Words for Wednesday





“All done”




“Baaa” (Bar)

“Brinnn” (Brynn, our dog)


“Babeeeey” (Baby)

“Bubbbbllleeee” (Bubbles)

“Aubeee” (Aubrey from his class at daycare)

“Emeee” (Emmett from his class at daycare)

“NOOOOORRROOO” (Nora from his class at daycare)

“Ti” (Tiff, his teacher at daycare)

And his favorite one of all….. “EMMMOO” (Elmo)

Among a few other words those are the main ones Grayson says….a lot. He likes to really accentuate certain letters in a word. He also does LOTS of animal sounds. He knows a lot more and is just working on saying words. I tell you it is so stinking cute to hear him talk. When did my babbling little baby turn into a talking machine? It’s amazing that even though he doesn’t enunciate very well we can still understand him so well. We do a lot of repeating back and asking him to say words after us.

So this Words for Wednesday post is dedicated to him and his increasing vocabulary.

Not only is he talking…LOTS, he is quite a little character…case in point see his picture wearing sunglasses we got for him when he was an infant, which were too big then and now they are a tad to small. Enjoy your day friends!

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Words for Wednesday

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So I find that a lot of these “truths” ring true for me. For instance:

#3: I would give anything to be able to nap every day from 1-3 or heck even 1-2pm.

#4: So many people read into emails TOO much, me included, so let’s make a sarcastic font….sounds good to me.

#25: I probably do this way more than I should…I think I’ll just start interrupting and ask the person to start completely over and I will try and pay attention and listen this time.

#30: If you went to UNI you know what I’m talking about and you agree with me. 😉

Do any of these ring true for you?

Words for Wednesday

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I don’t necessarily feel like this…it’s always sad when a person AND a dog dies, but I thought this was kinda funny and wanted to share for this weeks Words for Wenesday post.

If you don’t know by now, we do have a dog. Her name is Brynn, she is 4 and I adopted her when she was around 12 or 14 weeks. She had a rough start and she has some issues to work through now. But we love her. 🙂 Here she is the day we brought her home.

And today…

Words for Wednesdays

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I think the last part of the quote really rings true, “But most of all, I miss the simplicity.” Growing up is hard, being an adult is hard. Don’t get me wrong this is one of the best times in my life right now but sometimes it’s fun and nice to reminisce to the time where life at least seemed simpler….and for me that was the 90s.

Ah, if only we could bring back hair-sprayed frizzy bangs, baggy jeans, SCRUNCHIES!! Haha, good times.

Were you a 90s kid? What do you miss from the 90s?