Sunday Coffee

Whoa….it’s been awhile. My apologies!!! I hope you all have been having a wonderful Fall!!!

**Ah, the end of daylight savings….how wonderful you were when I was younger, but now with a toddler…I hate you. Grayson was up at 530 today….which in all fairness should have been 630….but somehow it did not feel like we “gained” an hour. I’m cringing at the thought of nap time today which for his little body will seem like an hour later…..

**If you have little ones…or animals (I know it affects them too!), how did it go in your house this morning?? Will you all be taking a nap this afternoon like me?

**We have almost been in our house a year…a year! Can you believe it!? After a rocky start…where the sale on our townhome almost fell through and we almost had two mortgages (still thanking God that worked out), we really do love our house! I still feel like we have a lot of little things to do but we have done so much to it to make it our own. Well, my husband has done so much…I’m the decorator. From renovating the kitchen and front living room, to making a mini mud room, to cutting down a dying tree (we will plant one in place of it), to a fresh coat of paint almost everywhere…it’s been a year of renos for us.

**Our next project, albeit small, will be painting upstairs. We have had swatches of paint all over Grayson’s room for almost a year. 😉 And I think this month we will finally get around to paint his room and the guest room.

**I know, I know, I still need to take pictures, I have a lot of before and after I need to show you and I will…soon! I promise!

**Did you have a good Halloween? Grayson was Elmo and got good use out of his costume. From wearing it for a parade at daddy’s work, to a costume party at daycare, to actual trick or treat I’m glad we used it a lot. He LOVES Elmo but really didn’t care to BE Elmo….on Beggar’s Night (when people in Des Moines actually trick or treat), he only had about an hour for a nap…and was not digging much. We only made it to three houses, and the picture below really shows the progression of our night. 🙂

I hope you all get some extra rest today if you can and enjoy your Sunday!!!


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Words for Wednesday





“All done”




“Baaa” (Bar)

“Brinnn” (Brynn, our dog)


“Babeeeey” (Baby)

“Bubbbbllleeee” (Bubbles)

“Aubeee” (Aubrey from his class at daycare)

“Emeee” (Emmett from his class at daycare)

“NOOOOORRROOO” (Nora from his class at daycare)

“Ti” (Tiff, his teacher at daycare)

And his favorite one of all….. “EMMMOO” (Elmo)

Among a few other words those are the main ones Grayson says….a lot. He likes to really accentuate certain letters in a word. He also does LOTS of animal sounds. He knows a lot more and is just working on saying words. I tell you it is so stinking cute to hear him talk. When did my babbling little baby turn into a talking machine? It’s amazing that even though he doesn’t enunciate very well we can still understand him so well. We do a lot of repeating back and asking him to say words after us.

So this Words for Wednesday post is dedicated to him and his increasing vocabulary.

Not only is he talking…LOTS, he is quite a little character…case in point see his picture wearing sunglasses we got for him when he was an infant, which were too big then and now they are a tad to small. Enjoy your day friends!

photo (4)

Sunday Coffee

**Hey, Hey, Hey! Guess what?! Grayson slept in this weekend!!! On both Saturday and today he slept until 7am!!!!! Friends, this has NEVER happened, so imagine me jumping up and down over and over and dancing in the kitchen with Curt because we too got to sleep until 7! I actually think it’s because he has a bad cold and is cutting his canine teeth. So little guy needs some extra sleep. Whatever the reason, it has been glorious.

**Now that we are getting a consistent 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep does that mean it’s time for baby #2 to alter the sleeping universe. (NOT AN ANNOUNCEMENT!). Curt is rolling his eyes right now…he is enjoying his sleep. Also, did I just jinx us? Will Grayson be getting up at 430 am tomorrow? Probably! 😉

**I have two awesome sites that I frequent a lot when it comes to little ones. Kelly Mom, is great for all things breastfeeding, pumping, formula etc. I was an exclusive pumper and this site is FANTASTIC! New mommies, 2nd time mommies, 3rd time mommies…any of you I promise you will benefit from this site. The other site is The Baby Sleep Site. I FIRMLY believe in sleep regressions, Grayson has been SPOT on with sleep regressions (18 month sleep regression anyone?!). And this site has been a lifesaver. We all know I’m a schedule person, so I think their sample schedules too. Check those two out mommies!

**Speaking of schedules….I know I’ve talked about what a crazy schedule person I am in the past. But I just think little ones THRIVE and NEED  schedules. Anyways, I understand that sometimes it’s just not going to work to get him a nap on time, or bedtime on time. But whenever possible if I can make it work, I’ll do it. For instance, today we are having a lunch party for my niece. It’s at noon here in town. Grayson will be fast asleep. I won’t keep him up to go…can you imagine a tired, not feeling good, teething toddler in a restaurant…with other people?! So, as much as I would like to take him since we will be close to home he will just stay home with daddy and take a nap like normal. Sorry Caleigh! On the flip side, in a few weeks we have a wedding out of town. Luckily, the wedding isn’t until after his nap. Grayson can sleep on the way for his nap and get a good two hour nap in. I know bedtime will be off that night, but I’m hoping the stimulation of a wedding and dance will make him somewhat ok. Not that we will be staying out until midnight or even 10 for that matter, but I’m sure it will be past his bedtime. And that’s ok, we will deal and he will be ok! And so will we…..I hope. 😉

**Basically, what I’m trying to say is schedules are important to me but I understand sometimes we get a little off of them…. 😉

**It’s been feeling like the end of October not the middle of September here in Iowa. I for one love it. I got all my Fall decorations out, got the front door decked out, my cinnamon candles going….ahhh…This is my favorite time of year!

I better get going, enjoy your day my friends!

Friday Favorites

TGIF! I’m home with a sick little guy today, which means during nap gives me a long time to peruse some of my favorite items.

1. I’m loving all the things from this Etsy Shop. I would love to have one of these initial necklaces! Hint, Hint my dear sweet husband. 🙂

2. I’ve been learning A LOT about essential oils, I’ve tried Young Living but really found that the best one for me and my family is Aura Cacia, I especially love their Baby essential oil line. I mainly use essential oils for cleaning and Aura Cacia gives great DIY cleaning ideas! I have yet to try the diaper pail spray but I think I’ll try it this weekend! Do you use essential oils?

Cleansing Diaper Pail Spray


3. Fall is in the air! Oh late Fall anyways. It’s pretty cold here lately and it’s time to switch over from summer bright nails to darker Fall tones! I’m a big Essie nail polish fan and this is a staple in my nail polish bag. I love this color.

Picture source

You can buy it pretty much anywhere, but if you are a online shopping type of gal here ya go! Go here to buy online!

4. Gray houses with white trim and a yellow door!

Picture source

No, that is not our house….our house does need to be painted however. Curt and I talk about it a lot and have decided a dark gray with white trim and a yellow door is the way to go! I don’t know WHEN we will get around to it, but I LOVE this color combination.

5. We aren’t ready for a big boy bed just yet but when we are I think we will go with this Ikea bed! I saw it on a blog post and LOVE it! I love that you can lower it and add a canopy and have storage underneath when you raise it. I think I will paint it dark brown though.

KURA Reversible bed IKEA Turned upside down the bed quickly converts from a low to a high bed.

Alright, folks! Enjoy the rest of your day! It’s rainy and dreary here! I’m hoping the little one takes a LONG nap and starts to feel better soon!

Sunday Coffee

Why a Sunday Coffee post so late in the day, you may be asking yourself….Well, my 18 month old thought it best to get up around 530 today. With getting up earlier than normal also came a cranky and clingy little 18 month old. Then, I thought to myself…I’ll write a quick post during nap. THANKFULLY, he did go right to sleep at nap but I was also exhausted. BUT unfortunately, I could not pass out in 2 minutes like my son. Nope, I laid there thinking of everything I have to do and thinking about how gosh, if I fall asleep now he will be up in 20 min…ugh. So FINALLY, I got up…still no nap for me, and the little stinker is still sleeping…going on 2.5 hours now. GREAT!

**Seriously though, it is great he is sleeping he obviously needed it. My child has been throwing us off his game the past few weeks…some days he is up super early, no nap or bad nap, other days he sleeps in good (I’m only talking like to 630 here people), and takes a great nap….hot and cold this one is all of a sudden. Hopefully, it’s just a phase.

**Speaking of sleeping….I GUARANTEE the little man will sleep close to 7 tomorrow, which means I’ll have to wake him to get to daycare/work on time (which by the way I HATE waking him up). He only likes to sleep in when mommy and daddy can’t….I’m on to you little man, I’m on to you.

**Again…speaking of sleep (It’s pretty obvious whats on my mind)….I can’t help of think of my two close friends that just recently had babies and the lack of sleep they are probably getting. I guess him sleeping 11 plus hours a night isn’t such a bad thing afterall. 😉 I remember those days…every two hours feeding…then pumping…then washing…then sleep oh wait it’s time for another feeding….Power through guys you can do it! 🙂

**Ok, enough with sleep. HAPPY GRANDPARENTS DAY! Grayson is blessed to have two wonderful sets of grandparents. Each spoil and love on him whenever they are around him. We are so thankful and lucky to have such wonderful parents!! You guys rock!

**Today I read this article while I was supposed to be napping….I really liked it and so far in all my 18 months of parenting I thought it was pretty spot on. I will say we don’t have a DVD player in the car yet….and Curt and I go back and forth on it. But that’s a conversation for another day. 🙂

**Speaking of DVDs….Grayson actually doesn’t watch a lot of TV. We don’t let him…unless he is sick or we need to do something so it keeps him busy we will turn on Netflix kids for 30 min tops. He LOVES Baby Genius…and he LOVES Elmo. But turns out Netflix just got rid of Sesame Street on Netflix…WHAT THE HECK NETFLIX!!!!!? Anyone know what that’s all about and where is a petition for me to sign to get that back?!

**We are powering through Dawson’s Creek…STILL! I’ve lost interest…they are now in the college years and I REALLY don’t like when Joey and Pacey aren’t together. But I did find out Netflix is going to be getting rid of Dawson’s Creek in a few weeks too! So power through we will! But, seriously Netflix…get your stuff together.

**It has been BEAUTIFUL here in Iowa. I LOVE Fall! And while I wasn’t napping I was thinking how I should be getting out all my Fall decor! I think it’s just big fail all around for me today in the production department!

**And one final note to hug and kiss your little ones and loves more and more. A colleague of mine told me a good friend of her’s little girl unexpectedly passed away in her sleep. I CAN’T EVEN IMAGINE! And my thoughts and prayers go out to all the family and friends that knew her. A reminder of how lucky I am….I have a wonderful, happy and healthy family…we are truly blessed and lucky. Now, he is getting up so I’m going to go give him lots of kisses and snuggles!

With that, I’ll leave you with a few grandparent photos in celebration of Grandparents Day!!! PS. These were taken on Grayson’s 1st birthday….poor little guy had a bit of a cold so was a tad out of it!

1656325_10100610475674033_2140687248_n 1795499_10100610475773833_339521806_n

Sunday Coffee

Whoa, where have I been?! Well, I took a little hiatus I guess you could say from the blog world. Between work things, family fun, summer fun etc. It was just something I decided to break from. But I’m back! So with that….

**Two of our friends (different couples) both welcomed babies into their lives this weekend! One couple had a little girl and one had a little boy. In celebration Grayson has decided to revert to newborn sleeping habits….one hour naps, getting up at the a$$ crack of dawn aka 4:55. This kid is going through some sort of WEIRD sleep regression. I’ve read that it can happen around 18 months, and that it’s one of the worst ones! AWESOME.

**But seriously, congrats to our friends! You are all in for one awesome journey and I can’t wait to meet the newest members of your families!

**Did you know August is actually my least favorite month of the year?? I know, crazy! Especially because that is the month my husband celebrates his birthday! Nothing against August 20th (we will let that day slide in the month). I don’t know if it’s because I’m ready for Fall to begin, the fact that it’s always 5 freaking weeks, or that the State Fair (not a fan) happens….I just don’t like August.

**I couldn’t wait any longer, I had to break out some Fall decorations. I found my Fall wreath and put that up and started lightening all my Fall candles! Now, if it were 20 degrees cooler…..

**Curt and I have been binge watching Netflix shows, currently we are watching Dawson’s Creek. I watched the show when it aired and loved it. But now….I think every scene should have “Cry me a River” by Justin Timberlake in the background. These kids are SO DRAMATIC!!! Seriously, did I relate to them in high school!? I currently have a love/hate relationship with the show now….PS. I’m Team Pacey!

Because of my long hiatus I thought I owed you a photo….Enjoy this one of Grayson enjoying some local sweet corn. Probably the last of the season for us! 🙂 I’m ready for all things pumpkin!

photo (2)

Sunday Coffee

How was your holiday weekend?? We had a great time! We went to a carnival (Grayson was not impressed, see pictures below), we were able to see Urbandale’s fireworks from our sidewalk (a HUGE plus for me!), and we went to a BBQ at my parents on Saturday (rain and all). Today we just plan to relax and clean-up and then it’s back to work we go!! But for now…a few mindless thoughts.

**Grayson has a thing about getting up around 530/545 and sometimes we are lucky enough that if we go in and lay him down again he will go back to sleep. Today was one of those days and he fell back asleep until 7! The funny thing is if I go in and do it he NEVER falls asleep but when Curt goes in that kids throws himself back down on the bed as if we never saw him get up and jump and scream for the last 15 minutes.

**Speaking of Grayson…when he woke up this morning he was not my good natured baby….he was a feisty little boy!!! I feel as if over night this kid got an attitude and the attitude is I’m going to do whatever I want…and screech when I get told I can’t. I think we have entered “the terrible 2’s” a tad early…..that’s ok…this lady sums it up perfectly. I’m going to enjoy this ride and revel in the fact that my little baby is growing up into a smart, independent boy and I will let him be who he is.

** I’m not a fan of fireworks…when I was little I was at a firework show and there was a rogue firework which ended up going RIGHT past my head and hitting this shed behind me which ended up with another little girls hair on fire!! So yea, not a fan of fireworks. But this 4th of July we ended up watching them on the sidewalk from quite a distance. We could see and hear them well but they weren’t right over us and we could walk two steps to the comfort of our own home and not deal with traffic. With a little one that goes to bed so early it was nice to actually be able to watch them and keep him on his schedule. Win for all.

** Speaking of 4th of July, I’m not a fan of the hashtag “Merica” I know many of you will disagree as almost all my social friends used it multiple times over the past couple of days. It’s just my opinion! I wonder how that even got started…America isn’t that long…just say the whole word. Please for me would you do #AMERICA next year? 😉

**Are you a fan of the Today show or Good Morning America? In college I was a big fan of GMA, but now I’m totally in to the Today show. I’m a big fan of Carson Daly. I sort of feel like we grew up into our adulthood together…from TRL days (for those of you who remember when MTV actually played music and was good)  to the national news….he has grown up and I still love him!

** There is a commercial for Extra gum and it’s AMAZING! It’s about a guy that makes origami cranes from the foil from the wrapper for his daughter and it shows her growing up and all these big and little moments in her life he makes her a crane. I won’t spoil the ending but it pulled at my heart strings and I now want to only by Extra gum. Well played Extra, well played…..

** A good friend of mine is due with her baby girl in about 9 weeks!!! She asked me to giver her some frozen meal ideas and what to bring to the hospital when it’s go time. I think I will share my thoughts with you all too! I know I found it way helpful to hear from others on what is a must and a not so must. To each their own but I definitely like hearing from others on it!

I hope you enjoy your Sunday friends!!! And here are a few photos of our holiday weekend!

photo_1[1] photo_2[1] photo_4[1] photo_1[1] photo_2[1]


Friday Favorites-4th of July Edition

Happy 4th of July!!!!

Do you have big Independence Day plans?? We plan to go to a local carnival for a bit and then tomorrow we actually will go have a BBQ. No fireworks or parade for us! Grayson naps right in the middle of the parade and is in bed WELL before the fireworks go off. I’m not a HUGE fan of of fireworks anyways but poor Curt is. Maybe he can walk to the end of the street and see them? 😉

Anyways, I thought this Friday Favorite’s Post would be centered all around 4th of July!! Enjoy!

1. This is what I’m making to take to the BBQ on Saturday. Looks good, easy and patriotic…win!

Fruit and Brownie Kebabs {4th of July Food}    These are the perfect little treat for the 4th is healthy with a little chocolate fix :)

2. This shirt is simple and cute for a busy toddler. Grayson will be sporting this Carter’s shirt today!

3. My good friend and co-worker, Julia, owns this dress. She looks ADORABLE in it, she wears it with a cute little belt. I think it would be perfect for a BBQ or watching fireworks. Pair it with some adorable red sandals like these or adorable wedges like these and you area set! PS. It’s her birthday today, so shout out to Julia, happy birthday my friend!! 🙂

4. If I was hosting a BBQ I think I would make these as they can be part of your table decor and they are edible! WIN!

M and M Sparklers

5. For an easy 4th of July craft  I think this would be fun and simple. At Grayson’s daycare they actually took his foot and dipped it into three colors and made his foot look like a firework on paper! Hat’s off to them for getting it JUST right. But I would have to go this route at home… 🙂

Easy 4th Of July Craft. would be cute to do on a t-shirt

6. Finally, for those of you that are 21 and older…a nice 4th of July drink might be just what you need. 🙂

Imagine Design » Red White and Blue Sangria Drink Recipe AND GUESS WHAT i can make it cause i will FINALLY Be 21!!! whoooo

That’s it! A quick round up of some of my favorite 4th of July items floating around the web. I hope you all enjoy your 4th and thank you to all the brave men and women who are currently serving and who have served. I am so THANKFUL for each and every one of you!!




Sunday Coffee

**Our son has turned us into lepers (that or we just have way to many preggo friends ;))….let me explain. A couple weeks ago we planned a BBQ with some friends, one of which is pregnant and the other with a 4 month old. Well, two days before we were to have everyone over chicken pox was in Grayson’s daycare…I didn’t think too much of it but I did call and ask his Pediatrician about it and to tell him about the pregnant friend coming over and the 4 month old. Apparently, being exposed to chicken pox while pregnant can cause MAJOR issues to the fetus. So to be safe we cancelled. Then this weekend we were supposed to go to another friends baby shower….well now Grayson has been exposed to hand, foot and mouth….again didn’t think much of it but apparently a no, no again to be around a pregnant lady and a bunch of other kids. SO we stayed home. I’m sorry friends!!! I hope to see you all say in about two years! 😉

**All jokes aside, I’m so glad I called my doc and had my friends call their OB. Luckily, Grayson never did get chicken pox and two weeks ago he got his vaccine for it…so hopefully we dodged that bullet. I’m still wondering about hand, foot and mouth. I know how contagious that can be and Grayson has been off this week….so let’s hope it’s just teething or a cold and he dodges that bullet too!

**Do your kids go to daycare? All I know is this kid better not miss ANY days of school! 😉

**I never thought I’d learn so much by having a boy…I mean aside from the new parent type stuff. I’m talking like educational…I can’t tell you how much I’ve learned about trucks, dinosaurs and reptiles lately. Grayson LOVES reading and he LOVES reading the same books over and over. So far we are stuck on one all about trucks…So I know all about giant excavators, different kinds of tractors and how to build a road. 🙂 I’m learning so much!

**As I mentioned earlier I know several people that are pregnant right now. I know 3 people that have the same due date!!! Needless, to say we will be busy the next couple months with showers galore. I’m so excited for them all! One friend is having a baby girl, another is having a boy and another doesn’t know!!! All this new baby talks make me a little baby feverish….. 😉

**Do you have big 4th of July plans? I have this Thursday and Friday off which I’m PUMPED about. We will go to a carnival for a bit and there is a free eye screening for little ones I want to try and hit up then a BBQ. Should be a nice time!

Well, I’m off to enjoy my Sunday. I hope you all have a wonderful week!!


15 months…and then some…

I thought it would be fun to do an update on Grayson. I used to do the monthly posts until he hit a year. Actually, I think the last one was 11 months…anyways  he has changed so much in just a few months I thought I’d share some of his updates.

Grayson is actually 15.5 months…he will be 16 months on July 4th. He started walking a few days shy of his first birthday but only a few steps here and there. Then about a week or two after he turned one he started really walking…now at 15 months he is FLYING. He is running everywhere!!! And boy does this kid have an attitude…he knows what he wants and usually wants it 5 seconds ago. 😉

First, some stats….

Weight: 26 lbs (91st percentile)

Length: 30 inches (10th percentile)

Clothing size: 18-24 months and I have some 2T. It’s all a little big on him but I feel like the 18 month is just getting too tight. This way he can grow into the 2T stuff for longer.

Shoe size: 5…I struggle a lot with shoes. I feel like the 6 is WAY to big but I feel like on a lot of brands the 5 is too small. It really depends on the shoe. And can someone please tell me why kids shoes have to be $20 or more? I mean, even at Target I’m finding the shoes to be around $22.

Teeth: Ugh..this poor kid seems to teeth FOREVER. I feel like I hear all the time from other mom’s “Oh my child was fussy for maybe a day or two is all then what do ya know over night one just popped out!” Not in our house! The kid drools, fusses, holds his cheek etc for what seems like WEEKS! I feel so bad for him! So he has 7 teeth I believe…I THINK/HOPE/PRAY he is working on his molars and they will come in any day.

Talking: Grayson can say mama, dada, nana (banana), doggie….he usually says them if we ask him to he “talks” a lot but it’s still just babble. He has started saying some animal sounds too. He can point to almost all his major body parts if asked…head, eyes, arms, hands etc.


LOVES being outside. We are outside A LOT so we apply lots and lots of sunscreen and wear a hat all the time. This is the sunscreen we use and love, it is a little rough to rub in well but it gets the job done.

Singing “I’m bringing home a bumblebee.” Please tell me you know this song? I feel kinda bad singing it but we sang it in Elementary and I’m not scarred! He is so stinking cute he does the actions with us. So doesn’t really sing but loves when we sing! 🙂

Speaking of singing…he loves dancing. I can sing anything..what I’m doing, a book, humming whatever and this kid will drop everything and dance! I think he has Curt’s musical side because it seems he can actually dance to my off beat tunes!

Looking at animals. He LOVES looking at animal books, seeing animals on TV, seeing animals outside…birds, squirrels, chipmunks you name it he will find it and point and grunt. 😉

Still loves being chased.

Still loves reading. I hope this never changes.

Loves going to the Public Library.


Hates being told no, or being re-directed to something else. He has learned to throw the best fit. We usually just keep re-directing him and ignore his tantrums and let him have them.

Hates getting clothes on/changing clothes etc. I’m literally sweating in my nice work clothes when I finally get him dressed. It’s like a freaking work out. Haha, he is just too busy to sit still for me!

Hates putting his shoes on. Now we have these tie shoes (WORST IDEA EVER). I need to get new ones but I have A LOT of trouble finding good shoes for this kid, so when I do I jump at it. These tie shoes are doing the job now but I’m not gonna lie, it’s a bitch to get them on him.

That’s about it for dislikes! 🙂 He is just a normal, active 1.5 year old…with mood swings every 2 seconds. Haha.

Grayson is right on track and it’s so fun to see him grow and experience new things…which to him is EVERYTHING. I feel like a broken record as I always say that but it’s so true. To have a small child to watch him explore something as simple as tupperware, or dirt, or trees, or socks is so exciting. One thing that Curt and I did when Grayson was born is created an email address for him. We write emails whenever we feel like it and when he is 18 we will give him the address and the password. I know it’s a tradition we will do with all our kids! It’s the perfect medium to share our thoughts/pictures/development etc. of what is going on right now. I really think/hope he will love reading through them all! So that’s his 15 month and then some update!!

And now a few pictures of the last month or so.

photo_1[1] photo_2[1] photo_3[1]
photo_4[1] photo_5[1] photo_1[2] photo_2[1] photo_3[2]