other site is The Baby Sleep Site. I FIRMLY believe in sleep regressions, Grayson has been SPOT on with sleep regressions (18 month sleep regression anyone?!). And this site has been a lifesaver. We all know I’m a schedule person, so I think their sample schedules too. Check those two out mommies!

**Speaking of schedules….I know I’ve talked about what a crazy schedule person I am in the past. But I just think little ones THRIVE and NEED  schedules. Anyways, I understand that sometimes it’s just not going to work to get him a nap on time, or bedtime on time. But whenever possible if I can make it work, I’ll do it. For instance, today we are having a lunch party for my niece. It’s at noon here in town. Grayson will be fast asleep. I won’t keep him up to go…can you imagine a tired, not feeling good, teething toddler in a restaurant…with other people?! So, as much as I would like to take him since we will be close to home he will just stay home with daddy and take a nap like normal. Sorry Caleigh! On the flip side, in a few weeks we have a wedding out of town. Luckily, the wedding isn’t until after his nap. Grayson can sleep on the way for his nap and get a good two hour nap in. I know bedtime will be off that night, but I’m hoping the stimulation of a wedding and dance will make him somewhat ok. Not that we will be staying out until midnight or even 10 for that matter, but I’m sure it will be past his bedtime. And that’s ok, we will deal and he will be ok! And so will we…..I hope. 😉

**Basically, what I’m trying to say is schedules are important to me but I understand sometimes we get a little off of them…. 😉

**It’s been feeling like the end of October not the middle of September here in Iowa. I for one love it. I got all my Fall decorations out, got the front door decked out, my cinnamon candles going….ahhh…This is my favorite time of year!

I better get going, enjoy your day my friends!

Sunday Coffee

Why a Sunday Coffee post so late in the day, you may be asking yourself….Well, my 18 month old thought it best to get up around 530 today. With getting up earlier than normal also came a cranky and clingy little 18 month old. Then, I thought to myself…I’ll write a quick post during nap. THANKFULLY, he did go right to sleep at nap but I was also exhausted. BUT unfortunately, I could not pass out in 2 minutes like my son. Nope, I laid there thinking of everything I have to do and thinking about how gosh, if I fall asleep now he will be up in 20 min…ugh. So FINALLY, I got up…still no nap for me, and the little stinker is still sleeping…going on 2.5 hours now. GREAT!

**Seriously though, it is great he is sleeping he obviously needed it. My child has been throwing us off his game the past few weeks…some days he is up super early, no nap or bad nap, other days he sleeps in good (I’m only talking like to 630 here people), and takes a great nap….hot and cold this one is all of a sudden. Hopefully, it’s just a phase.

**Speaking of sleeping….I GUARANTEE the little man will sleep close to 7 tomorrow, which means I’ll have to wake him to get to daycare/work on time (which by the way I HATE waking him up). He only likes to sleep in when mommy and daddy can’t….I’m on to you little man, I’m on to you.

**Again…speaking of sleep (It’s pretty obvious whats on my mind)….I can’t help of think of my two close friends that just recently had babies and the lack of sleep they are probably getting. I guess him sleeping 11 plus hours a night isn’t such a bad thing afterall. 😉 I remember those days…every two hours feeding…then pumping…then washing…then sleep oh wait it’s time for another feeding….Power through guys you can do it! 🙂

**Ok, enough with sleep. HAPPY GRANDPARENTS DAY! Grayson is blessed to have two wonderful sets of grandparents. Each spoil and love on him whenever they are around him. We are so thankful and lucky to have such wonderful parents!! You guys rock!

**Today I read this article while I was supposed to be napping….I really liked it and so far in all my 18 months of parenting I thought it was pretty spot on. I will say we don’t have a DVD player in the car yet….and Curt and I go back and forth on it. But that’s a conversation for another day. 🙂

**Speaking of DVDs….Grayson actually doesn’t watch a lot of TV. We don’t let him…unless he is sick or we need to do something so it keeps him busy we will turn on Netflix kids for 30 min tops. He LOVES Baby Genius…and he LOVES Elmo. But turns out Netflix just got rid of Sesame Street on Netflix…WHAT THE HECK NETFLIX!!!!!? Anyone know what that’s all about and where is a petition for me to sign to get that back?!

**We are powering through Dawson’s Creek…STILL! I’ve lost interest…they are now in the college years and I REALLY don’t like when Joey and Pacey aren’t together. But I did find out Netflix is going to be getting rid of Dawson’s Creek in a few weeks too! So power through we will! But, seriously Netflix…get your stuff together.

**It has been BEAUTIFUL here in Iowa. I LOVE Fall! And while I wasn’t napping I was thinking how I should be getting out all my Fall decor! I think it’s just big fail all around for me today in the production department!

**And one final note to hug and kiss your little ones and loves more and more. A colleague of mine told me a good friend of her’s little girl unexpectedly passed away in her sleep. I CAN’T EVEN IMAGINE! And my thoughts and prayers go out to all the family and friends that knew her. A reminder of how lucky I am….I have a wonderful, happy and healthy family…we are truly blessed and lucky. Now, he is getting up so I’m going to go give him lots of kisses and snuggles!

With that, I’ll leave you with a few grandparent photos in celebration of Grandparents Day!!! PS. These were taken on Grayson’s 1st birthday….poor little guy had a bit of a cold so was a tad out of it!

1656325_10100610475674033_2140687248_n 1795499_10100610475773833_339521806_n

Sunday Coffee

Whoa, where have I been?! Well, I took a little hiatus I guess you could say from the blog world. Between work things, family fun, summer fun etc. It was just something I decided to break from. But I’m back! So with that….

**Two of our friends (different couples) both welcomed babies into their lives this weekend! One couple had a little girl and one had a little boy. In celebration Grayson has decided to revert to newborn sleeping habits….one hour naps, getting up at the a$$ crack of dawn aka 4:55. This kid is going through some sort of WEIRD sleep regression. I’ve read that it can happen around 18 months, and that it’s one of the worst ones! AWESOME.

**But seriously, congrats to our friends! You are all in for one awesome journey and I can’t wait to meet the newest members of your families!

**Did you know August is actually my least favorite month of the year?? I know, crazy! Especially because that is the month my husband celebrates his birthday! Nothing against August 20th (we will let that day slide in the month). I don’t know if it’s because I’m ready for Fall to begin, the fact that it’s always 5 freaking weeks, or that the State Fair (not a fan) happens….I just don’t like August.

**I couldn’t wait any longer, I had to break out some Fall decorations. I found my Fall wreath and put that up and started lightening all my Fall candles! Now, if it were 20 degrees cooler…..

**Curt and I have been binge watching Netflix shows, currently we are watching Dawson’s Creek. I watched the show when it aired and loved it. But now….I think every scene should have “Cry me a River” by Justin Timberlake in the background. These kids are SO DRAMATIC!!! Seriously, did I relate to them in high school!? I currently have a love/hate relationship with the show now….PS. I’m Team Pacey!

Because of my long hiatus I thought I owed you a photo….Enjoy this one of Grayson enjoying some local sweet corn. Probably the last of the season for us! 🙂 I’m ready for all things pumpkin!

photo (2)

Sunday Coffee–PM Edition

**Sorry for the delay! Moving a little slow this morning, had a big shopping day yesterday with my favorite ladies and my mom spent the night. We went and got groceries and then she was off….the time to get groceries (in case you were wondering…) is really either Saturday PM like 8ish or Sunday morning around 9ish….I’m sure it’s also nice during the week day but for a working mom the best time is when the little ones go to bed on a weekend or earlier on a morning with your little one in tow. I personally like taking Grayson (right now), he loves people watching!

**Grayson is getting not 1, not 2, not 3, but at least 4 NEW TEETH!! Man, I HATE teething. Actually the little guy is a champ but he is a little more fussier than normal and drools ALL.THE.TIME. I might as well keep him naked for how often we have to change his clothes/bibs etc. I hate teething…

**Are you wondering how our sleep has been going since my post a couple weeks ago? It really turned around! I’m not sure why that little stretch of not sleeping happened…maybe teething, maybe just pumped it was the middle of the night and wanted to play…who knows. But it has passed. And we are THANKFUL.

**Do you have friendly neighbors? When we lived in the townhome we didn’t really have any nice neighbors (except one lovely older couple who we still keep in touch with). One thing about moving I wanted to make sure we made an effort and HOPEFULLY would actually interact with our neighbors. So far so good! I LOVE our neighborhood, everyone is so friendly and is always introducing themselves to us. We have a wonderful family of four next to us with two young girls, I’m pretty sure Grayson will never have a problem finding friends to play with in the area. We also have an older gentleman with two teenage daughters. Both neighbors are super friendly and nice…always waving to us over the fence, talking about our veggie gardens. Yes, we do have a lovely neighborhood. MUCH different from our previous home.

**Yesterday I got some new clothes and I think I can officially say almost 14 months after baby I’m back to my pre-pregnancy size….with some alterations…meaning I’m definitely not as toned as before but I can wear the size I was wearing before I got preggo. 14 months….not sure if that’s average or not (I’m leaning towards not). What did I do? Not much….seriously….I am totally slacking in the fitness department. I find it hard to make the time for it with a full time job, a full time mom, full time wife, full time everything and by the end of the day I’m beat. So yea, maybe I could have gotten back to my regular size earlier….but I’ll take it.

**Before you berate me for my previous comment of “find it hard to make the time,” I know there is time in my day to be healthy. And for the moment my healthy is…grabbing a banana, going on a walk with my family, running up the stairs to get something, and randomly doing lunges in the living room….I’m not a die hard athlete nor do I have the time (seriously I don’t), to work out every single day for 1+ hours. I make choices, and one choice is to consider my walk my workout for the day vs. going on a long run alone during awake time with Grayson.

**Now, before you get mad at THAT previous comment because maybe you do work out a lot and can find the time…AWESOME! I think that is AWESOME! Seriously, you are dedicated and motivated. So let’s just all love each other. 😉 We don’t need to go into this drama….remember that?? 😉

**Speaking of fitness…I WOULD like to get back into a running routine. I just got a jogging stroller and I can’t wait to try it out! I hate hate hate running….BUT I like how I feel after I get into, I’ve done it before I can do it again. And now I can take the little man with me, which I think he will love. I also love it too because then I don’t have to miss any of his awake time to go for a run but we can enjoy fitness and the outdoors together. WIN all around.

**Last night a local prom was going on so we some some kids dressed to the nine when we went out to dinner. We were talking about what would we tell these 17 and 18 year olds now that we are looking to go back to our 10 year and 20 year high school reunions….I think I’d tell them to enjoy the no bills, no loans, no adult decisions and to just have FUN! Enjoy this time. What would YOU tell them?

**Seriously, it’s my 10 year high school reunion this year. Where did the time go?!

Enjoy the rest of your day friends. We are supposed to get some storms which sounds wonderful to me. 🙂 Who doesn’t love a good thunderstorm?

Sleep…the most wonderful thing in the world

Sleep is a wonderful word….and thing…currently you can find my Google Search History like this: 13 month old sleep regression? 13 month old waking up in the middle of the night, 13 month old won’t sleep! So if you can’t tell we are going through a little bit of a “growing pain” in the Aucutt Household. Our wonderful sleeper has turned into a terrible night waking monster! I kid, he isn’t really a monster BUT it has been a rough couple of days.

The past few nights, Grayson has been waking up in the middle of the night and gets so upset he screams and cries and screams some more all the while reaching his little arms up to be held. But when we hold him to rock him he cries and wants down, when we rub his back he cries and wants out. On Sunday night this went on and on from 1-4 am! Last night it was from 12:30 to 2 (making progress). So needless to say hubby and I are walking around like zombies…and that’s just two nights of this! I read a lot about sleep regressions and the only thing I can really find is that he might be going through separation anxiety. As every time we leave the room he screams again, but if he can see us there he is usually fine. Last night we broke down and let him cry from 1:40 to 2 am and he FINALLY laid down and went to sleep. I’m not a fan of the cry it out method (or CIO is what you will find in the online world). But we really didn’t know what else to do. Nothing would calm him down…except getting down to play and read (Which we wouldn’t allow). If you have ever tried the CIO method you probably know how terrible it is, it sucked and after he finally went to sleep I was wide awake. Was that the right thing to do? Should we have tried something else? A bottle? Sippy? Anything?! He isn’t sick, teething has never made him behave like this. I just think his sleep cycle must be changing and he is more awake now and having trouble figuring out how to go to sleep, then he see us in and out trying to get him calmed down and he freaks out when we leave. At least that’s what my not so doctor, trying to make me feel better for letting my child cry for 20 minutes opinion is. I think it’s to make me feel better….

So parents, what advice do you have? Anyone have a 13 month old do this? Do you like the CIO method, did it work for you? Tips and tricks please as we would like to get some sleep tonight! 😉

PS: little man just laid down but only after crying for about ten min, he used to go down hassle and cry free! Where did my great sleeper go?!


Sunday Coffee

**Did anyone else’s one year old go through a sleep regression…or is it just mine? Grayson has been getting up at 5:15 every.single.morning the past couple of days. I try very hard not to get him out until 615 under the naive hope that he will actually go back to sleep, but he usually just plays and talks. I also think he has a bad cold so that isn’t helping. Let’s hope this doesn’t last much longer because the poor kid doesn’t get a nap at daycare until close to noon…that’s a LONG morning!

**We are getting our fence this week!! Awhile back I talked about if we should do it ourselves or not…we bit the bullet and are having it paid to be done. It helps that both our neighbors on our sides have a fence, one is a chain and one is privacy. So we will keep those and just add privacy to the back and front sides….so one side will be chain link and the rest privacy. That’s ok though…it gets us to our goal which is a fence in yard….now time for landscaping….is Yard Crashers in the area filming?? 🙂

**Last year at this time I was on maternity leave….my oh my time sure does seem to fly.

**We introduced peanut butter to Grayson for the first time this weekend. I was NERVOUS! I’m not sure why…maybe because it seems I read or hear about allergies and kids ALL.THE.TIME. When I asked our doc. about it he said go for it that there is not “rule” anymore with peanuts, wheat, eggs etc. But he did recommend waiting until after one. He said just put a little on some Cheerios or something and the first allergic reaction would be hives. Well today is day 2 and no reaction just yet. Knock on wood. I feel for kids with allergies and I’m praying we don’t have to worry about that…so far so good. His daycare is a peanut and tree nut free facility which is fine with me. When did you first try an allergy food with your little one? How did you introduce it and how did it go?

**Speaking of introducing high allergy foods…when introducing PB to Gray I first rubbed some peanut butter on his leg! My husband looked at me like I was crazy! But I read somewhere that he could have a reaction on his leg instead of ingesting it and finding out. I don’t think I waited long enough for something if anything to show up on his leg before giving him some…am I crazy? No, I don’t think so….but don’t ask my husband.

**I still haven’t seen Frozen but I play the “Let it Go” song over and over on YouTube. Grayson also seems to enjoy it. 😉

**Curt is almost done with our mini mud room! I can’t wait to show you all the finished project! Next up….our kitchen/front room wasted space area!! We ordered floor last week! WOOHOO!!

Well, I’m off to start the day while the little one sleeps…Grayson is now at an age where there isn’t much I can get done when he is awake…he is into EVERYTHING! So whatever you do and wherever you go enjoy your day friends!